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Catmate 15L Wood-Based Cat Litter - $15.54 + Shipping (Free over $29) @ Pet House


I recently switched to this from Breeders' Choice paper litter and it has been a total game changer. Much lower odour and easily lasts twice as long before it needs to be cleaned up. My two kitties seem to like it a lot better too.

I normally pay $19.95 for this so it's a great deal at just over $15 per bag.

Free shipping $29 and over - so buy two bags for free shipping.

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  • nice find OP. I am currently using Breeder choice paper litter too. I mixed 50/50 with Tofu litter as the latter is kinda expensive but works really great. Might want to try this wood-base out too.

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    I tried this stuff out recently. It wasn't good for my purposes because I was looking for a litter my cats can't kick it out. But this stuff is pretty good. It's in pellets and as they pee on it, it becomes a saw dust. I ended up using the saw dust in my garden :)

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      Did you end up finding litters that won’t get kicked around?

      • Nope. Best is crystal as it's heaviest.

        The wood is pretty good for about 3 days as it's quite weighty but as it turns to sawdust, it gets everywhere.

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    I started with oz-pet, kitter litter than cat mate now. Recommend anyone who uses oz-pet to switch to kitter or cat mate.

    Kitter and catmate is practically the same, except cat mate is slightly smaller in size. I’d prefer kitter but would go for catmate if it is cheaper

    One 15kg bag lasts 6 months for my two big cats

  • Does this work without using the dual tray system. I have a cat who needs a very deep box as he can't point his backside to the ground. Currently using crystals but I really like the idea of using something biodegradable. If this product just melts to sawdust, may not be great in a giant tub.

    • It works best with dual tray because the dust drops down. You can get quite large dual tray options or you could consider making your own by poking holes is the bottom of a standard tray and putting another underneath.

      • Can you point me to a large dual tray? All I see are small ones.

      • How large should the holes be? I'd like to make my own out of deep storage containers.

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          The holes are, roughly 5mm square. Maybe a hole punch or a old screwdriver you heat up might do it. But you will be doing it for a while. It might be worth considering cutting certain sections out and getting some strong mesh which is very stiff instead.

          However, if I was you I would buy the dual tray and get a higher container to put them in. Reduces the amount of work for you to do.

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            @try2bhelpful: I drilled holes in mine. Took ages lol.

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              @CVonC: Yeah, it would. Our girls, mainly, go outside but we have one that pees in the tray occasionally. If we take it away she pees inside elsewhere. Not sure if her sister is blocking her getting out.

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                @try2bhelpful: I drilled an underbed storage tray.. was about 2000 holes (had to add more) lol! Kmart have a $15 litter tray with sieve actually and works okay with these wood pellets.

                Are you talking about cats? My cats mainly go outside. If they're inside they usually go in the shower or bathroom. We don't have a tray for them lol.

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                  @CVonC: Lifesaver! I'll try the Kmart one. I have 3 cats but 1 in particular will only use the litter once and then will never use it again unless it has a total change, even if she's the only one who has used it. I have to do a full litter change in 2 of my 3 litter boxes every day or else she'll start peeing in buckets and containers. I try to have spare containers in the bathroom and have the bath clear for her to use in emergencies too, but of course she'll go out of her way to be difficult.

                  Thanks for the advice :)

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                    @MuchUsernameWow: No worries. Yeah the kmart one is good cos it has the high rim :)

                    Wow she's very picky. Maybe she won't be as much with wood pellets.

                    • @CVonC: I'm hoping if the pee soaked stuff falls through the holes into the second container it'll help fix her problem, since she'll feel like the litter is "cleaner", and if nothing else we'll be able to clean the pee out easily as it'll be in a separate tray.

                      I've already ordered the litter tonight, will grab new litter trays next. If this works, I'll be forever grateful!

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                        @MuchUsernameWow: The saw dust doesn't really fall through unless you sift it. The wood pellets are really good for odour masking though. Does she do the cat thing and cover her pee/poop? Cos if she does, it's weird that she doesn't want to use the tray again. But then again it would be weird in the first place if she doesn't cover it up.

                        • @CVonC: She scratches at the walls and floors of the house in an attempt to bury it, but never actually succeeds in burying it. We're using a litter at the moment that seems to hold the pee at the bottom, so the top layer stays relatively dry and she's happier with that but I still have to do total changes too frequently for my liking, so I've been desperately looking for a new litter. We've tried Breeder's Choice and Max's rice husk litter but she hated both of those.

  • Thanks. Interested to see the difference between this and breeder’s choice.

  • If you want lower odour just change the diet to raw. My cat's poop does not smell. You should give raw a go.

    • Both of mine are less than 12 months old but once they're adults we'll probably try them on raw mince. Do you have any specific recommendations?


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        Raw mince is not recommened. If you want to keep your cat's teeth healthy, chunks is the way to go so they can chew and keep their teeth healthy. At the moment I'm preparing my cat's food myself, buy the meat, some organs and mix it up with eggs and some sardines. You can have a look at

        • Absolutely, you need a balanced mix for raw food.

  • Will this be ok for rabbits?

    • I use it for my 6 buns :) It's wood shavings that aren't safe apparently.

      • How about the "sawdust" that was mentioned above? Isn't it dangerous? How painful is it to clean? Currently, I just put a thin layer of breeder's choice on top of paper and chucked the whole lot out every morning.

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          I used to put the wood pellets on both the sieve tray and the under tray. It got time confusing having to sift it through into my compost heap every day as I would always remove the poop first before sifting (to save the solid wood pellets). It wasn't dangerous at all. The buns always pull hay onto the litter anyway (I hang a hay bag above their litter or you can put hay on top of the wood pellets too).

          But now I just put the wood pellets on the under tray so they pee goes straight through and the poop stays on the sieve tray. I found this was a lot faster than my previous method of cleaning as I can just tip everything in my compost heap. I only put 4 handfuls in each tray. You can further OzBargain save the solid pellets still remaining by using a litter scoop and "panning for gold" :)

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            @CVonC: Thanks, that was very helpful.

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        Would love to see a piccy of your bunnies.

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          1st pair
          2nd pair
          3rd pair

          2nd and 3rd pair became a foursome

          Here's their tribute to May The Fourth


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            @CVonC: Seriously cute. Thanks.

            We had a house trained rabbit but it ate everything not nailed down including wiring, maybe it liked the jolt. Out old cat used to wash it between the ears.

            • @try2bhelpful:

              We had a house trained rabbit but it ate everything not nailed down including wiring, maybe it liked the jolt. Out old cat used to wash it between the ears.

              Yeah they bloody destroy everything! You really have to bunny proof the whole house! My 2 free roamers (the first pair) have gone through so many charging cables, speaker cables, power cables, wooden legs of tables and chairs, boxes, curtains, clothes, etc! Crazy buggers ^^

              Out old cat used to wash it between the ears.

              Ngaww that's sweet! Any pics of that? My 2 cats couldn't care less. One of them likes to sometimes chase and tap them lol ^^

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                @CVonC: Sorry no pics, this was when I was a kid, but they would both sit on the bed and the cat would wash the rabbits ears. The rabbits fur would stick up afterwards. I think a run through the house might be better than free roaming, ours was eating the window surrounds. They are very cute, though.

                At least your cats aren’t stalking them.

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