Japan Currency Exchange in Melbourne AUD to YEN

Going to Japan in February. Feel the need to bring along cash. Anyone know some good place to exchange currencies?


  • I found UAE Exchange to have some of the better rates in Sydney. They have a few Vic branches.

    Generally it's better to use a fee free card and just withdraw cash at the destination.

  • Citi Global Account or HSBC Global Account.
    Exchange at good rate first.
    Then withdraw in Japan.

  • You will only need a few hundred dollars exchanged at most, considering there are ATMs in the terminal as you arrive. If it is your first time visiting, that might provide you with some reassurance. Once in Japan, use Citibank Everyday Account with ING Orange Everyday Account as backup. Withdraw at 7-11 ATMs using the English menu and the credit option (even though you are using your own pre-loaded cash).

    These days you don't need to tell Citibank (although I always do still) you are going overseas and you can even use the ING app to notify that you are going to use overseas. Only on one occasion out of more than ten trips has Citibank temporarily frozen the account because it was being used in Japan (even though they were advised), but it is always good to have a backup with some cash loaded. The card was quickly unlocked again.

    On your next trip, you won't even bother bringing yen in. You'll be comfortable just using the ATMs.

    • What are the advantages of Citibank over the ING accounts? Is it just the lack of "5 transactions + $1000 deposit" to unlock the "features"?

    • Withdraw at 7-11 ATMs using the English menu and the credit option

      What is the reason behind choosing the credit option over savings? Does the same apply if using the Citibank debit card instead of ING?

  • i was in japan last year, i got better rates in Japan at the 7eleven ATM machine with my CITI bank plus card.

    I recommend changing a little bit of money in Aus first so at the airport you can buy food and train tickets to get to where you need to go.