expired Hong Kong Direct to Melbourne, Sydney $522 Return on Cathy Pacific @ IWTF


Cathay Pacific is having a sale on flights to Hong Kong. Travel in late Feb to March/19. Flights are direct to Hong Kong and include Bags and Meals.



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Cathay Pacific



    I wish they can do multi city with it


    Damn, I'm looking at $1500 flights to HK from Adelaide over Christmas. The cost of peak season travel I suppose..

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    This used to an great premium airline.
    Nowadays they are asking for a few dollars to preselect seats when booked on discount economy if one wants to be seated with friends/families.
    Unfortunately I see no reason to fly with them unless they charge equal or less than VA or QF.


      I stopped flying with Cathay when they switched to their new seats a few years back. Their seats where its like as hard as a wooden plank is extremely uncomfortable. Back in the days when Cathay had their thick foam seats were awesome.

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      Qantas is also doing the same though…ie. asking for more $$ to preselect seats…