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CHOETECH 4 Port 72W USB Charger with USB-C PD 60W $37.19 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This 4 port charger from CHOETECH features a 60W USB-PD port which is not commonly found in other chargers. This is good for charging devices at full speed including the Macbook, Macbook Pro, Dell XPS, Lenovo ThinkPad, iPhone, Google Pixel and any other devices that support USB-C/USB-PD.

The other 3 ports are USB-A and charge up to 5V/2.4A (12W total) in each port which makes it suitable for devices not using USB-C. It comes with a 1.5m AU figure 8 cable.

  • Apply the coupon XQ9FP22L at checkout to get it for $37.19

AU stock fulfilled by Amazon. As with all Amazon orders, free shipping with Prime or orders over $49.

Cheaper than this deal.

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  • This seems like a good deal!

    Anyone have any reason to NOT buy this, say compared to Anker, Tronsmart, Mbeat?

    • Both my MBP15 and X1 Carbon are happy with this charger (bought for about $50). Probably the best value PD charger since Kogan had their 80w mbeat identitcal ones on sale (have 2 of these - very happy with them too, other than when it fried by Nexus 5x).

      The Anker only gives you 30w so it's not great for laptops

    • This charger won't charge my wife's Nexus 5x. It jumps from full charging to no charging over and over. Apparently the Nexus 5x has a nobbled implementation of type C but my other HelperInc PD charger works fine as do all our single port type C chargers so I've got no idea why this one has trouble but only a minor point of irritation.

      Aside from that it's fine, worked well for over six weeks in Europe used to charge notebook, tablets, phones on type C and other devices on type A. Didn't miss a beat once.

      On the HelperInc the ports are not aligned well with the front fascia so plugging in the (mainly type A) plugs is a bit of pain until you put them on a slight angle whereas on this one they are not recessed as much and are aligned.

      I prefer the HelperInc one however because it has a handy light on the front that dims automatically based on the ambient light, they both performed the same job on the holiday without any real complications. Weight and size very similar.

      For this price it's really good value and I'd get this one over the HelperInc.

      One of the two had a crap type C cable that wasn't working well, I'm sure it was the Choetech one but I didn't get around to contacting them before I went on holidays.

  • Cheers just picked one up


    Ordered Thanks
    Anyone can confirm this also works with latest i7 MacBook Pro?

  • Can anyone confirm whether all three USB A ports share only 12w of power when the USB C port isn't in use, or if they can each draw 12w?

  • Coming up as $61 now down, wqas waiting for a deal like this as well

  • Ordered. Just got a 2018 MBP and don't want to have to keep taking the charging cable home from work. The one that came with it is 87W and gets hot. Hopefully this works enough to keep a charge.

    • I wonder if it could be relied on as a MacBook charger. if so I could give my official charger to an iPhone xs owner so they can fast charge. but if this thing breaks I'll be without a charger at all for the MacBook

  • bought thanks

  • it's now coming up as $40.19 after the code! What gives?


    holy smokes 72Watt??? Prob can mine me some nice BTC

  • I just bought it for $40 delivered using the code.

    So i don't think its expired yet?

    • Yeah was about to buy one for $40 as well but realised it just charges, it transfer data correct? I think I need a usb c hub that pd charges as well. Any suggestions? I was eyeing off the ugreen one. I bought thehootoo one which was on here a while ago but only works intermittently with my Lenovo 720

  • Any suggestions on USB C to lightning cable for iPhone 8 to support fast charge?

  • The code is still working - not sure why it's marked as expired. Can OP mark the deal as still current?

  • I just got mine. It shows as “60w” on the product but the box says “72w” anyone else have that issue?

    • I tried to cover that in the description and the charger itself shows it. The USB-C port is 60W max, the three USB ports are 12W max with a total of 72W across the whole charger.

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