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10,000 Qantas Points for Signing up to Caltex Star Card (Requires ABN, $150 Min Spend on Fuel, $2.95 Initial Payment)


(found on flighthacks - https://flighthacks.com.au/caltex-starcard-10000-qantas-bonu...)

Caltex Star Card Cost

There are no minimum periods attached to the StarCard, so if you're just after the 10,000 bonus, that's not an issue.

Otherwise, the StarCar will cost you $2.95 per month which should be less than the savings the card provides if you have an average fuel consumption.

How to get the 10,000 Bonus Points

Right now, you could earn 10,000 bonus Qantas Points when you open a new StarCard account, plus the chance to WIN 1,000,000.
How it works:

Open a new StarCard account by 21 December 2018. (click here to get to the 10,000 points promo page)
Link your StarCard and Qantas Business Rewards accounts by 21 December 2018.
Spend a minimum of $150 on your StarCard account by 31 December 2018.
Be rewarded with Qantas Points. You’ll receive 10,000 bonus Qantas Points. Plus the chance to WIN 1,000,000 more Qantas Points.

Referral Links

Caltex FuelPay: random (158)

Referees save 6c a litre on their first 3 fills. Referrers receive a once-off discount of 6c a litre per referee.

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  • Is there a credit check included as part of this?

    • Don't think it's a credit card - it's a loyalty card.

      • Nah - it's a credit card (or charge card). You receive a bill at the end of the month.

        I think they run a credit check, because there's a statement about "deed of guarantee" for companies and trusts. It's probably not needed for individual ABN holders, because they can just run a credit check … just speculating though.

        Still a decent deal, for people who fill up every week - even if you take a 10c/l hit on the petrol and 2.95 fee, it works out to less than $20 for 10k points.

        • Ah I see. So for paying for the fuel itself.

          Excellent. Still an easy 10,000 points if you're driving.

        • StarCard also reduces the fuel cost by 4c/L, and you can charge your tolls to it by getting Caltex to send you a tag (issued by Interlink/Eway)

          The credit check segregates into a section of your credit report called "Business Credit Enquiries" which most personal credit providers will ignore.

          • @Kyanar:

            StarCard also reduces the fuel cost by 4c/L

            Unlikely it'll be as good as using the 7/11 app with location spoofing, but still worthwhile.

  • I dont get it - where do I enter my personal QFF number?

    Great news!

    Your company will receive complimentary Qantas Business Rewards membership with submission of this application.
    Once your StarCard application is approved, Qantas Points will be credited to your business’ Qantas Business Rewards account each month for any eligible spend.

    • I believe you need to have a Qantas Business account - which you can then transfer points to your personal QFF account.

    • You cannot credit it to your QFF account. It goes to QBR, which you can transfer at 1:1 to QFF. You must have an ABN to apply for QBR.

  • The Flighthacks article has a lot of mistakes. It claims you can triple dip by claiming loyalty points when paying with StarCard and then paying your account by credit card, however you cannot combine loyalty (Myer, Woolworths) with StarCard and credit card account payments incur a surcharge.

  • Just signed up to this, it's a direct debit payment method - from your nominated bank account. So no credit inquiry I suppose.

    StarCard Facility and Bulk Standard Terms and Conditions:

    5.3 The payment will be effected by direct debit from the Customer’s nominated bank account (unless a different payment method is agreed in advance in writing between the Customer and Caltex) in accordance with the direct debit form in the Application. The Customer agrees to be bound by the Direct Debit Service Agreement.

    P.S. The 10,000 Bonus Points will be forfeited if you use a referral code during registration.

    • The Caltex StarCard Debit is a different card and prepaid via direct debit ($200) auto top up.

      The product with the bonus points attached is credit on a monthly basis paid via direct debit, with the option to link a credit card instead.

      How long are they taking to get the cards out at this time of year?.. tempted to get more but doubt I'd receive it in time for the spend before the 31st

  • You are correct. They did a credit inquiry on my file.

  • Did anyone get the Bonus points yet? Do you know when would you get the bonus points?