expired Melbourne Car Hire from $18.05/Day to $705/Day @ EasyRentCars


Save 50% for your Christmas car hire in Melbourne at EastRentCars.com.

Offer valid in Melbourne, Australia.

Discount will vary depending on location, length, and date of rental.

Offer is valid for limited car types

Offer is valid for prepaid rentals booked online and pay on arrival booked online.

All prices you see are at a discounted price.

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  • +1 vote

    Load of crap $90 for a corolla. With 50% off ..hah

  • +4 votes

    We like to see prices. Bargains have prices. ® © ™

  • +1 vote

    FROM $18.05…. when? and what?

    • +2 votes

      Yeah I was trying to work this out as well… you have to select a long term date range (perhaps one month or longer) and there do appear to be cars that work out around $18ish dollars a day with standard excess… that's not from your more well-known car rental agencies though, and the one I saw was from the "compact economy older model" range.


      Please check out the deal with AUCAR from AUD18.24/day with basic protection at https://www.easyrentcars.com/reservation/checkout/?clid=1140...

      This is a three-day selected deal instead of choosing a long-term date range.:p

      Kindly note that car rental rates change constantly, just like airline and hotel prices. It may change by time or locations. We suggest you make a reservation if you find a better deal at EasyRentCars.com.

      If you don't know whether or not you've got the best deal. Our Price Drop Protector allows you to lock in savings if the total price of your car rental drops after you book. www.easyrentcars.com/price_drop_protector

      Seise the time and get the best deals now!

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    I booked via this website and it still cheaper


      Thank you for choosing Easyrentcars and we are glad that you got the best deal at EasyRentCars.com.

      Look forward to seeing you again at your next car rental.

      Should you have any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be with you to help. :)


    Has anyone actually booked through here and had a good experience? Trying to find reviews and all say do not book with them..

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