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Canon EOS M50 + 15-45mm Lens $699 Delivered @ Parramatta Cameras


This looks like a great deal, it also seems to be local Canon stock.
Has anyone bought from these guys before, I am interested in this deal, but am just worried as I have not bought from them before.

This camera gets good reviews, - https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canon-eos-m50, I have always had Canon cameras, but any feed back would be great.

Thanks and please be gkind, it's my first deal posting :-)

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  • Great price for this camera.

    Best I've seen it, and I own one, paid more, oh well that's alright.

    I am actually watching this guy's youtube channel he is great-The Crowley Crew, love his accent when he says camera (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN30jn2Fafo).

    Depending on how knowledgeable you are, If you buy it, i recommend you watch it. I've owned one other DSLR (Pentax *ist), never knew/learned how to use it. I am determined to learn this time.

    • Pedantic but this isn't a DSLR, there's no mirror.

      Not sure why these got such a big price drop lately but makes them a pretty solid competitor.

      • Yeah, I understand the pedantic bit, fair enough.But more and more people do refer to them as compact DSLR or even mirrorless DSLR.
        You can argue they are Digital Single Lens Reflex, only thing is the viewfinder is a screen, and not a reflection of the image from mirror.
        I mean even the APS C reference is based on a bygone era…

  • Canon must be desperate to sell these cameras as only a few months ago this was around the $1000 mark. Anyone looking to get into a dslr or mirrorless and hasn't had a camera before and is used to a smartphone camera this mirrorless camera would be a great step up due to being able to shoot from the screen or the viewfinder where as most dslr cameras dont have that ability in this price point.

  • Great price, literally just bought it for $703 (via Camera Store Australia eBay store with 20% off) 5 minutes before this was posted and I thought that was a steal. At this price, I can overlook the camera’s issues.

    • I was looking at this and the Sony A6300 a few months ago and went with the sony for what was a fraction more at the time but had better features to be worth the extra but with the price of this camera now it's a steal and would pick this.

      • I think you made a good choice. My first choices were the A6300 and the Fuji X-T20, which are both roughly in the price range that the M50 launched at. I think they’re both better cameras than the M50. M50 at $700 is great value.

    • Gday @aja12

      Can you elaborate on " I can overlook the camera’s issues."


      • Can you elaborate on " I can overlook the camera’s issues."

        Canon really hasn’t invested too much into their EF-M lenses, I think there are about 8 native lenses available for the mount. A relatively cheap and effective work around is to just buy an EF-S to EF-M adapter. This adds a small amount of bulk to the lens, but opens up a lot more lens options.

        4K - This doesn’t effect me because I don’t record in 4K (don’t have the equipment to edit), but if 4K recording is important to you, Canon has done a lousy job of implementing it on the M50. There’s a huge crop and you lose the excellent dual pixel auto focus in 4K (replaced by contrast based auto focusing).

        I would say these are the two biggest problems with the camera. Apart from that, it appears to be a very solid camera, and probably not too much beats it at this price.

  • Wow, great deal. Thanks OP

    Ive been seeing the same price for used ones on ebay.. Super glad i found this.

  • Great store. Bought a DSLR from them in 2014 and they were quick and easy to deal with via phone and web.

  • Thanks OP bought one. For those who bought one dont forget to place your entry, you might win a holiday :)

    Also camerahouse has a christmas comp you could win a camera.

  • This deal seems to be no longer available lads