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Logitech G920/G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel $303 @ Harvey Norman


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • I dont get how this hasnt had a deep discount in ages, I remember I got the G920 near launch years ago at this price, frustrating as mine recently died

  • Is the cost of making this wheel and pedals higher than making a PS4? Just curious on why the accessories are more expensive than the console itself.

    • Economy of scale probably. How many people are going to buy a racing wheel? Not many I'd imagine.

      • But that is just a lazy g27 wheel renamed to g29 isn't it? Sure they will call it g31 or something when PS5 is out.

        • Its more like a Driving force GT wheel which retailed for $150 before logitech pulled it and replaced it with this hugely marked up one.

      • But that is just a lazy g27 wheel renamed to g29 isn't it? Sure they will call it g31 or something when PS5 is out.

    • lol, you should check out the expensive wheels then. This is a toy in comparison to Thrustmaster which is around $600 and then you get to Fanatec which makes Thrustmaster look and feel cheap which starts at around $800 and goes as far as $2500 for just a wheel.
      Hell I've paid more for just a rim or a set of pedals than the PS4 Pro costs. You get what you pay for.

  • Are these things any good to have some casual fanging around in arcade style drivers like FH3/4?

    • Nope, I still use controllers on Horizon, because it's too arcade-like. steering input from the wheel feels disconnected to the car compared to racing sims.

      • I'm a bit the opposite.. after getting used to using a wheel, I find it difficult to use a controller in any racing/driving game. It's probably because I do most of my gaming on a PC so don't tend to use a controller much.
        I like using the wheel in Horizon, although I don't have a dedicated chair so can be annoying to set up each time.

        • The Xbox controller is pretty great for casual racing games. I hate the PS4 controller though. I often go for the Xbox controller over my wheel for horizon, but grab the wheel for games like Dirt Rally or Project Cars

    • Just consider having to store it, pull it out, put it away etc. For the casual ones I prefer just starting the game and getting into it. You will enjoy it a little more, but you will have to get used to using a steering controller as it will be different.

    • Not worth the price even with this discount imho…
      But its a nice change from a controller. They're horrible to use in games like The crew 2 and NFS series. Forza horizon is closer to physics than those 2 although still pretty null on handling.

  • Any recommendations for a mount? Is it worth getting the more portable style or just get one with a seat?