expired Free - Download FreeOffice 2018 and €0.10 Will Be Donated to Charity @ Softmaker


Download a free Microsoft office alternative software and also help a charity. Freeoffice 2018 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Note - you can enter a valid email to receive a key to complete the install or just some random email to start the download. Once the download starts, it'll still register for the € 10c.

Ozbargainers are a charitable bunch - I'm sure we can all help!

Here's how it works: We give you great office software for free. For every download through Load and Help, SoftMaker donates € 0.10. We give the money to carefully selected charity projects around the world, which are presented by the non-profit charity platform betterplace.org.

Until December 24, 2018, we offer these packages for free:

  • FreeOffice 2018 for Windows
  • FreeOffice 2018 for Mac
  • FreeOffice 2018 for Linux
  • FlexiPDF Basic 2017 for Windows

You may use these office suites permanently free of charge, and at the same time you do good because SoftMaker donates for every download.

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