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Sony OLED KD55A8F $1999, OLED KD65A8F $2999 Delivered @ Sony (For Targeted EB World Members)

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Check your emails if you’re an EB World member, exclusive code required!

Email Screenshot #1 https://imgur.com/a/WLElv6C

Email Screenshot #2 https://imgur.com/a/XRsbNQa

Mod: Do not sell codes or offer to buy codes in the comments section, for buying or selling use the classifieds section (wanted or selling).

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  • +1

    Just signed up for the membership. Anyone. Got the code but don’t need to use can you pass it to me please , many thanks

    • Really need the spare code, please PM me if you have one

      • +3

        Really need an A8? You want an A8.

        • yes if you have a spare code :)

    • Don't forget you may be entitled to a 2% cashback via CashRewards

      Use of coupon codes not listed on Cashrewards may invalidate cashback.

  • Nothing in my inbox, last email was December 7th about the game awards.

  • +1

    Would someone like JBHIFI price match?

    • yeah jb hifi price match according to so many people on this site….

      • +1

        hahah good luck it requires a voucher which is usually rebated from Sony, Ex JB tv salesman here.

        • Would've sold heaps more if it wasn't for that Raiden at TGG…

      • Yeah apparently JB price match anything if you read the panna oled thread today lol.

    • Im still looking for a Code :(

    • Boxing Day sales are 12 days away

      • +2

        Don't you want to watch the first day of Melbourne test in 4k instead of going out and buying a TV with the rest of the hordes?

  • Same question

  • how do you get to this screen? i'm already an eb world member.

  • +2

    I got it. Really impressed by the OLED price. PM me if you want it.

    • Is it gone already?

  • This is a great price. Would love a code if someone got the email and isn't going to use it themselves.

  • Would love a code as well if someone has a spare and isn't going to use.

  • Got the unique email. Already thinking of getting the KD65 as a spare TV and you can't find it for less than $4000 in major retailers, so under $3000 is an absolute steal. Perfect timing.

    • +3

      Yeah, we all need a 65" OLED for the garage right?

    • Is it gone already?

  • Would love a code if one is going spare. Thanks

  • +4

    Damn.. this is a steal! paid $4300 5 months ago. Ughhh… oh well….

    For anyone who is after this unit or an OLED, this is fantastic for the price:

    • 2018 release
    • Better motion processing compared to LG/Panasonic
    • Built in Android OS - Due for the new faster Oreo version early 2019
    • Google chromecast built in with voice commands via remote
    • Not the best for gaming compared to LG/Panasonic due the higher input lag
    • What about console gaming? Still bad?

      • I play ps4/xbox/switch and I've no issues. More a casual gamer. Happy with it.

        If you're a serious gamer, look at the LG oleds

        • Cool. I only have ps4 & xbox don't play much. Bought it. Thanks.

    • +1

      Even a modicum of research would tell you TV prices in Nov/Dec are minimum 50% cheaper than at release - so while disappointment is understandable you must have at least expected it.

      • True that and if you seen my posts, I post a lot of sony deals here. I was just in a rush :)

    • -1

      Hate to break it to you, but Oreo is a POS on Android TV, I find it worse than the previous version on mi box (on the nvidia shield it isn't a bad implementation, but that is because the Shield guys really work on ironing out the bugs of their stuff.)

    • Whats the remote like? Do its buttons light up when pressed so you can see them in the dark? My LCD Bravia does, and once you experience it, you never want to go back to a non-lit version?

  • Am an EB world member but did not get a email. If anyone has a spare code I can put it to good use

  • +9

    GL who gets it.

    • +7

      Thanks Halvar
      Ordered one 👍

      • -5

        I tried this one as you posted it, wondering if anyone else did, I kept getting error 201 and 231.. then eventually it would change to say that the code has already been redeemed. Anyone know what these errors are? And if anyone has a code please PM it to me might need to call them instead of doing it online :(

        • +6

          Obviously the comment above you did

          • -5

            @Xiaomi: I'm trying to ascertain whether the error codes are related or I'm doing something else wrong. I don't want to keep trying codes in vain if it is something else that's wrong. Eventually after attempting to confirm the order several times after re-typing everything again, it came up with an error saying " this code has been redeemed" which is specific and maybe unrelated to error code 201?

            • +2

              @obatem: I had no errors, went through fine for me

              • @K1smet: Thanks for the reply, I'll try again next code that comes up see if maybe i typed something wrong. Cheers

      • +1


  • Isnt this last year's model?

    • Nope. 2018, but the same panel as the 2017 model!

      • I thought this panel is the same as used in the A9F but not the older panel used in the A1.

    • The A9's are just launching. It's still a magnificent screen.

  • +9


  • If anyone has a code please.pm me ill love you long time :D

  • I didn't receive a code either but would really appreciate if someone could please PM me one, thanks

  • Couldn't afford one from major retailers because of the price. But at $2999 would love to jump the fence. Please PM the code if you have one.

  • Wow this is a steal! I doubt this price will be matched during even the boxing day sales. I'm a level 2 EBWorld member and didn't receive a code though. If someone could be so kind to PM me a spare code that they don't intend on using, it would be much appreciated :)

  • Please PM your code if you don't need it. Thanks.

  • +1

    Comparing the OLED .. is LG better than this Sony OLED?

    • +2

      a down vote on asking general question..? what's wrong with ppl?

      • +1

        a down vote on asking general question..? what's wrong with ppl?

        Who knows, people are weird sometimes.

        I did a lot of research before buying my OLED last month. Ended up going for a Panasonic 65FZ950 (really happy with the purchase).

        That said, if I could have got a Sony at the same price I paid, I'd have gotten it instead (as it'd play nice/r with the rest of my Sony home theatre equipment).

        This is a really good price for a 65 inch OLED and imo you won't be disappointed with any. Each brand has their pros and cons.

        FWIW, the Panasonic came out on top in a shootout with other brands, but in reality, any 2018 OLED will be a fine upgrade for you.

        • Panasonic doesn't have Dolby Vision though, plus the LG has modes which can make HDR10 look better. It really depends on your you want.

          But there have been some great FZ950 deals over the last few weeks, if you got some of those ridiculous WP price matches that were going around at HN you got a great deal.

          • @serpserpserp:

            Panasonic doesn't have Dolby Vision though

            That's true. Each has pros and cons.

            there have been some great FZ950 deals over the last few weeks, if you got some of those ridiculous WP price matches that were going around at HN you got a great deal.


            Saw the 65FZ1000 at HN for under $3300 a few weeks ago, that was a fantastic price (during a Carpark Sale they had). Would have jumped on that if I hadn't already ordered mine via eBay.

    • I bought my LG C8 55 in October and I'm thrilled with the TV and especially the WebOS.
      Confident enough to say I absolutely made the right call.

      • Plan to get one myself in the boxing day sales if the 55" approaches the $2,000 mark.

  • Can anyone please PM your code if not using it. Cheers

  • +2

    Damn, I had unsubscribed from emails

  • Does anyone know the criteria for being targeted? I have over 4,000 carrots on my EBWorld account, yet no email.

  • Would love one if you not gonna use yours.

  • Please can someone PM me a code? I've been waiting all year! Very grateful

  • Can anyone PM code if you are not using thank you

  • If anyone isnt using their code i would love one!!! Thanks

  • +3

    Since it is Sony Online maybe can combine with Amex $50 off $300 spend

    • Wish I had have seen this comment before I bought mine :( forgot all about it

  • I could use a code also, cheers

  • Long shot, but anyone with the code please. Thanks mate!

  • +1

    A code would be grand.

  • Can anyone PM code if you are not using thank you

  • Such a good deal

  • Would love a code if someone doesn't want their one.


  • Can anyone PM a code if you are not using one. Thank you!!

  • +1

    Damn no code even though am a member

  • I am interested in a code too. been watching the price on this model for a while. appreciate it a lot!

  • That's an EXCELLENT price!

  • +1


    • Damn someone beat me to it, if anyone else has one that they dont want can you please PM me. Thanks heaps!!

  • Can anyone spare me a code . Santa will send you a lots of gifts . Cheers !

  • Can someone please give me the code

  • Can someone please pm me the code. I would really appreciate

  • If anyone has the code but doesn’t want to use, can you please PM me? Thanks!

  • A code would change my life if anyone has one spare!

    • Hahah, life changing wow!

  • .< I want a code too. why must you forsake me eb

  • +2

    I won't be using my code:


    So first in can have it.

    • +2

      ty! My dad will be happy @ christmas cause of u <3

      • +1

        No worries. Costs nothing but a few seconds to share it with someone who can use it. Your dad will definitely be happy if this is his gift.

      • Wow lucky to have a son that'll buy him a TV like this!

    • That went quick.

      • +2

        Thats what she said.

    • Thank you

  • Is the A9F much better?

    • A9F- Faster processor so faster menus and android which was a complaint about the A8F/A1. Also slightly better upscaling, motion processing, and a less aggressive ABL so brighter HDR image.

      The A8F is an upright TV, whereas the A9F has that easel lean to it.

      However you are paying nearly double for the A9F over the A8F. Sony have really priced themselves out of the market with the A9F.

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