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Vehicle REVs Check Report with Govt PPSR Certificate for $1.89 from QuickRevs


REVS Check Report: Quick, Easy & Most Affordable ($1.89 ONLY)

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At Quick Revs, you get a detailed report for each vehicle in a format that is easy to quickly read through when you need to make those big buying decisions.

Some of that critical information in our comprehensive car history reports include:

  • Encumbrances/Finance owing info
  • Stolen vehicle check
  • Write-off check
  • Airbag Recall Status
  • Registration details
  • Vehicle details
  • Govt PPSR certificate
  • VIN Validation & more

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By VIN $5.89 $1.89 ONLY
By REGO $8.89 $4.89 ONLY

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    for 2 bucks i thought i'd have a look on a car i recently paid out… quick and easy, thanks op.

  • +16 votes

    So 11c cheaper than doing it direct via ppsr.gov.au?

  • +1 vote

    OP do you have a sample report?


    Now this is an actual deal compared to the normal ppsr check that's posted..


    Curious. Why is cheaper checking by vin?


      My guess would be the cost of accessing the database of Rego to VIN which wouldn't be easy/cheap to access.


    Thanks OP thought i'd check mine for $1.89 great price.

  • +8 votes

    Tutorial to get VIN from the number plate/rego free and instantly.

    1. Go to https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registration/buy-sell-or-tra...
    2. Put in the number plate
    3. Enjoy the VIN.
  • +3 votes

    I'm curious as to what this report offers that the standard $2 PPSR check doesn't, apart from it being "Made for People Who Are Not Familiar with the Industry" (not my capitalisation).

    Also, if it doesn't offer any additional information beyond what the $2 PPSR check provides, at the standard price it certainly doesn't offer "the Cheapest REVS Check Online, Allowing You to Save Money in the Process."

    It's actually a bit strange to keep referring to the PPSR check as a REVS check when the state / territory system was retired quite some time ago. See https://www.ppsr.gov.au/revs-check


      Because REVS check rolls off the tongue much easier. And humans aren't very conducive to change.

  • +2 votes

    it doesn’t provide anything extra. If you ever pay more than $2 you’re getting scammed

  • +1 vote

    Does thise show the odometer history too?


    Definitely must do for every vehicle before you waste your time.
    Car yards must provide this info but private sellers do not .

    Check them all at any rate ,
    you must get every car up on a lift to look at before you buy .
    If you're too lazy , then you will pay.

  • +3 votes

    the only reason you buy this report vs ppsr gov au certificate is its in a "friendlier" format… the govco ppsr report can look like a wall of text to the uninitiated. at $1.89, it's a nice alternative but at their standard price of $5.50 or whatever, you'd be better off with the wall of text option - both ultimately give you the same result.


    nice price


    Awesome, just found out that my car has a faulty dangerous Takata airbag that was recalled. Getting it replaced now from the dealership, wonder why they didn't notify me at all. You saved my life bro.


      Probably depends on the circumstances under which you purchased it (new, second hand, how long ago etc.).

      The recall campaign was quite well publicised both in TV and print media so I'm surprised that you missed the announcements suggesting that everyone should check the status of the vehicle(s) that they own.


    Thanks for posting the deal. Can you please confirm whether there's an expiry date for this code?


    thanks, just in time for my interstate BMW M3 purchase :D


    Does this report or the ppsr report show if the car is "currently" written off/stolen or if it "was ever" written off/stolen?


      I purchased this for my car and it says:
      - Not recorded as written-off.
      - Not recorded as stolen.


    Thanks, OP for this deal. I checked for my car. Although the report checks out just fine as expected, "Body type" says SEDAN, which is wrong. Mine is a hatchback car. What should I do?


      you don't do anything - it's driven by the NEVDIS information which is from your State transport authority - RTA/VicRoads/TMR etc.

      edit: https://www.ppsr.gov.au/nevdis

      "State and territory road agencies are the source of NEVDIS data and the primary point of contact for enquiries, errors and corrections."

      but as above, don't do anything it's a waste of time and there is no real outcome for contacting them.


        Thanks, mate. I bought this car used from someone, and the previous owner said he has already written to them and to Peugeot Australia to have this rectified. Lets see how it goes.


          Sedan is a generic term. As Phat says, don't bother doing anything as this has no real bearing on anything.

  • +1 vote

    OP, has it expired?
    Getting "Promo code is invalid, expired or has already been used."
    Thank you.


    excellent. still working. cheers OP