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Google Pixel 3:64GB $1199, 128GB $1349 | Google Pixel 3 XL: 64GB $1349, 128GB $1499 (Bonus $200 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card) @ JB Hi-Fi


Appears a repeat of Black Friday's & previous deal for one day only.

Bonus Gift Card!
Buy this Google Pixel 3 and get a bonus $200 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card! Online purchasers will receive a gift card via email 2 weeks from order completion. In-store purchasers will receive a gift card at time of purchase. Offer end midnight 15th of December.

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  • +18

    $1200 for a phone with 64GB, 4GB of RAM and not even a 1440p display. Right.

    • Last year they said Apple is trying to squeeze money out of people with the iphone X.

      • +1

        The year before that, they said Apple were crazy to not include a headphone jack.

        • And everyone laughed when Apple implemented a notch

          • @klonky: and Steve Jobs laughed when they came out with bigger screens

            • @DisabledUser16748: and Steve Jobs said "who needs a stylus, we've got five on each hand".

              Oh the things that could've been…

              I know many people see me as Anti-Apple but I wasn't always that way. The iPhone 4/4S were amazing. Although sometime around the iPhone 7 I think the innovation slowed considerably.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser16748: What we have here is a classic case of Apple vs Google fanboydom.

    • +3

      yep … suggest you go for OnePlus 6 with the same chipset and twice the RAM for $570 delivered.

      who wants to be stuck with a $1200+ phone that will worth nothing in a few months.

      • +2

        Where can I get the 1+ 6 at that price??

      • +1

        I am getting a pocofone which is still cheaper than the one plus 6. Just waiting to see how it fares on the reliability

        • Yeah POCO there to pick up the mantle of Dev phone, they are now seeding their products to Devs, same year that OnePlus have stopped.

        • Pocophone is almost 7", it's way too big as a phone imho considering the old Google Nexus 7 tablet was that size.

    • +3

      iphone xr costs the same and has even lesser specs, its not even amoled. also in this deal the pixel 3 is effectively 999 bucks

      • +2

        Or 1080p or a camera even in the same league.
        I use the XS Max and Pixel 3 XL everyday, they are basically on par with each other except the camera on the iPhone is a major disappointment when you get used to the pixel.
        The Pixel seems cheap compared to the iPhone prices, $200 gift card sweetens the deal!

        • I have both the XS and Pixel 3 XL and I am really impressed by the Pixel's camera, besides video which is a step-down from iPhone. Gestures on the Pixel 3 XL also aren't as polished and useful to how iPhone implements it.

      • The difference is that Apple can charge a premium price because of iOS and their ecosystem - which is valuable for many people. There are so many other options when it comes to Android and I can list half a dozen phones that are better or cheaper or at least on par with pixel phones

        • +1

          because of iOS and their ecosystem - which is valuable for many people.

          I think "locked in to iOS" is a better term. It's not easy when you've got accessories for one to switch. (ie an Apple watch won't work with an Android)

    • You say that as if a 1440p display is a given feature for a phone in 2018.

  • +3

    They charge $150 for an extra 64GB of eMMC. That's more than even Apple charges. You would get 256GB as a step up from 64GB.

    • Apple softened price sensibilities in this area so well that all players are now in on the same scam with barely any push back.

      • +3

        Yeah but others like Samsung have copied Apple's capacity offerings.

        Samsung and Apple start at 128 then next step is 512GB, skipping 256GB. Or for last gen, they start at 64GB and next step up is 256GB, skipping 128GB.

        Google is still doing 64GB base, and next step up is 128GB for $150. They make Apple look generous and I never thought anyone could do that.

        If you're going to charge that much for an extra 64GB, you could at least put in an SD card slot to make the lower capacity viable. 64GB fills up quickly with photos and video in FHD/4K.

        The only company that can get away with hubris is Apple.

        • -1

          You get unlimited free full resolution storage on Google Photos with the Pixel though, so you don't need to store any photos/videos on your phone. I have a 64GB 2XL and I've barely used half of the storage on it, shouldn't be an issue for most people IMO.

          • +3

            @dogee: If you don't mind burning through data and waiting for the download/stream, sure.

            I prefer instant access, flicking through the photos quickly and not having to wait.

            If you can have it stored on the phone, it's always better and faster.

            • @lostn: Eh, it's 2018 I feel like majority of people spending $1k+ on a phone have a significant amount of data. I'm just speaking from personal experience that it's never really been an issue for me plus I have the added peace of mind that all my media is always backed up in full quality if I ever do break/lose my phone.

              • +1

                @dogee: With good local storage, you can still have all that cloud backup if you're paying for a plan with a lot of data.

                I don't like paying $80+ a month for my phone plans. I either get plans with low data (5GB or less) which is plenty for me, or I buy the phone outright and get a much cheaper plan.

                It's not just about having the 4G data available, it's the inconvenience of having slow access to that data. Also, you drain the battery faster.

                Pixel is too many compromises for me. Other brands either include SD support, or more reasonable on board storage. And remember, google drive is not exclusive to Pixel devices.

      • +1

        with barely any push back.

        Not really, people haven't been buying flagships at the same rates.

  • can pixels even be considered as deals?

    • -1

      Twelve hundred dollars for a device made to spy on you so that it can serve ads does seem a bit rich.

    • +2

      If people pay over $2k for iPhones then this is a deal any day whichever way you look at it

  • Still too much. Gonna wait until the Pixel 3 XL is 800.

    • +6

      That will be when the Pixel 4 XL is out.

      • +2

        Makes sense. Pixel 2 XL is now $799 after the 3 came out.

        • Yeah, will stay a gen behind with the Pixel unless the new one has a 4K battery!

      • Yeah that is the plan!

  • I wonder why the sudden influx of mobile phone deals with $$$ gift vouchers or gift cards.

    Part of me thinks its some elaborate conspiracy against those with 28 degrees mastercard purchase protection, so that it makes any PP claims ineligible.

  • +4

    Why would anyone use this deal instead of the optus plan with min total cost of $1,392 over 24 months, which is $1252.80 after 10% discount?

    The optus deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/423146 gives you an additional 24 months of prepaid 4GB data + unlimited talk plus a Google Hub plus a $400 EFTPOS card which brings the actual cost to $852.80 per device.

    Edit: it seems the optus deal is a lease deal, that you return the phone by the end of lease.

    • +1

      You can get the deal as an outright plan I think? I think I equated it to being like $15 a month for 80gb + a free Google Hub.
      The tricky part is that from what I can gather, the 10% off is not the total plan price but just the sim component… Which they've calculated to $5 in their plans lol

    • +1

      I got the Pixel 3 XL deal two days ago at HN with the $69+30 plan (discounted 10% off rateplan), free Google Hub, and $400 Eftpos GC.

      That comes down to 62.1+30 = $92.1 monthly plan x 24 = $2210.4

      $2210.4 - $400 GC - $180 Google Hub (RRP is $219) = $1630.4 divided by 24 months = $67.93 per month (100GB data)

      Pretty good deal. (Sorry I just saw that the XL is not discounted.)

      • Got this today also.

  • Can this be used on the phone transaction instead to get a further $200 discount?

    • Nope. I asked at Glen Waverley. They were quite firm. Returned a present I had for my bro, and then repurchased it with the Gift card. Even when I said what I was going to do re the return they didn't buckle and let me use the card on the pixel, literally had to return the other gift, buy the Pixel and then rebuy the gift. Mental, but I guess their systems don't allow.

    • The gift card gets printed on your receipt so they cant really do it.

  • No. Seperate gift card.

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