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25% off All Riding Apparel (No Helmets Again) + Free Postage on Orders over $100 @ Fraser Motorcycles


Hey! Ever wanted to buy some Ducati or Harley riding apparel and thought you could never afford it. Well, you're in luck! Now you still cant afford it, but it's at least 25% closer to being reasonably priced!

Like every other lifestyle brand out there, Ducati and Harley are no exception. It's all about telling everyone that you own a bike and what brand it is (Like rolling advertising. Only difference is, you paid them to wear it…) Nothing gets the ladies swooning like a nice pair of HD gloves, HD jacket, HD vest, HD pants, HD boots, HD sunglasses and HD arseless chaps while riding your HD Street 500…

At least this way, It's a little more affordable for those of us who have to buy 2nd hand entry level Monsters and Sportsters.

I thought I would share, as 25% off isn’t too bad (and just shows that they are a tad over priced at normal times.) And there is free postage for any order over $100. But lets face it, it's gonna be hard to buy anything with a Ducati or Harley logo sewn onto it that is under $100..

For some reason, Frasers does not seem to sell helmets. It's not that they are excluded, they just don’t seem to sell them. (Or HD emblazoned arseless chaps for that matter)

A wise man once said… "We like to see prices. Bargains have prices. ® © ™". So, without further adooooooo…


Ducati Corse C4 Textile Jacket $513.98 Now: $385.49
Ducati IOM C1 Leather Jacket $728.99 Now: $546.75
Ducati Sport C3 Leather/Textile Gloves 168.99 Now: $126.75


H-D Manta Coolcore Leather Jacket $891 Now: $668
H-D Rutland Leather/Textile Jacket $583 Now: $437.25
H-D Newdale Leather Gloves $118 Now: $88.50 (plus shipping)

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