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Toplift 100kg Folding Hand Trolley $39.90 (Was $69.98) @ Bunnings (or Pricematch at OW for $37.90)


Good Price.. OW has also this one at clearance for $40

The Toplift Folding Hand Trolley is simple to fold and unfold. It folds flat for easy storage and it is light weight enough for easy carry. It is made from Steel Frame and aluminium toeplate.

  • 12 month warranty
  • Light duty
  • 100kg Load rating
  • Weighs 5.5kg

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    Thanks… Wife's chrissy pressie sorted !!!

    • We told you jv.. a moment on the lips, forever on the hips :P

    • is that so she could cart you around after your christmas meal?

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          Ah so it's one of those "wife's chrissy" presents. I like it!

        • Capacity is only 100kg

  • Bunnings will beat it by 10%

    • Bunning can't beat as its $40 at OW

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      Bunnings will beat it

      "They told him don't you ever come around here"

  • Build quality doesn't look to great, what are peoples experience?

    • doesn't look to two great


      • cheers! to the beer that you will be trollying around.

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        doesn't look to two too great


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      although it is rated for 100kg, it was no good for pushing a 90-95kg person around the office. I tried and it broke.

    • We have them at work (I have one under my desk right now) And it's awful.

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    I've got the 70kg model. Very flimsy compared to a single piece trolley. Very little lever strength. ie sliding the trolley under a 30kg box and trying to lever it up would certainly see the handle snap off.

    I haven't found a use for mine as I have little confidence it will support what I put on it.

    • I got the '70kg' one too. It's not amazing but for the $20 I paid it's fine

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    Back when I was in the market for one of these I ended up getting a no-brand trolley from ebay like this for 20 dollarydoos. It's smaller, lighter and IMO more versatile. I've used it to move washing machines and fridges without drama. For its size I was quite impressed. The one at Bunnings is about twice the size and much heftier for not much more load rating at double the price.

  • Bought one today, have to say I am impressed which is shocking because I usually whinge a lot

  • There is also the 70kg version as Bunnings for $36.98

  • Would this be better for $25 with 250kg? https://www.bunnings.com.au/hand-trolley-250kg-p-handle-trol...

    • If heavy loads is what you need it for than yes.

      However, those are heavy, bulky, don't fold up, won't fit in a sedan.

  • Whats the best of these trolleys if price wasn't an issue? I need to buy 10 for work. Need to move cabinets 1.2m tall everyday, they are light tho, about 20kg

  • Pretty flimsy

  • Any comparisons with the 158kg one from Costco for $48.99?


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    These are awful. We have this model at work and had to stop using it as it was more of a hazard to use them.

    They legs dont click into place, and require constant pressure.
    Flimsy Build.
    Too short to be useful for anything more than filing boxes, and even then its easier to just carry them.

  • I have bought this one for $36 which I think is even better value.

  • I use one of these in my car for moving crates, boxes and when refilling the gas bottle for the BBQ and genuinely I'm super happy with it. I agree that it would not be good for moving tall furniture but it's amazing for fitting into the car boot and moving boxes or such. Like anything, context matters, how you use this will decide whether it works or not.

    I needed something compact for boxes and crates, so this thing has been pretty awesome.