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Sony WH1000XM3 Over-Ear Headphones Black $319.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Price alert from CamelCamelCamel says its the lowest since listing, take into account Cash Rewards will bring it close to the $300 price point a lot of Ozbargainers were waiting for.

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  • Great find. This is a great price for a decent set of headphones.

    For people who plan to use these as a headset, it isn't great. I think the bose are much better if you want to talk to people on them, especially if you plan to walk around.

    Maybe bluetooth 5.0 will fix this for more headsets.

  • I had these for a bit, they're great headphones, but the comfort factor really wasn't that good when compared to the Bose so I decided to sell them. Great price though!

    • I have the Bose QC35 1st gen, and was contemplating if I had to get these as well for a while, but if they aren't as comfortable as the QC35's then I shouldn't bother. Thanks for the 411.

      • Yeah I was in the same predicament as you, had the 1st Gens since 2016 so thought it was a worthwhile upgrade for the price (got them for $274 from TGG Commercial), however I wore them a few times and they would sit on my ear a bit instead of completely over, which would cause quite a bit of sweat and discomfort after a while which I had never experienced with the Bose.

        The sound quality is better in these and most likely the noise cancelling (can't really tell as I never wore them on a plane or in a high noise situation), but the comfort is where I place importance and these didn't cut the mustard.

      • For what it's worth, I've never used the Bose headphones, but I regularly use the first version of the Sony headphones on flights and for large amount of hours during the work day and they are incredibly comfortable.

        I have had them for 3 years and can't complain in the slightest, I have been thinking of upgrading to the V3 here and passing these on to my wife for flights and the occasional home use but haven't decided.

      • It really depends on your head and preference. I find the Sony to be a lot more comfortable and better than the Bose. Your mileage may vary.

    • do you think it will be comfortable to wear it like 5 hours continuously?
      if not how long you think you can wear them before it become uncomfortable?

      Thanks for your experience.

      • I have these headphones. You will definitely feel uncomfortable after a few hours. You will most likely need a 5 min breather after about 3 to 4 hours. Great headphones overall though.

        • Totally agree with the above.
          I use them for about 8-10 hours a day (at the moment) and usually after 4-5 hours I need to take them off for about 5-10 mins and then I'm good to go for another 4-5 hours.

          I guess it depends on the size of your ears, my ears are definitely of a normal size though.

      • Definitely not 5 hours in my experience, I personally felt discomfort after a 30 minute sitting, but it really depends what the size of your ears are I think as well. I have quite large ears so they didn't fully cover my ears, hence causing the discomfort.

        I usually wouldn't ever get rid of a new purchase, but these just didn't sit well with me unfortunately, they're amazing headphones regardless!

        • I got the first gen which were most uncomfortable. You just need to get them to sit right and they're fine. Adjust the headband in small increments until it sits just right. I can wear the MDR1000s for about 3hrs before i need a breather.

        • i wear glasses I think it will be a problem too.

          But 30 mins is quite short, wont be buying this one

          • @SnoozeAndLose: You must try them yourself before taking in random forum comments. I have a friend who specifically quotes comfort with glasses on these.

            • @plmko: Agreed with the above comment.

              The comfort level for me is the same with my old Bose.

              Sony has the following advantages over the Bose:
              - Sound Quality
              - Noise Cancelling
              - Battery Life and Charge
              - Charges with USB C
              - Better controls

              Easy choice for me.

      • Same as my comment above, regularly use these for long hours of the working day and on long haul flights with no discomfort, I love them.

        Maybe I'm just used to them haha.

      • I wore the XM2 for 26 hours straight mixed between downloaded Netflix shows and playing music while dozing when flying without taking them off once. No problem at all and plenty battery left at the end.

    • Learn to replace the earpads you commoners.

  • For anyone looking at these and live near a Sony Kiosk, might be worth trying to get them to price match and combine with the $50 back over $300 via Amex, or $60 back over $500 spend (Could be 2 or more of these) via Cashrewards linked VISA cards :)

  • Thanks for this. Applied for a price protection refund from 28 degrees. Really good headphones, noise cancelling is amazing, the only negative would be that they are a bit too mid bass heavy.

    • Totally agree on the bass front, sold my pair and kept the old faithful QC35II. Also it's so convenient being able to pair the Bose with a laptop and phone at the same time.

  • I replaced my QC35 Series II with these because the ANC is better. They are just as comfortable to me, but they look cheap compared to the Bose, and the mic is absolutely horrible. I'm thinking the mic is a bad batch, so I'll probably return it to Amazon soon enough and get a replacement pair to confirm this theory. The Bose also lets you pair with two devices at once which is really convenient - this can't.

  • Agree with Doweyy, have both the QC35II and this (wife uses the Sony), the Bose is just way more comfortable and practical. The Sony sounds slightly better but the comfort/practicality factor outweighs the sound quality for everyday use.

    • The Bose being more comfortable depends on your head and ear shape. Because my ears are small, the comfort is almost exactly the same as my previous Bose.

      Given that the comfort is the same, the Sony is better in:
      - Sound Quality
      - Noise Cancelling
      - Battery Life and Charge
      - Charges with USB C
      - Better controls

    • Literally having usb c gave these a huge advantage for me

  • the bose earpads are slightly angled back to cater for your ears so my ears are never touching the felt/cusion inside the earpad. with the sony the tip of my ear slightly touches it and becomes uncomfortable afterawhile. I dont know why other headphone comapanies are not copying bose with this design.

  • Will JB Hifi price match this?

    • Call them and find out?

      • With 6% Cashback and next business day deliver why would you bother with a Price Match, at least reward Amazon here and not scummy JB

        • I know however I'm flying on saturday and it won't get delivered before saturday unfortunately.

      • Just called if anyone is wondering, JB Hifi won't price match Amazon.

        bit annoyed

        • If you're not locked to JB, try Harvey Norman also, I've had no issues price matching Amazon on live chat numerous times.

        • You should be, because we do price match Amazon…

          The only thing I can think of is the person on the phone got confused with the additional detail of having to include the cost of prime subscription if it's a prime exclusive deal (+ delivery ofc but in most instances it's free anyways). But this isn't even a prime-exclusive deal so that wouldn't apply.

          Or you got one of those salespeople that want to avoid having any red on their stats so they basically avoid customers that do want to price match.

          The only things JB can't match are international sellers and grey imports (even if from a local seller).

    • They should. My friends and I were able to get them to price match stuff during the Black Friday sales. I'd recommend having the screenshot of the Amazon page when going into the store.

    • Go in and just ask for the cheapest price, I got them for $299.25

  • really hope eBay has the brandnew one for the same price, still got plenty of 10% off eBay voucher to use

  • WTH the price increased!

  • Just when I get home from work and it's expired :/

  • It shows $319.20 but once I add it to my cart it changes to $399 anyone else got this error?!

    • It is showing $319.20 + 5.99 (delivery charges) to me.

      I'm concerned about warranty though. I don't find warranty information in the website.

  • Thanks OP, I managed to get a pair. Have been waiting for these to be in my budget.

    Suffered a stroke earlier in the year on top of having post-concussion syndrome, struggle with noise sensitivity among other things.

    Hopefully the noise cancellation can make life and travelling in the car a little more bearable.

  • asd

  • was on livechat with HN and they bloody increase the price :(

  • I don't see warranty information on the Amazon website.
    Wondering if this comes with warranty and if so how many years and can we extend the warranty.

    Update: 1 yr manufacturer's warranty.
    No extended warranty.

    I called Sony and representative and he mentioned, neither Sony gives more than one yr warranty on any of their units.

    I'm pulling myself back from this deal, as I need extended warranty.

    • JB offer additional 2 years replacement warranty for ~$50 if that's important to you. Could get them to price match and then buy the extended cover on top of that.

      It seems some staff want to avoid price matching, but you should mention you want to price match AND want to buy extended warranty and they'll all definitely change their tune.

  • Oops forgot Amex deal is for spend over 350.
    Price matched at HN and used Amex. My wife is going overseas this Saturday so will bring the cost down to $268.

    • It's $350 in one or more transactions by 27/12/2018

    • Do you need to have the exact name of the person travelling in the invoice to get the TRS? If you buy having your details in the invoice, can your wife claim TRS?

      • I asked my wife to go for TRS once and it was refused because it had different persons name on it (my name).
        So even if it is less than $1k if your receipt has different name to who is claiming it will get refused.

  • To all those who claimed/thinks Bose is more comfortable, here's a different view from my own experience after trying out both in audio shops.

    I'm 6"1 and I have a slightly bigger head. I can confirm that Sony fits me much much better than Bose. The Sony cushion below top ring felt soft and comfy; while Bose ring pressed top of my head so hard even if I extended the headphone to a very large fitting it wouldn't help much.

    Hope this helps.

  • Is there a way to create a Ozbargain email alert for these headphones?

    • Yes. Just the same as any other email alert.

      Search for "WH1000XM3" (in the top right search box) then click the "Create Alert" link which appears just above the results (to the right).

  • Had a chat with HN and got them to price match the 350.56 that Amazon currently have them at, combined with the AMEX deal brings them down to 300.59 which is good.

  • Thanks op, mine arrived today!

  • Interestingly, the price went to $350 and now its $402. I suspect this price jump in anticipation of a 20% off soon in boxing day sales