expired (QLD, NSW, WA, SA) Free Meal for Those Doing It Tough on Xmas Day @ Jamie Oliver Italian Restaurants


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Also an opportunity for those who'd like to volunteer to help at these events.

Volunteers must be 16 years and over, and will be required to assist with a number of jobs including table setting, food running, table clearing, dishwashing, playing Santa and welcoming guests on the day. Experience in the hospitality industry is not required.

For the first time across Australia, Oliver is opening all of his restaurants on Christmas Day to host a free charity lunch.

Every Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth will be open from noon to 4pm. The day will be a non-alcoholic event.

“We want to fill them with people that can come in for free, people that will be lonely, people that might be homeless, and people in need,” he said.

“For that, we are going to be working with local charities, my foundation which is The Ministry of Food in Australia which is an incredible set-up that I’m so proud of, with the help from The Good Foundation.

“We are also asking for volunteers, so for those people that would be interested, come down to Jamie’s Italian and volunteer. It’s going to be loads of fun I promise you. If you know someone who is going to be lonely, or homeless we are going to spoil them. We are going to spoil them with beautiful food, comfort food, and loads of love, and we are going to laugh a lot."

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Jamie Oliver


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    I hope any on here that jump on this 'deal' are on the volunteering side, and not just rocking up Xmas day for some free food that could go to someone who needs it more.

    If you can afford to browse a bargain forum, and can afford eneloops, you can afford to let some less fortunate take this deal on Xmas.

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      There was a comment about volunteering in the earlier post. Here's an opportunity.

    • +6 votes

      Why do people feel the need to pontificate the bloody obvious?

      If you've going there for a free feed, its obvious that you're lonely and in need.

      • +7 votes

        you've been on this site right?
        People jump on bargains for free samples of items they have zero use for because its free ;)


        if only it's that simple, we won't see many sign around ;)


    Am interested but link just takes me to booking page. No details on how to volunteer.

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    I wonder if Jamie will be eating there with how bad his restuarants are doing, but still a great cause !!

    • +1 vote

      I don't think he ever been to any of the licenced places in Australia. He might get upset about their ingredients and cooking methods.


    I didn't want to mention it in the OP but maybe there is a possibility that the volunteers will also get a free meal?

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    This is a brilliant idea. There are a lot of people that need a lot of help and are generally dismissed by society.
    Whilst this won't be likely to change their situation, the mental health benefits and societal inclusion is potentially enormous.
    I wish the ACT store was still open.

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    Is there a link to the information on their website? I'm browsing it on my phone and don't see anything unless I try to book the 25th.


    Want to volunteer but am unable to get there for midday. It says 12-4 but will take down be after 4pm or before 4pm?

    I can't find the info on the website.

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      How do you know?
      Just because someone has access to this site does not mean they should not go for a meal if they think it would be helpful to them. It's not just about money. They may not have anyone to spend the day with and the social acceptance they would receive whilst sharing a meal may just save a person who is depressed, alone and at their limit of existence.
      Do you know that libraries and other places in the community have free internet? So there could be someone homeless, someone down on their luck for any number of reasons, an elderly person who does not own phone or computer at home… the list goes on. You do NOT know.
      And here you are, along with some other comments I have read, shaming those people into not going.

      I hope just one person who needs this is reading this opportunity for them and disregarding judgmental posts that may discourage them.

      • +5 votes

        For real. I'm sure there are people reading this who are legitimately in need. Not everyone is here hoarding eneloops and gift cards…

      • -10 votes

        excuses excuses. You DO NOT need this. every year on the news you see people who clearly don't need it be there - ie. well dressed asians carrying their LV's, and you wonder, hmmm..

    • +5 votes

      If your volunteering all Xmas day, I think you need to eat and deserve some kitchen food. For a lot of people working on Xmas day is a big ask, plus a gurl’s gotta eat.

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    Applied to be a volunteer in Brisbane. Was told they already have over 600 applicants and they are not accepting any more volunteers.

  • +2 votes

    I’ll give Jamie a positive vote. He’s never tried to stop me from getting married.

  • -1 vote

    Only downside I can see is the reek of unwashed armpit and stale wee that accompanies a lot of the homeless and ne'r do wells.

    • -2 votes

      Hope the restaurant gets a good disinfecting afterwards. I would be hesitant to eat there - lice could infest their furniture.

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    Well done, Jamie.

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