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Free Meal and Companionship for Those Doing It Tough during Xmas @ The Salvos


This is not your conventional deal that you would find in Ozbargain but it may be something that could benefit or help someone in need with Christmas around the corner.

Hopefully EVERYONE can have a happy and safe Christmas!

You're invited to celebrate Christmas with us!

Christmas can be tough if you don't have people to celebrate with or somewhere to go. That's why we run free Christmas meals across the country, every year. These events bring together those who are doing it tough, for a meal and companionship.

Use the search tool below to find your nearest Christmas meal and join us for a celebration. These events are popular so make sure you call ahead to book your place.

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The Salvation Army Australia

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  • Thanks for adding this…many are in need over the Christmas period..good to know they can get a meal :)

    • There are a few organisations (including the Hilton) giving free food, clothes, accommodation and even haircuts in the UK to the homeless during Xmas. Made me curious what we're doing for them back in OZ.

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        Actually you'll find that Australian charities such as the Salvos do offer a lot of services for homeless people.

        I work with homeless people regularly, and this is a pretty good guide for Sydney: http://www.sydneyhomelessconnect.com/wp-content/uploads/2018...

        Additionally, I would like to say that the Salvos also offer clothing vouchers, rental assistance, food vouchers and help for electrical bills. This help can be accessed on a case-by-case basis, just pop into one of our stores and ask for assistance :).

  • Hope these things accept walk-ins as the people that need it most probably don't have the capacity to book online.

    Salvos are a great organization.

  • What's the normal price?

  • Lets forget about the church aspect and be thankful that there are people willing to help, and well done to the OP for highlighting this for anyone who needs it.

    • What's wrong with the church aspect? Getting free salvation from an eternity of suffering and also a relationship with God sounds like the ultimate bargain to me

      • There's plenty wrong with the church aspect, hard to ignore. I guess it depends on what it costs you. I can think of at least 474 who thought it cost them too much and I would agree.

      • Don't forget cashrewards

      • Sounds like a load of made up nonsense to me.

      • Depends which form of an "eternity of suffering" you believe in.

        Let's not argue about religion on OzB.

        • Let's not argue about religion on OzB.

          Why? Don't you care about your fellow OzBargainers?

          I wish someone had challenged me on my indoctrinated religiosity sooner. I'm happy to give that opportunity to all ye faithful.

      • 'Eternity of suffering' adequately describes my education in private Christian schooling.

      • Didn't know you can bargain with god

      • @inasero Encouraging superiority, corruption, arrogance, ignorance, dishonesty, genocide, racism, sexism, physical and emotional abuse. Discouraging skeptical, scientific, and rational thought, and the generally evil modes of operation and the hiding of information.

        • I agree there has been lots of evil said and done in the name of religion over the years, so completely understand if its off putting to you personally. All those things you say mention are absolutely abhorrent and should be called out. However it just goes to show that we as humans are fallible as those things aren't exclusive to Christians and lots of evil has been done by atheists (e.g Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot) and other religions alike (e.g Hindus persecuting Muslims in India, Buddhists persecuting Muslims in Myanmar, Muslims persecuting Christians in the Middle East). The cycle goes on and on…

          Unfortunately, as history has shown, human nature is such that we'll go on shafting each other regardless of sex, colour or creed. It's how things have been since time immemorial so I feel that to attack one particular organisation or religion on the basis of the actions of a few individuals is to exclude their broader contribution to society and to tar everyone within it with the same brush, so to speak.

          Moreover as snagseb mentioned below, lots of good has come about as a result of these organisations and also specifically Christianity as a force for societal change as a whole, e.g. the abolition of slavery, social welfare charities in England in the 17/1800s, the hospice movement etc. Too many to go on about here but there's a great read called "The Book That Made Your World" by Vishal Mangalwadi if you're interested in reading further.

    • There are lots of secular people willing to help. The issue is that since government money became available in the eighties, religious cults jumped straight in and have pretty much sown up all the funding, and now generally offer inappropriate or discriminatory services. Do you remember when the Lions and Rotary were seen everywhere?

  • Are the homeless on OzBargain. Genuine question. Good on OP for sharing.

    • Probably waiting for those Dr Okter pizza bargains. Most get their clothing and food for free from charities. If they are getting Centrelink then maybe they would want a bargain. Not sure what.

    • May be not, but good folks like yourself and I can share it with the those who might appreciate it, right?

    • This is just a guess: I think whilst majority arent on OzB, they are those that would pass the message along to the homeless or even charity organisers and it would just snowball from there. If this helps even 20 or 30 underprivileged folks, it would be consider well worth it.

    • I think it's good to keep perspective and highlight that it's tough for many out there.

    • Are the homeless on OzBargain.

      I'd assume so.

      Many of them have smartphones. Some work.

      I remember twenty years ago it was a big deal to see a homeless person, I really thought the system had failed but I hardly ever saw them. Now I walk down KW St Adelaide in the morning and there's one or two people between every street.

      It's an appallingly large problem for a supposedly affluent nation.

    • Yes homeless people are on Ozbargain but it depends how you define homeless. I personally am considered homeless but I am not living on the street homeless. I do have somewhere to stay each night but it is not my home nor is it secure. I have no usual place of residence. I'm considered in the statistics as "secondary homeless".

  • How about we simply accept that it's a good thing to publicise an option for those less fortunate this Christmas.

    • We also need to accept that when an organisation does bad things that people are at will to point out those bad things, even when that organisation wants to let people know they do good things too. They are free to state why they hate about gay people, how they are subhuman and a threat to society and all that, and the rest of us are free to say what we like about the Salvos. Freedom to say what you feel about something is a double edged sword like that.

    • How about we do something so no one is homeless, unless by their own choice.

    • @Annan, you mean, "Christmas and Saturnalia".

  • If things were ever so slightly different.. I genuinely could see myself be in a situation where I would be struggling. I've had some luck but mostly good friends and family.

  • Salvos fought really hard against marriage equality. They aren’t actually a charity, they are officially a church.

    • And an extremely profitable one, they're a billion dollar organisation.

    • Don't tell me things I don't want to hear.

      Why do the religious folk have such awesome charity initiatives, and then contradict their apparent ideals of respect and love for strangers, and those who are different and less fortunate?

      Oh yeah it's their book of fairytales.

    • While I hear what you’re saying… to go out of your way to neg is kind of pathetic. You may not agree with their stance on gay marriage, which is totally your right, just don’t forget they are allowed to be against it also… which is kind of irrelevant considering how many people they do help… even if they(Salvos and most charity groups) are a little dodgy. I doubt any shelter would not help you for being gay… in fact, I know they would not turn you away as my mother ran one for over 10 years.

      • Salvos have gone out of their way to say nasty things about gay people. All I did was click a little red button, was that really such an evil deed?

        • No, it’s not evil. Just a bit of a low blow in my opinion. Think of this way, this post is to highlight the great side of charities that help the needy at a time when it is most needed, and you come by and say it’s not worthy because they have a different view about something not relevant to the topic at hand.

          • @snagseb: I've been to these places actually and used them in my youth too. It's never just a free meal, it's not like when Uber Eats driver brings you your food with no agenda about it. There are some fine and generous people in the organisation, but the organisation as a whole isn't a force for good and they way they operate they do prey on the vulnerable and impressionable. As far as free meals go, I'll be recommending people in Adelaide go to the Jamie Oliver commercial kitchen this year for their feed. The volunteers there will have absolutely no agenda about anything other than giving up some of their Christmas Day to help serve a lot of hungry people, and Jamie Oliver Pty Ltd has no agenda directed at anyone other than consumers. Between the Jamie Oliver offer and the Salvos one, I'ld recommend the Jamie one and I'd do whatever the opposite of recommend is to the Salvos one. But that's just my honest opinion regarding the differing experiences I think my fellow man can expect from these two bargains that are being offered at the same time. I think the secular free food will be more wholesome for them on Christmas Day, when faced between the choice between the Salvos shelter or the Jamie Oliver restaurant, which are about 15 minutes walk from each other in Adelaide CBD.

            • @AustriaBargain: Fair enough. Maybe times were tough and you hold some resentment. I do know what these organisations are like, people would be surprised how shady they can be, but in general they do good. I don’t know you so I can’t judge, but I’m sure you can understand why some people would be upset with your comments. Good call on the JO commercial kitchen, hopefully some people see this as another option and it helps them out. Anyway, I think all that can be said has been said. Have a great Christmas holidays.

              • @snagseb: it's not resentment, it's just that Jamie Oliver is held to a much higher moral standard than the Salvos by society. A bigoted tirade could end Jamie Oliver overnight, but if if a head officers of the Salvos was caught on some bigoted rant about gay people everyone would be saying "well what did you expect form a church, they've always done and said things like this so you shouldn't be surprised". Personally I'd rather recommend hungry people go to the kitchen where I'd be surprised if they got even a hint of bigotry. People say their grandmother volunteers for salvos and they are the nicest people they ever met. What makes them think I'm attacking their grandma when I neg the Salvos and recommend people go to a 21st century kitchen instead? I'm not going to recommend one place over another just because your grandmother works at one of them.

            • @AustriaBargain: I'm curious as to why you feel Salvos have an agenda and are preying on the vulnerable? I've always understood them to be involved in charity work and outreach but then again I haven't personally used their services

        • No it's not evil. Have another neg yourself, you mighty keyboard warrior.

      • @snagseb Why are they allowed to have an influence on an unreasonable support of an abuse of Human Rights? To persecute people for a biological anomaly?

        Should they also be able to persecute based on skin colour, physical disability or blemish as well? What about menstruating women? Ah that's right they do, which is clearly outlined in the book of Leviticus.

      • @snagseb How is pointing out evil, pathetic? Isn't there a saying about evil and people not saying anything, which is backed up by 1500 years of history?

        • I’ll never be able to explain my views on here in a timely manner and I don’t want to drag this out so I’ll keep it short-ish. I don’t agree with the religious views against peoples sexual preferences, but I do believe religious groups/organisations have a right to be opposed to it if they choose to be. Sometimes they do this in poor taste, but that happens on both sides of the argument. I guarantee you there are plenty of gay people working within a lot of these organisations, obviously more so on the charity business side of things. I am personally an atheist, and I think religion has caused a LOT of horrible issues but i think it is also an integral part of society and got is to where we are and is deeply embedded into society so their word and views simply cannot be brushed off. Anyway, without blabbing on, this is about the charity side of things and attacking it and dismissing the great work that is done is a bit pathetic in my eyes. I’ve met a lot of selfless people within these organisations that transcend religion and show there are some incredible people out there willing to do so much for others… to attack that I think is very, very wrong. It is a touchy subject for me for reasons I just can’t get into on here. /end rant.

  • Should someone tell the Salvos about the Marathon Dim Sim deal?
    They’d be able to feed a lot of people succulent Dim Sims

    • Lots of ppl are yet to experiences the joys of a succulent Chinese meal, just don't get yourself arrested while you're at it

  • Good post Op! The negger needs help in one of those centres!

    • Looks like Big Brother decides to put my neg into the memory hole anyway.

      • Nah its the respect for the people who do things above religion caste or creed that need all the appreciation! If you have walked a mile in their boots probably we would all understand the sacrifice before nagging!

  • Maybe go as a volunteer or donate to to provide companionship!

  • I just love seeing people knock the Salvos. Stupid bloody attitude. Yes, back in the day some bad people did some bad stuff. Doesn’t mean that the people within the Salvos community today are responsible for those actions.
    As for being cashed up, not here in WA- they had to make a lot of part time employees redundant a couple of years ago and their Emergency Services support Food Truck has been waiting for almost 3 years to get an upgrade.
    Wanna knock a church? How about Catholics- the single largest grain ‘producer’ in Australia in the early 2000’s (dunno about now?)
    I’m not religious/preaching, but the amount of people that I know who have been helped, without expectation or condition, by the Salvos is HUGE…
    Good on them for trying to do good and good on OP for telling those who may be in need (not all needy are homeless BTW- a couple of years ago we weren’t sure we’d be able to afford to buy something nice to have for Christmas lunch).
    Oh, and my 80 year old Nana in Law is a volunteer Salvo- and one of the most giving and beautiful humans I know.

    • Agreed. I know at least a couple of people who have been helped by the Salvos. Incredible organisation.

  • Will there be cake ?. It is jesus's birthday.

    • Technically not. From memory the date was said to be August, and was the same date given to the older Mithras and Krishna. It was moved to the Saturnalia festival in the fifth century(?). They all have their origin in the solstice celebrations and sun worship - the early Jesus imagery took on the "sun rays" or halo.

      The similarities with Krishna and Jesus are quite telling. The second person of a trinity, angels, resurrected, sinless, father a carpenter, royal blood, wise men, shepherds, and the babe in a manger, etc, etc. The earliest Gospels had no story of Jesus's birth, which were added in the later stories.

      Specific similarities between the lives of Jesus and Krishna

  • I'm not a religious person at all, but I'm upvoting this deal.

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