expired Samsung Galaxy S9 (64) - 30GB Data + Tab A8" (32) 10GB Data Bundle + 2 Google Home Mini $89/Mth for 24 Months @ Telstra


Samsung Galaxy S9 (64) - 30GB Data+ Tab A8" (32) 10GB Data Bundle + 2 Google Home Mini $89 Telstra in Store.
Peace of Mind data on both plans.
These are available in store only and store rep could not tell an end date. But hinted this could end this weekend.
Add 10 for International calling pack.
Apologies for the bad picture

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    Port in or upgrade?


    Can it be obtained online or via phone call if we're afraid to go outside? Too hot today I'm afraid, deal or no Deal.


    Wow… Isn't this a 4 year old tablet? Good luck getting a recent version of Android on it.

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    Galaxy S9 on its own
    Galaxy S9 + Google Home Mini + 30GB = $59/month with port-in credit

    This deal
    Galaxy S9 + Google Home Mini + 30GB + Galaxy TAB A 8" + extra Google Home Mini + extra 10GB = $89/month (Additional $720 over 24 months)

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      Great work. No deal here. Telstra out of touch completely.

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        Not a great deal but I wouldn't go as far as saying they are out of touch. They did had couple of good deals including $55/Month P20 Pro deal with 80GB and this deal in Feb this year. Optus haven't really come to the party this year and have lost big chunk of their subscriber base to Telstra. Last good deal from Optus was this deal exactly one year ago. Telstra ins't feeling any heat from the competition or a threat to their subscriber base which is resulting in mediocre deals.

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          Tru dat


          Nah, that’s via JB Hi-Wi, not Telstra. Optus has got way better pricing at the moment, but network wise Telstra is better, although the gap is getting narrowed over time.


            @FOX: JB HiFi sells Telstra plans and Hardly Normal sells Optus plans but more often than not JB's plans are better than Hardly Normal, specially when they throw in the giftcards.


      How do you get the $59/month S9 with Google home mini deal?

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