This was posted 4 years 1 month 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Optus Online Offer: iPhone 8 Plus 64G with 20GB Data with Unlimited Calls $64 Per Month (24 Month Contract, New Customers Only)


It seems optus is starting a new promotion for iphone 8 plus.
Compare to the $59 per month plan, with $5 more, you can get an iphone 8 plus instead of iphone 8.
You can sign up this offer via online chat.New customer only.

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    Can confirm. Ordered mine.

    • Is this on leasing plan? Thks

    • thanks for the reminder..a typo..

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        Can you post the direct link please

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      So no direct link for the offer and it's a leased fone ?

      • It is NOT a leased phone. Purchased in store.

      • It is not a leased phone. Have confirmed and purchased online.

  • New customer or Existing customer with new service?

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      both are OK

      • Thanks, then better than $59 iPhone 8 deal, hence Plus has bigger Ram and better camera.

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          That came with $200 gift card and $5 a month less so $320 cheaper than this. Many people also got accessories thrown in as well.

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        Shame that current optus customer cannot got it

        • Jassssone said that existing customer is Ok?

        • @congngo:
          Only for new number or coming from optus prepaid

        • @lufee: ok. Then we can just port our Number to telstra prepaid and then sign up to this deal?

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          @nuts: I know! I signed up online for a Optus family and friend 30% Off discount and realise afterwards that I wasn’t entitled to the 30% Off discount. I spent one day on phone with Optus support trying to cancel. But they said that it was over 24 hours and cannot cancel :(

        • @lufee: if you finished your contract downgrade to prepaid then sign back up to contract post paid.

      • Hi, i just wanted to make sure before argue with optus this offer is for existing customer too isn’t it?

  • Can u take screenshot? I am struggle with online staff!. Thanks

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      LOL, you must be the first person ever to struggle with Optus online staff

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        I cant find it either….lol

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        I don't think it's a struggle….But I find myself wanting to strangle them dead after chatting to them for 30 min.
        My grandmother prob can reply faster than them

        • I can confirm that you can get the iPhone 8 plus for $64 but you have to get a new number (as per the online chat last night). They won't give it to you if you want to keep your current number.
          There is also a waitlist for the iPhone 8 for the $59 plan for current customers. Marketing will call you once stock is available

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    I have a friend who's working at Optus retail, you can definitely get this at Optus retail according to him, and $74 for 256GB version.
    I didn't ask about new customer or recontract, feel free to ask your local Optus store.

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    Very attractive deal. Might jump on this for the missus. However can anyone confirm if this is to "lease" or to buy? Website doesn't seem to be showing the details.

    • yes. You can get this deal via online chat or via calling them.

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      It's is buy to own. Just got the plan in store

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    Hmm, is there any direct link please? Trying to match this with Voda.

    • They dont pm anymore. I tried for weeks cuz I value roaming but switched in the end.

      • You can definitely match the $59 iPhone 8 deal with Voda. I have several people around me who managed to get it.
        I just tried online chat and their retention team will ring me on 26th.. lol

        • They must have changed their policy I guess.

          Surprising as well given vodafone doesn't do phones on contract anymore. How are the contract details working out for this? Do they discount their own plans and then add the phone repayments onto that over 24 months?

        • @blergmonkeys: I don't know the ins and outs but they have 20gb and 2200 minutes of international call included in the plan. 24 months.

        • @areustillpretty:
          Can confirm Vodafone is matching the $59 deal for existing customers.

    • Vodafone are doing $80 per month. I was instore and the guy said it included 20g plus unlimited calls.

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    iPhone X please

    • Next year in January (maybe)

  • How much can I sell the iphone for?

    • I’m the opposite… want the phone but not the plan

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        How much can I sell the phone to you for?

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          Depending on supply and demand elasticity :)

        • About $100

        • I would be interested to buy the phone.

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    if only it was iphone x :(

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      $65 a month is the current retail value of the iPhone X handset alone (though its true value is probably around $1100 and cost for Optus is probably $1300+), so you're crossing your fingers for Optus to be prepared to make a loss on you for 2 years…

    • +3

      If you are waiting for a crazy iphone x deal then I think you'll be sadly disappointed unless you're willing to wait 1 year+ from now.

    • What does it do differently that the 8 can't do? I guess unlock by looking at it instead of touch, anything else?

      • Main differences:
        1Gb more ram
        OLED screen
        The front camera is possibly 12mp instead of 8

        Those are the 3 main differences

      • +1

        It's much better at emptying your wallet. Also you get a chunk carved out of the screen, so that's something I guess.

        • +2

          That's why the 8 plus is the best of both worlds ;)
          Well, other than the larger than "market normal" bezels.
          I'm primarily an Android user, but im very happy with my 8 plus as a work/secondary phone.

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    Will your phone automatically slow down after 2 years?:)

    • +8

      Well, maybe one year?

      • +5

        They actually only slow them down to stop them from crashing, as the battery deteriorates the high power and fast speeds will brick your phone, as the battery can't handle it, once you update the ios recognises this and slows down your phone in order to prolong its life. This can be fixed by swapping out your battery and the next update would recognise it and speed up your phone back to normal which is actually cheaper than buying a new one. All the media headlines want you to believe that apple are doing just to sell new phones, which yes it does accomplish, but overall it does help you if you want to keep the phone for longer instead of upgrading. This is evident and is proven true by doing geek-bench test (in simple terms its a phone speed tester) that shows the increase in speeds after a battery change on older phones using the latest ios

        • -1

          This is probably the biggest load of shit I've ever heard

        • +3

          @Forskin: Its true mate. Do your research before you neg

        • +1

          @Forskin: Apple has confirmed this themselves:

          Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices. Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, have a low battery charge or as they age over time, which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components.

          Last year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. We’ve now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the future.

          Apple addresses why people are saying their iPhones with older batteries are running ‘slower’

        • +2

          Thanks boys I stand corrected. I disagree with the bricking statement from Mario though.

        • Im pretty sure if that was the "only" reason they could engineer a phone that doesn't need to potentially be massively underclocked after only 14 months, much like every other computer manufacturer on this planet that managed with far less control of their platform and a much smaller budget…

          Written on an iPhone 8 plus….

        • @Forskin: "which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components." effectively bricking the phone

        • +1

          @Mario1234: lol best example of an Apple fanboy.

        • @Mario1234:
          It is true Excuse for not using a proper battery. In fact, they only started doing this after they knew they got a really bad batch of batteries.

        • @JajaMinx:
          Not sure if you are talking about me, but I haven't used an iPhone since the 4.

        • @JajaMinx: No im really not an apple fanboy, been android most of my life, just hate ignorant comments from people who don't understand what they talk about but at least @Forskin admitted he was wrong.

    • +2

      It will be much sooner than two years.

      • highly likely

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    wait on HV to do a gift card offer and i'd be all over it like a fat kid on a cupcake.

  • Anyone in Canberra comment on their coverage and personal experience? So tempted to leave Telstra for this deal but dependant on feedback. I know they have a coverage map but I don’t believe it 😁

    • Can't speak for Canberra, but Optus has amazing coverage from what I've noticed.

      I have a 15GB plan with them and even in the middle of no where, it was still working fine.

      Vodafone is pretty poor in comparison (in terms of coverage) if that helps at all

      • Thanks for that 👍

      • +1

        I thought Voda has better coverage than optus tho?
        As far as I can see, they have upgraded a lot last few years and saw some areas with poor Optus signal my friend with Voda got some or a lot better on her phone

        • Sorry, double post by mistake

        • +1

          Weird, I've noticed the opposite from when I used vodafone vs optus.

        • @BarginGrabber:
          Perhaps my phone was older than her lol

    • Telstra doesn't even have decent coverage in Canberra (southside) i couldn't imagine how bad Optus is.

      • I remember visiting 'Telstra Tower' a few times as a kid. Hard to believe reception is rubbish if their gear is still on that tower?

    • +1

      I travel to Canberra a lot for work. The coverage has always been great for me.

    • I'm in Canberra and was considering switching to Optus but my friends have said that Optus coverage is pretty poor here, especially in the Tuggeranong area.

    • been on optus mobile here in canberra for about 12 or more years - no issues with coverage,

    • Anyone in Canberra comment on their coverage and personal experience?

      I’m in postcode 2606 and I recently moved from Telstra to Optus ($59 iPhone deal). For most part, haven’t noticed any difference in coverage or speed. Yes, have experienced call drops in my work elevator and underground parking but I can live with that 😀

      • I appreciate all your feedback everyone. Just walked into a store and damn that bezel is huge! Now do I look at Samsung S8 on the $59 plan (totally locked into Apple ecosystem though)

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