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Optus Online Offer: iPhone 8 Plus 64G with 20GB Data with Unlimited Calls $64 Per Month (24 Month Contract, New Customers Only)


It seems optus is starting a new promotion for iphone 8 plus.
Compare to the $59 per month plan, with $5 more, you can get an iphone 8 plus instead of iphone 8.
You can sign up this offer via online chat.New customer only.

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        New number only

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    Optus are the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have no idea how they get away with running an organisation in Australia like this. I've seen and experienced better service in 3rd world countries!

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    Thanks OP, Great deal. Got it for Mrs. Guy in-store knew about the offer.

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    Has anyone had any luck with getting the Student 10% off discount with this offer? I asked in the live chat but was told that no other options are available with the Christmas specials.

    • Sadly, no.
      It is already discounted no luck

    • I got it. Asked via live chat and they said they’d apply it from my second bill. It shows up on my account tools

      • Nice! Very Jealous. I've asked a few CSR's on the live chat but no luck so far.

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        Damn! Lucky guy, it's so weird you can get reps that will tell you that the plan doesn't exist to reps that give you the student discount no problem

      • are you sure? All the reps say there is no further discount?

        • Yeah got my first bill and it’s 53.10

        • @Comperchick34: I don't understand your neg vote on this deal? You got the deal by the looks of it as well as scored an extra percentage off but you are still not happy?

        • @therealoptimus: I didn’t get this deal. I got the other deal?not exactly a deal if you can occasionally get it via chat

        • @Comperchick34: That is a fair point. I have pos voted for the hope to score it in store (I have better things to be doing then being mucked around by multiple online operators) once I am back into civilization.

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    Guys, reminder to keep finding new support reps until you get the deal.

    It does exist
    It does work on existing numbers
    it does port over
    It is available online, no need for in store
    (Atm it is sold out, but ask to be put on a wait list)

    I talked to 3 different support reps

    1. He knew straight away and did the deal (I'm existing customer)

    2. They said it was for new customers only (wrong)

    3. They said sold out but can put me on a waiting list
    • Are you existing customers on plan or prepaid?

      • I didn't do it for me personally but the person I did it for was on a plan

        • Do you recall the name of the rep?

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          Jack G I believe (check my gyazod here, one has his name)

        • Hi, I've contacted about 10 different reps and they've all said that they can't transfer me over as I was on a post paid plan.

          I just got placed on a waitlist and saved the convo. So I'm going to change to prepaid then change back to postpaid.

        • @massivedmg:

          Sorry to hear that, now I have a feeling that I'll get the same bad news in a few days when I call back for an update :/

        • @massivedmg: I've just done the same thing and have spoken to several different reps just as you did and not one of them would budge and allow me to recontract despite my contract ending in January.

          Has anyone actually managed to get this offer as an existing customer?

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    So many stupid negs. Where are all the mods? The deal as it stands is a good deal. If you had bad experience with Optus or porting your phone, it doesn’t make this deal a bad one. Ppl need to just chill the f out. Take ur complaint up in the forum or with Optus. Don’t start begging a good deal just cause you had a bad experience with the particular company.

    I just walked into an Optus store at Westfield and the chick knew exactly what I was talking about. I wasn’t even there to buy I just asked for my dad. She said all Optus stores should have this deal and they had plenty of iPhone 8 Plus and reps to sign me up.

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      Neg due to poor quality service Optus has been provided to myself and other users. Strong enough reason to neg the deal according to OzBargain forum rule(major issue with retail)

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        Same can be said about all the telco in this country. Hardly anything new.

  • Comon Telstra, please price match!!!
    At least Telstra support know a little about their plans they are selling.

    • Not in my experience. It's shocking to me how badly a lot of companies "train" their staff.

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    I'll update this as I go until I find the "golden egg" of sales reps.

    Bruce R. - Knows about the deal, but for new customers only.
    Doug - Knows about the deal, but for new customers only.

    • i got the same response from a Doug

    • Andy T - Knows about the deal, but for new customers only.

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    I attempted to sign up to the HN deal for the 8, had so many problems in store with lack of stock and Optus not answering calls from them. After returning twice with no success at porting they cancelled the order and was told just to keep the $200 gc. (Bargain of the year!)
    Went into Optus store today and got this deal, paid an extra $10 p/m for the 256gb model as I take a lot of pics and vid. Still waiting for port but I’m hopeful!

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    FFS, just ordered the iphone 8 from optus and now this

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      cooling off period? if you havent received it cancel & resign, or if your a new customer just ask them to upgrade you to this plan.. TRY OUR NETWORK FOR 30 DAYS

      • The parcel arrived yesterday, I haven't opened the iphone box yet but I'm already Optus customer. Still going to give it a try anyway..

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    I have two accounts with Optus (including the $59 iPhone 8 Harvey Norman deal), and the prices and coverage are good, but their customer service is some of the worst I’ve ever experienced. You’ll be fine as long as nothing goes wrong and you never have to speak with anyone, but if you do, prepare for a time consuming and frustrating experience in which it’s likely that your issue will not even be resolved. I’m sure they have outsourced their customer service to the lowest bidder.

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      Seconded. It's a toss up between Optus and TPG for absolute worst customer service ever, both with Filipino call centers. They are as politely obstructive as possible while making all sorts of promises that are never actioned. I think Indian call centers do a somewhat better job in general (except for ebay's, which come a close third worst).

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    why can not they just put it online like the 59 deal that make things clear.

  • Ended up getting one. Thanks OP. Ripper deal. ;-p
    And it was made all the sweeter because amaysim were being D!cks. I was on the old $40 7gb plan, but they've since increased the allowance on that plan. Conveniently they decided not to let me (and presumably other existing customers) know, so I'm rather glad to be moving.

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    I went to the Optus store and signed up under My plan ( which mean I get to keep the phone after 24 months) and I picked up the phone straight away. However this deal is only available for new customers only (thats what the sales guy told me anyway!! I would just go and ask for iPhone 8plus 64/plan and they store sales person would know straight away!!

    • Walked into Optus store - they knew about it, happy to sort (new customers only) and said an OzBargainer had already been in !

  • I recently took up the previous $59 a month offer for iPhone 8. Thinking about cancelling under the 30 day guarantee and opting for this instead. From what I understand you just have to port out to another carrier upon cancelling. After that I should be able to apply online for this offer right? Is anyone able to confirm if this process is sound?

  • Anyone else having problems with their online chat? Doesn't seem to be working??

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      I could only access it via the Optus app. All other methods would not work for me.

      • Thanks! Didn't realise it was accessible through the App too!

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    The price is really good but the service that goes with it is hopeless.
    I cancelled my Optus home broadband months after it slowed to a crawl at night. Optus kept telling me it was congestion and they couldn’t do anything about it. After the cancellation went through, I recieved a phone call wanting me back as they had miraculously fixed the issue, I politely declined. Switched over to Telstra and got the advertised speeds 24/7.

    Fast forward to wanting to upgrade my partners byo plan. I recieved a temporary order number with a promise of an actual order in 48 hours.
    Never heard anything, online chat handballed me between departments until it disconnected due to “inactivity”. Facebook reps weren’t interested in helping.

    We are now a Telstra only household and things have been great so far.

    • Telstra been just as bad. Their network is hardly worth the premium you pay. And they palm you around when you have a problem. That is just how the whole telco industry in this country work. So unless there is a better alternative then I see the quality of service Optus is standard.

  • if the throw in a free copy of star wars battlefront 2 for the xb1/ps4 will ppl stop negging this deal?

  • iPhone 8 $59 deal out of stock online, but NEW customers can still get it in-store, subject to phone availability.

  • Does new customer mean I can't have another service with Optus? I have an iPad plan currently and would like to get this deal?

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      You can get this deal, "new" to Optus means either new number, coming from Optus prepaid to postpaid or porting a number from another carrier. So if you want to add a mobile phone on your iPad bill, that's fine. You can get this deal. Get it in-store, much more easier. Online can be quite the head ache!

      • Thanks!

  • Well i can confirm the deal is available, but not to existing optus customers, only to new customers. Pretty annoying, i have a copy of the chat thread where they confirm in writing that they will "offer this deal to a new customer, but not to a customer that has been a loyal optus customer. Rewarding new customers with better deals than existing customers." I kept a copy of the chat thread to upload, but this snip will have to do.

  • I hope this plan came out earlier.. I just signed the previous iphone 8 $59 plan… but I am signing up this for my wife, I will keep this phone.

  • Question, is the iPhone locked to Optus or can it work on other company sim cards?

    • All iPhones are unlocked.

    • All phones on contracts are unlocked. The only locked phones are the prepaid phones.

  • How much is the 255gb iPhone 8+ deal? And has anyone had luck with Vodafone to price match

  • Thanks OP! managed to get vodafone to match the deal and got an Iphone 8 Plus 64gb, 20GB data and 2200 international minutes per month for $64.

    • How did you get this?

      I just gave them a call and they said definitely not.

  • Is this deal still available?

    • still available.

  • I went to optus highpoint at 3am and left with an iPhone 8 plus. Porting in from telstra

  • Can someone explain this plan to me? Is it a new phone for free on a 24month plan and that is only $64 per month? And you get calls and 20gb?

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    I dont like optus already as a new customer on a SIM only plan $40 reduced to $30 with optus sport as free. They charged me $55 first and then second invoice of $32.20 which was weird and has now credited $2.20 to make it $30.

    When i argued that it should be $60 in total for 2 invoices, i was told the first $55 is towards unused plan which is like a deposit and will be adjusted in the last month of the plan.

    So misleading as it was neved told and now they have kept $55 forever:(

    Has this happened to anyone else as well?

    • happened to me as well. I had to call them every month for the last 4 months to keep telling them to amend my contract! They kept charging me 45 AUD instead of 30 -_- I finally blasted the last rep i spoke to and told them that id cancel my line unless they got their shit together. My bill/plan has finally been amended! phew

  • Anyone had any luck getting this in store?

    • I can confirm. went into a QLD Store today and had no trouble at all. spoke to 2 different reps, both had full knowledge of the deal. Should be no problem at all

  • I ported to Voda & have ordered this plan through Optus Chat all happened in a few hours. But obviously still waiting for the phone to come. 2-3 days she said. Fingers crossed.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered with online chat. Took less than 15 minutes.

  • Any have a link to the online chat?
    I can’t seem to open it

  • -3

    Maybe a bit off topic. Can anyone recommend a screen protector for Iphone 8 plus? Thanks

  • I'm just sitting her waiting for a note 8 deal

  • +2

    Great deal! For those with Vodafone, can confirm they match.

    I got 256GB iPhone 8 Plus for $74 24 months.

    Unlimited calls and text.

    Free international calls per global red plan.

    25GB (extra 5GB bonus loyalty).

    Free first month insurance.

    Delivery by 28/12/17.

    16,000 qantas points

    Need to call and speak to cancellations team.

    • Can you provide anymore info on who to contact at Vodafone to get this deal?

      • +1

        Speak to the retention team they will know about the deal

        • Cheers, will give it a crack!

  • Any other phones with this offer instead of the IPhone 8? Like any flagship Android phone.

  • Vodafone refuses to match the Optus offer, and say they will only match for existing Vodafone customers who are upgrading.
    Did anyone have luck with Vodfone for a new customer ??

  • Does anyone know whether port out to other provider is faster then changing plan to prepaid from optus?
    Or are they similar?, because I am currently with Plan with Optus that cannot got this deal.

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    Currently got 4 high tiered services with Optus (2 NBN Broadband, 1 Samsung Galaxy S7, 1 Tablet BYO Sim) and being told that you can't get this deal is a spit in the face. What does loyalty mean to Optus, rip existing customers off after they are with us for 2 years with their shiny new iPhone they got for next to nothing?

    • Same as Telstra… Apathy is what the telcos and other service providers practice to keep existing customers on higher plans.

      Better to switch than to stay. Tried to match deals with Telstra and all I got was for new customers only and that I got the deal when I first joined. So switched to the provider with the cheapest plan.

  • Walked past and just … meh .. give it to me baby

  • Any input would be greatly appreciated for my essay long spill.

    So I signed up to the iPhone 8 $59 my plan deal last week. The expected delivery date is the 27th. After hearing about this iPhone 8 plus deal, Ive spoken to multiple sales support peeps via online chat to cancel. They've all said that I can't cancel the order as the phone is due for delivery. But one rep came through (bless you) and has suggested for me to decline the delivery and this would result in an automatic cancel for the order as the phone will go straightback to the warehouse. This way, I'd be able to sign up to the iPhone 8 plus deal before the promotion ends on the 03/01/18.


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      Maybe turn your caps lock off..

    • +1

      An iphone 8 in the hand is worth more than an iphone 8 plus in the bush ;)

  • For those already with Optus keep trying , I managed to early upgrade with this offer, spoke to 3 reps and finally got one to do it with my existing number

    • Was this through online chat? Any tips on how to achieve such a feat? :)

    • Do you recall reps name and how many months did you have left on your plan?

      • +1

        Yes by online It was Harry (not too sure on surname) , did it around 10pm (maybe the afternoon staff are more chilled he was saying cool all the time), had 3 months left

  • If anyone is from Sydney and has a space grey iPhone 8, I signed up to this deal with a space grey iPhone 8+ because they were out of stock for the iPhone 8, and am possibly interested in doing a trade with $120 my way to cover the extra plan cost over 24 months. I'm just going to visit Apple to see if I can hold a Plus in hand and get a feel for size, but at present I feel like I'll appreciate the form factor of the 8 more. PM me if interested!

    Also if it helps anyone, I was able to upgrade an existing plan to this deal, Phil was the name of my rep!

  • +1

    I just got this deal with optus (only new customers). I am now planning to sell it as I already have iphone 7 plus and happy with it.

    • Damn I didn't think of that.
      Instead of getting the S8 in the previous deal like a chump i should have gotten this, or even the iphone 8 from the last deal, sold it, bought an S8 and pocketed the difference.
      Oh well hindsight's 20/20

  • Just had success tonight getting this plan for my partner. She was with optus on the $40 plan,and they confirmed the recontract. Priscilla R was my rep and it took about 8 tries to finally get it.

    • On my 21st try, seriously was this even possible lol

  • -1

    look like they just took the offer down, cant see the offer anymore :(

  • Hmm, my partner was hoping to get Vodafone to match this deal. She's had bad experiences with Optus in the past.

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