expired Samsung Evo Plus Micro SD Card - 128GB $28.80, 256GB $73.20 Delivered @ iot Hub eBay


Good price on these micro SD cards. No need for eBay plus.

Original PLUGIT20 20% off 57 Stores on eBay Deal Post

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    Cheers, big ears. Need one of these for the Nintendo game sale! :D


    according to the code, i expect to receiver a 20 pack.


    Is this eBay seller trustworthy?


    Was stoked to get this 256GB for the bargain price of $150. It was SO cheap. Looked at my email from the order just now. September 2017. Of course that happens, we know that, but, yeah, less than half price a year on.

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      Yeh crazy prices on all storage at the moment. BTW you can find it cheaper here for $64.50


      tell me about it eh
      a year ago bought ssd's from kogan with shipster, had to go on ebay and buy 2 kogan vouchers, grab a referral code from someone and then sign up for an extra $10 off and then wait for the ssd itself to go on special
      and now they're cheaper straight off ebay at like 66% of the original price i got them for

      why do i even try so hard, they'll probably start giving them away for free next year (month)

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        Probably won't be giving them away but some analysts are saying another 50% drop in prices is happening during 2019.

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      I bought a 512mb xD Card for $150 in 2003. I will never forget…

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        I still have a 32mb compact flash card I paid around that price for here somewhere. I thought it was a crazy good deal at the time because only a year earlier I bought an 8mb card for the same price. At the time I remember thinking, I really want that 128mb card, but sheesh, that’s a weeks wages!


      You can revisit this page in 2019 and it will be much cheaper!

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    Since the last deal $6x for 2 micro sd card,each 200GB…I never buy one again before the deal back

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    SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB UHS-II for $127.20. Great for new DSLR or mirrorless cameras that support the UHS-II memory, such as the recently posted A7R-III. For comparison DigiDirect are selling them for $209.00.



      That's the first card I've seen that actually goes fast enough to need the UHS-II bus, with the extra contacts. Up to 247MBytes/sec write speed, according to here:

      That article also has a pic showing the extra row of contacts on the back of the card.

      Also has benchmarks showing what speed it achieves when put into a device that only supports UHS-I, write speed drops to 95Mbytes/sec.

      But for anyone wanting to put this card in a camera, I don't think you'll get high-speed performance. In a camera, each photo is a couple of Megabytes in size, and the benchmark test closest to that is "Random Write 512KBytes". For small files like photos, the write speed is about 3Mbytes/sec, much slower, and could easily be handled by a card with a UHS-I bus.


    Ok, so what sort of uses would these memory cards be used for? Video on a GoPro camera? Mobile phone photos/video? 360 camera? DJI Osmo Pocket?
    Any help appreciated.

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      4K video is a primary use, and these can also be used for transferring data. For example, if you have a heap of ripped movies sitting on a NAS, and you are going on holidays and want to take some movies with you, it's a lot faster to fill a high-speed card than a low-speed card.

      Also, if you are taking a lot of photos or video while on holidays, you can back them up quickly to one of these. All you need us a USB card reader, and borrow someone's computer or laptop. You could also backup to a portable HDD, but they are much more easily damaged during holidays, and more bulky too. An SD card can live in your wallet or purse.

      At this price, they are only a little more expensive than a low-speed card. If you've ever had to wait an hour for some files to finish copying, you'd be willing to pay a small premium to reduce that time.

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