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Domayne 1-Day Sale on Tonight. 22" AOC Screen for $99 and 8 Gig USB - $8


Just looked in the paper and thought this was a good deal. Its not on the website from what i can see. Only for tonight (11th April)
Its an AOC 22 LCD
Cheapest on ebay is about $160
Can't find the monitor in umart or gamedude to compare
8 gig USB toshiba for $8 seems fairly good as well

EDIT: The special was advertised for the Domayne 29-45 Ashmore Rd Bundall store. Not sure if it will be in other locations.

** Friend who went to the store said the AOC is sold out however they are now putting another monitor on special. Acer 21.5' S221 for $130 (normally $350) This monitor is FULL HD **

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    Here is a photo i took of the page

    NB: Sometimes the link doesn't work the first time. Just close the tab and try again.


      When you use Tinypic, always post the "Direct Link For Leyouts"

      LIKE THIS… http://i56.tinypic.com/2jfhl6r.jpg

      That way, only the picture displays, not the whole page, adverts, mess, etc

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    Tonight or today?

    What time?


      It just said till 9pm tonight.


    what other monitors do they have for sale?


    Wonder how much shipping is?


      if you buy on line its $148 (Without shipping)which wouldn't make it a bargain =p


    OK just bought this monitor…they have at Canberra. So it seems these specials apply store wide.

    Hope this monitor doesn't suck too badly. lol

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    OK, 1680X1050 22" not full HD (old model), if pay around $80 more I can get a 23.6".

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      yes you're right. Its not Full HD so not the best if you watch blue rays or want higher res from games but still a good deal. Paying almost double for an extra 1.6" inches and higher res may not be worth it for some people.


    could you use it with this?


      Possibly if you can print out the voucher and take it in the store. Special is not on-line, only in-store