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Sony XAVAX1000 6.2" Media Receiver with Bluetooth $279.30 @ JB Hi-Fi


Have been eyeing this particular model for a couple months now and this is the cheapest price I've seen it at.

There is also the 6.95" Sony XAVAX5000 model for $397.60… https://www.jbhifi.com.au/gps-car-audio/car-multimedia/sony/...

Edit: As some ozb’ers have confirmed in the comment section, the AX1000 only supports CarPlay (no Android Auto), whereas the AX5000 supports both. The JB Hifi description is incorrect.

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  • Towards the bottom of the description it lists Android Auto as a feature

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    A bit confusing to me

    Key Features

    6.2" Colour Audio Visual Touchscreen


    Android Auto

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    3 x Pre outs and Rear USB

    Reverse Camera Ready

    It says Android Auto as well

  • Can you plug a usb with songs on it into the front of this model to listen to music?

  • These are insane prices for these units.

    I got the XAVAX3000, which is very similar to the XAVAX5000 but only 1 USB port. Awesome head unit but beware my 3000 model did not have an AUX port so if you’re wanting to buy the 5000, double check it has an AUX port.

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      No aux port on the 5000

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    Picked up the 5000, thanks so much for this deal. Now just got to figure out how to hook this up to my 2011 Mazda 3… Cant be too tough… I hope 😂

    • No doubt you have worked through this already (I meant to respond when I saw this the other day), but I thought I would share what I found out when organising a new head unit for my brother's Mazda 3 (2009-2013 model) for Christmas.

      The key thing you require is a replacement Facia kit. The key company which seems to supply these are Aerpro. From what I read, the facia's are designed for left hand drive vehicles (so the fit isn't perfect), but it sounds like it works ok.

      The next part is the cabling. The head units do come with a harness which you can directly solder to the car cabling, but this is messy and makes it difficult to 'return to factory'. You can also get harnesses which go from the factory connector to cables which can be soldered onto the harness which comes with the head unit.
      I went with the even easier option of buying a harness which went from the factory connector to an ISO (standard) connector, and then bought another harness which goes from the ISO connector to the stereo connector which reduces the soldering required.

      Aerpro sell a kit (CHMZ3C) which includes almost all this (Facia, car harness and steering wheel control adapter). It isn't cheap, (RRP is $200, I picked it up from eBay in a %age off sale). I then got a head unit to ISO harness for another $20 from eBay.
      A key expense here from what I could determine is the steering wheel control adapter, so it is work considering if you need this or not…

      In the end, this was all theory for me (the car was written off a week before Christmas, so the gift was never given and install never took place), but I had received all the kit, and it all appeared like it would work as expected.

      Good luck with the install!

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    Just clarifying, I own this great headunit and it does NOT support android auto, only CarPlay.

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      you need any harness for steering wheel control?

    • I would be so pissed buying this to find it that it doesn't support Android Auto

  • Almost bought the AX5000 last week but went for the JVC 740bt instead because of the AV in (able to mirror an iPhone). Other than that, this would have been the go to unit!

    • The JVC V940BW unit from Frankies about 2 months ago was one ripper of a deal. Unfortunately I missed out (pulled the trigger too late and no stock left). Was $389 including postage. As you mentioned, it had screen mirroring, but also whilst outdated, I think a CD Slot is also handy. The JVC Unit had both, but the normal price is north of $600 now. The only drawback is the screen - quite glarey in the sun and almost useless at some angles from what I observed in my friend's car. Not sure if Sony is any better.

  • that's an insane price for the AX5000! It deserves it's own post!

  • Thanks! Awesome deal, bought the AX5000, have been looking at it past few months… Merry Christmas!!

    Now to get it into my Suzuki Swift 2010 which I know works with this unit, thanks to Youtube!

  • How do I make sure it will fit for my car ?

  • Also purchased the AX5000. Can someone link me to a cheap decent reverse cam?
    According to aerpro.com
    I need a CMOS Pick up Reversing Camera?

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    Just saw this video on youtube for the XAV 1000 model, and the reviwer shows android auto and maps work fine with this model, only caviot is your phone needs to be connected to the unit via Usb.

    Link - https://youtu.be/YSCn5BWnCRA

    • That's the 100 not the 1000

      • My bad. Thanks for the correction. So is it possible to make it work with Android Auto by using some connector? And how much will that be for?

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          Don't think so. Get the 5000 for Android auto.

          JB should refund I suspect due to the listing error if you have already purchased

  • Dang! If I could only get a dual-din in my dash!!! Grrrr I needs a Bluetooth head unit with features like this.

  • Does this fits in my Toyota Yaris 2012 5 door?

    • Yes it will, I literally just installed a XAV3000 model in Yaris 2012 YRX, which has a double din head unit. You will also needs need ears to fill the gap as Toyota head units are wider than the universal head units and if you have steering wheel controls, you will need a special adapter to fit into the Sony head unit. Mine works a dream.
      Will also substantially improve the sound of the stock speakers

      • Hi, would you know the model of the adapter for the steering wheel controls? Thanks

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          • @xeno85: Thanks. Will I need a Toyota to iso cable/plug as well (with the Aerpro APP9SP4 cables above)? Or did you cut & join the wires?

            Would you have a link to the model of the "ears" you mentioned above?

            Did you need a facia?

            Thanks & A Happy New Year!

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              @ash7503: Hey mate, the link below are the ears I used. I wanted the additional USB charging port. You can get similar ears that don’t have any ports though.
              I didn’t need any other facia panels or need to replace original Yaris facia.
              I had a professional connect all mine up and saw him doing some cable work, so you may need to. I was too scared to mess with the steering wheel controllers myself…

  • Anyone reckon you could get a price match at sca on the xavax5000? $698 vs $397…

  • Which SatNav app will it work with for navigation? I have Earth Map Pro offline maps on my phone, but the app isn't designed for navigation (when compared to Garmin/Navman features like lane assist, speed limit display etc.). I have ended up buying this Garmin for $236 (a bargain in its own right) but will return and buy this head unit if it has guts to do some decent navigation.

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      Unless the app works via Carplay or Android Auto - you won't be able to run it directly on the headunit.

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    Tested the xav1000 instore and AndroidAuto didn't work. But they gave me the xav3000 for $279.30 so all good.

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      mind uploading a receipt? thats a great deal