What Did You Get for Christmas?

Time to share what you got for Christmas.

I'll start, I'm getting old so I got clothes only.


    • Thats a bargain!

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        Double demerits - two for one what a bargain

    • Farout I drove past a fancy new BMW undercover Highway Patrol doing 64 in a 50 zone and he didn't even bother.

      It was a county town, not sure if that means a lot but thank christ he kept driving

      • Wasn't on the Castlereagh highway was it? I swear I spotted one of them but couldn't be sure.

        • Haha yep. I was on my way back from Dubbo to Sydney

          • @Xiaomi: Yep I know exactly the ones you were speaking of. I drove Mudgee to Sydney on Friday before Xmas and got breathalysed twice along that road (mind you I've never been done in sydney). Love their police.

  • Just thankful I didn't get yet another frigging mug from my in-laws!

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      Or get mugged by the outlaws

      (discrete reference to bikies as they have not yet been mentioned in this forum post)

      • What you did there. I see it.

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    Air Hockey Table and a bottle of Jack.

    Put them together and I had a shitload of fun yesterday

  • A crappy respiratory virus picked up at the airport for free.

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      Hope you feel better

  • Mum got me a new nike school bag, and I bought my self a MCM wallet :)

  • A day off work

    • To some that's plenty.

  • Barefoot investor (already owned and read), hitman 2, coinbox, clothesline.

  • Sickness.

  • my long awaited ozbargain t shirt, coffee mug, fridge magnet, car air freshener and membership card

  • Highlights were a TWS watch and Sinuous Ravage kit.

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    Nothing, I earn the most out of my family :(

    Here's what I spent though

    $111.20 Sony SRS-XB31 from here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/423901
    $300 worth of Dinners
    $150 Gift Voucher
    $100 worth of small gifts

    $661.20 all up :D

    Not including the $298 S3 Gear that I got for myself

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      Good job, Santa!

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    I got fat

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    Two books, chocolates, gift card, dress, and lots of love 🎄😊.

  • Nothing..

  • Wine cats

  • got 6 demerit points :(

  • Ferrero Rochers

  • a couple of mugs to drink coffee/tea from

  • Nothing. Which doesn't actually bother me at all, on the contrary, I hate getting crap presents and have to pretend to be grateful for them.

  • shoes, the ultra running type

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    A personalised pen telling me I’m going to be an Aunty!

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      Better than one telling you you're going to be a mother.

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    Sennheiser 6XX's from Massdrop - F***in' Mint Sound

    • did you get an amp as well?

  • nothing I really wanted.. but I wasnt expecting much anyway so i guess it's okay

  • h**kers and blackjack

    • why did you blot out 'hackers'?

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        He blotted out hawkers.

        • apparently it's not appropriate

          • @h4zey: Hawkers are only allowed in the classifieds.

      • U sure it wasn't hookers?????

        • Surely not, that'd be too crass for this classy forum.

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    Bought myself a new car, plus got a nice C. Dior perfume bottle:) and a nicely fitted shirt

  • Nothing :/

  • A credit bill

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    Junk wrapped in junk.

  • A CD (Like a Version) and an IOU

    And I'm not even old 😢

    Although I'm of the opinion that 90pct of gifts suck because if I want something I'll buy it.

  • my credit card bill $6000

  • DJL Spark

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    Better question is what did you give?

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  • Stand out gift I got was a Sunbeam 12 Cup Drip Filter Coffee Machine. First drip coffee machine I've owned. 7/10 taste, 10/10 volume.

    Yet to get a proper drip type grind since I have been using espresso thus far.

    • With similar drip machines we only use ground Harris Espresso. Pretty fine grind, so you get some slurry using mesh filter, not so with paper. Usually $17 for 1kg block at Colesworths.