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Free Google Home Mini When You Join eBay Plus ($49)


Free Google Home Mini Terms and Conditions

The Google Home Mini promotion is available if you:

  1. sign up for a free 30-day trial of eBay Plus by accepting the Google Home Mini offer during the Promotion Period via this link and then pay the annual Plus membership fee on the day following the conclusion of the free trial period; or

  2. have completed a free 30-day trial (and ceased receiving all eBay Plus benefits) and then rejoin eBay Plus via the link and pay the annual Plus membership fee, (each a “Giveaway Qualifying Condition”).

  3. If you satisfy either of these Giveaway Qualifying Conditions, you will receive a Google Home Mini, a smart speaker with the Google Assistant built in, unless you advise eBay Customer Service on the day you sign up that you do not want the Google Home Mini.

  4. The Google Home Mini will be shipped to the primary Australian address specified in your eBay account within 7 days of eBay receiving your membership fee in accordance with section 3.1 or within 8 working days of 23:59 AEDT on 8 January 2019 in accordance with section 3.2 above. If you do not have an Australian primary address specified, you will not be eligible to participate in this giveaway and receive a Google Home Mini.

  5. For the avoidance of doubt, if you sign up for a 30-day free trial during the Promotion Period and then cancel your eBay Plus membership during the 30 day free trial period, you will not be eligible to participate in this giveaway and receive a Google Home Mini.

Original eBay Plus - Unlimited Deliveries & Returns on "Plus" Items for $49 Annual Fee Deal Post thanks to syba.

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  • +43

    I still havent had much benefit from my ebay plus membership

    • +7

      Me neither. I'm going to cancel it next year and join Prime instead – I've almost already saved the membership fee in saved postage from the 30 day trial alone.

    • +1

      I've had two very painless returns through eBay Plus. One was a change of mind after the same product came up cheaper on OzB. The other was a poorly packaged and damaged product during delivery.

      • +6

        EBay and PayPal returns are pretty easy anyway

      • What extra benifit did eBay plus give you for the returns?

        PayPal covers the return cost for free if you paid with PayPal.

        • +1

          You get refunded straight away to your account once it's delivered back to seller.as long as its eBay plus. Normal seller it's at their discretion

          • @neonlight: Thanks.
            I thought that's how it worked on all returns, I must have always had fast sellers.

      • I agree with you. I returned a DOA synology NAS free of charge and painless refund.

        Postage and customer service was worth the $29 I paid.

        However I wouldn't subscribe after it expires because offers are poor. Only good to protect yourself when buying expensive items

    • Just by being able to choose the same product with cheaper pricing when offering free shipping for ebay plus only, has got me my money back. The three months of Stan has been a bit of a bonus.

      I have made one return which got my money back as soon as they were able to verify the item had been received by their carrier.

      Sure the value is not as obvious as Amazon Prime where a few purchases along with the streaming makes it a no brainer, but I suspect a lot of those complaining have at least seen a substantial value against what they have paid for Plus.

      • Like I suggested only good if you buy from plus sellers and items are expensive. Or return postage costing heaps due to weight

  • +8

    I foresee many Google Home Minis being sold on eBay and Gumtree.

      • +1

        Aliexpress is for amateurs…

        • +1

          Alibaba is for qty.. any other tips or are you a wish.com person lol

      • +4

        nothing is express in Aliexpress.

    • +2

      What do yu mean 'hooked in' ?

  • +11

    Thinking of canceling my plus membership ..no real benefit

    • Give me free Stan or Netflix than I will reconsider

  • -1

    So I can make a dummy account, sign up for 1 month free eBay plus, get google home mini and cancel account?

    • Or do I need to pay $49?

      • +6

        I think you need to pay $49 to get your mini.

        • You need to pay the $49 after the free month to get Google Home Mini. I got mine from doing so.

          • @brio88: So after a month the google mini p[rices will probably drop again

            • @asa79: This isn't the first time they've run this promo.

        • $47 is notmal price now in bunnings

      • It's in the terms and conditions

    • You wont get it till you pay the $49 fee

  • +2

    Just signed up yesterday to 3 months trial.

    • I can't see that deal - where is it?

  • +3

    can we pay membership with ebay gift card?

  • +4

    I never got my Google Home mini after months of waiting from their offer, eventually they called me after multiple delays & were going to give me a voucher to buy directly from a seller but also gave me the option of getting a $50 voucher on any purchase. I went with the $50 voucher & bought something else, already had a Google Home Mini anyway

    • +2

      They sent my Google Home Mini to an address I haven't lived at in 12 years, I don't know where they even pulled the address from.

      They then told me they would update me when they posted the replacement. Never happened.

      I asked them about a voucher for the value as I already have 2 echos and 2 google home mini. They came back and said no dice, go purchase google home mini from this address and will then allow you to purchase FOC.

      I gave up

      • It really is awesome. I have used my various histories many, many times. It has been great I have even been thinking of turning back on some advertising if they can properly make use of my data.

  • Waiting for the T&Cs to change & screw everyone over again.

  • Nice free extra stalking device for your home

  • I have got both google mini and ebay plus. Both have been utterly useless consumerist crap.

    • +1

      Google mini is useful if you if are perpared to invest in home automation

      Otherwise its $50 odd to tell you the weather without having to look at your phone..

      • +1

        It's a decent music player for small rooms bedrooms etc as well.

      • Maybe you should try a little research on what you can do with them?

        A lot of people have found that the morning "How's my day", has changed their day.

    • The google mini is great once you know how to use it to assist

      Hey google kids bedtime. Sets night lights and start nightime music on kids minis. Better then manually doing it on each speaker and each light.

  • +1

    Odd, it’s saying I’ve already accepted a google home mini, I haven’t .

    • I'm getting the same message…

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