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Baseus USB Lightning Cables '50% off': e.g. 0.5m Cable $1.49 USD (~ $2.11 AUD); 2M Cable $2.49 USD (~ $3.53 AUD) @ AliExpress


Moderate discount on these lightning cables - only cheaper price has during 11/11 sale. Great to stock up if you need backup cables - these are the (second?) top selling chinese lightning cable brands on Ali.

USB-C also on sale, starting 0.5M for $1.79.

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    • Yeah after many years buying stuff like this I've found that MFi costs so much that every seller claiming to MFi is just falsely advertising. I've messaged some and they've even said 'No certification but our product is 'made for' iPhone don't worry'.

      • Yeah. Not worth it, buy an mfi one and it'll outlast the non mfi one

        • Yeah each to their own risk preferences.

          My principle (which has worked so far) is that MFi is a very expensive certification that guarantees the cable complies to Apple's specs. Non-MFi doesn't have that reassurance but I get the value back through a cheaper cable - just need to figure out trustworthiness the hard way.

          C.f. http://appleapple.top/how-to-choose-a-quality-and-affordable... where a few cables were even better than Apple's own.

  • I wonder which brand is best-selling on Aliexpress

    • I find ugreen lightning cables are the best on Aliexpress. They are genuine MFI certified and has sold over 30k units with excellent reviews.

      They are more expensive but well worth it compared to these cheap knock offs that becomes junk after a few weeks.

  • Can't see anywhere saying the usb-c has the correct 56ohm resistor. Can anyone else confirm/see?

    • You don't need to worry about it for USB-C to lightning. That is for Apple devices so neither Benson nor Nathan review that type of cables.

      However, if you read the specs carefully, that cable does not support USB-PD. It only supports 5V 2.4A (thus not needing USB-PD support). It is pretty dumb to get that cable as it offers no advantage over the USB-A to lightning cable included in the phone.

      As for the USB-C to USB-A cable, if in doubt, assume it has the wrong one. Basically, only use it on a phone that supports QuickCharge if you want to be really safe. For most phones, even the ones requiring USB-PD, it should still be okay. Just don't use it on laptops or desktops USB-C ports.

  • Bought a short 20cm-30cm Baseus usb to lightning cable for a gift mainly for charging, and did not work at all with a iphone 7 plus.

    Even if not MFI certified, should it not still charge ( maybe without showing an icon/indication on phone )? Not sure if these are better?

    • Definitely should charge as if genuine - I've hooked my whole family on these incl. iPhone 7. Message the seller straight up and they'll usually send you a replacement or refund but that is worrying.

      Are you getting the accessory notice?

      • Thanks for response. I did not see what happened, it was for my sister in different city. She gave it back to me, so will try in other apple product ( have access to apple ipad mini ) to test.

  • 27 Feb approx arrival????

  • wish they came in blue :(