expired Dell Inspiron 15 7000 7580: i7-8565U, 15.6" FHD IPS, MX150, 8GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, W10 Pro - $1,178.98 @ Dell


Currently 40% off. Not as sexy as XPS, but it is a total savings of $920. You can also get this with W10 Home but the saving will only be about $40 because this code will not be eligible for that model (needs to be replaced with a lesser code). Not worth it IMO because the price difference is normally $111.

Dell Advantage coupon to be issued ~$59.

Don't forget to try your luck with either Cashrewards (7%) or Shopback (5%/11%). I have gotten it tracked though Shopback with this code.


8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8565U Processor (8MB Cache, up to 4.6 GHz)

Windows 10 Pro (64bit) English

8GB, 8GBx1, DDR4, 2666MHz

512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive

15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-glare LED Backlight Non-touch Narrow Border IPS Display

NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 with 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory

3-Cell Battery, 42 Whr (Integrated)

EDIT: Deal extended.

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    Bought one of these for my mum as part of the previous black friday sales. Can confirm that the MX150 GPU that comes with this laptop is the original, and more powerful "1D10" version. This makes it broadly comparable with a desktop GT 1030 DDR5 which can easily handle esports titles at 1080p, and AAA at lower resolutions.

    Nvidia quietly released a 2nd, slower version of the MX150 (1D12) earlier this year which is used in some ultrabooks (such as the Lenovo T480s). There is no way to tell which version is used without testing the device. Given the performance gap is between 20-25% due to much lower clock rates, it's important to check reviews.

    More info: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Nvidia-has-been-sneaking-in-sl...

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      Good to know. Though I don't expect a whole lot from the MX150 regardless.

      Btw, I was able to get $209.90 tracked from Shopback, making this $969.10 if they honor it. Not bad. And there's some left over DA credit for a case or other accessory later.


        How did you get $209.90 from Shopback?


          No idea.

          It is based on 11%, but the percentage ended up being more than 11%.

          On the weekend I bought a laptop at 4% cashback but the amount they tracked was less than that.

          Seemed a bit random. You win some, you lose some.


            @lostn: it's based off the amount before discount (RRP) and GST


              @clintyip: Well that's even better then.

              When I bought an XPS 15, it's base price was $2899 but I paid $2106. The cashback was meant to be 4%, but I ended up getting only $79 which is only 2.7% of the pre-discounted price. Even if based on the discounted price, it's still only 3.75%.

              So there is some other factors going on here.

              But anyway, I'm super happy if they actually pay $209.90 in cashback for this model.


        That is definitely an awesome price after cash back!

        As for the 1D10 MX150, it does surprisingly well for gaming. It is on par with the previous gen GTX 950M (the chip found in entry / mid level gaming laptops a couple of years ago) but runs much cooler.

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      I noted this has USB-C (PD) - do these charge from here at all, or is it only by Dell power pack?


      how is LENOVO E580 with the same specs to this DELL?

      can have sure 14% off from shopback


    With ENGINEERS5OFF it brings down the price to 1139


      I wasn't able to combine both codes. ENGINEERS5OFF will override EPP80 and I end up with $1,196.03.

      You almost gave me a heart attack!

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      That's Windows 10 Home.

      I did mention that it is $40 cheaper than the Pro model. But Dell normally charges $110 to upgrade to Pro. Why not upgrade it if it's only $40-odd extra?


    Use the above link and it's the same laptop - $60, sorry for the heart attack


    I mean with ENGINEERS5OFF


    Anyone know # of SODIMM slots and if there is a spare spot for additional SSD?



      Looks like it has 2.5 HDD and M.2

      I'd take a stab that it has dual SODIMM slot as well.


        Awesome, definitely shows HDD/SSD, no confirmation of 2x RAM slots though. So hard getting specs now.

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      Can confirm it is 2x SODIMM slots. Purchased this unit during Black Friday sales and added an additional 1x8gb ram in the 2nd slot.

      Can also confirm it has a spare 2.5" bay as only the M.2 slot is occupied. I kinda wish they did away with the 2.5" bay in this spec to accommodate a larger battery.


        That's reserved for the XPS15 range. You can get a 97WH battery with FHD screen


          Should at least be a cost option in this Inspiron spec which has the 512gb SSD.

          Right now it's literally an empty metal bracket and unused space. There are even screw holes for mounting a larger sized battery but it's not possible to make use of it.


        Awesome, thanks for the confirm.


    How does it compare to the 7586 2 in 1? https://www.dell.com/en-au/work/shop/cty/pdp/spd/inspiron-15...
    I know the above looks better, I saw it at JB Hi-Fi. How about performance though and how's does the display compare?
    Anybody can comment? Any experience? Thanks


      The 2 in 1 will have a glossy touch screen and cost significantly more. Though at least this one doesn't use a Y processor.


      Performance wise they should effectively be identical, though the 2 in 1 has double the RAM (16GB).

      Not sure how the display compares other than the fact that the 2 in 1 will have a touch screen.


    Hi is either the code EPP80 or ENGINEERS5OFF work with cashrewards? When I entered the discount code ENGINEERS5OFF the price goes to $1998…???


      You might not be selecting the correct model. Or you modified the configuration.

      I don't know about Cashrewards. No one seems to have tried it.

      Shopback has 11% discount on this model and it will track. This is better than CR's 7%.


    Thanks, bought one on behalf of a friend.


    Hey guys, How good is this for video editing?


    Thanks OP. For anyone's future reference:

    I purchased using EPP80, and $209.90 cashback tracked ~30mins later with shopback's 11% for 'business' customers.

    I will confirm in a couple months if the full amount is credited to my shopback account. The deal may end up being locked for replies, so PM me if I don't reply to this comment.

    I did enter a company name and ABN to be safe, but I get the feeling just being in the "for work" section satisfies the business cashback. Some products are exactly the same, but listed twice in the "for work" and "for home" sections. (Check start of the URL: https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/ = home - VS - https://www.dell.com/en-au/work/ = work)

    The $209.90 cashback was calculated on the pre-discount price, excluding GST.

    Original price: $2,098.98. Divide by 11, then multiply by 10 to give ex-GST price of $1,908.16. Multiply by 11% cashback to equal $209.90.

    So we end up with $2,098.98, less $840 cash (~40%) boxing day sale discount = $1,258.98.
    Less $80 coupon code = $1178.98. Less $209.90 cashback = $969.08 final price.

    It appears to be quite a decent laptop, aside from the battery life. I figured this wouldn't be a major issue, given advancements in power banks. Online reviews suggest the laptop has power delivery enabled on its USB C port, so I'm guessing the laptop could be charged using a power bank. Dell themselves offer to bundle the laptop with one of their own power banks, which are quite expensive. Now I'm having a hard time figuring out if a better value, third-party power bank could be used instead. Might have to wait until it is delivered for some more information written on the power supply.


      I did enter a company name and ABN to be safe, but I get the feeling just being in the "for work" section satisfies the business cashback.

      That's what the Shopback rep said. It appears some laptops are considered for business use (such as this one) and others are not. Not sure how they decide that.

      Some products are exactly the same, but listed twice in the "for work" and "for home" sections.

      Ah, well in that case, may as well shop in the "for work" section if 11% is still on.

      Dell themselves offer to bundle the laptop with one of their own power banks, which are quite expensive.

      Use the $69 26800mah 60W power bank from Kogan. I can confirm it is the real deal. It charges my XPS 15, which has a 130W charger. While I'm just using it for light use, the charge increases. It's actually very fast. This is amazing value for money and charges very fast, even though 60W doesn't meet the XPS15's charging requirements. I expected it to slow charge, or discharge while using but it actually charges as long as you don't do anything crazy. Otherwise you can go for a Cygnett 27000mah PD power bank which is also 60W. That costs more though. The cheapest I've seen it is $119 on an ebay 15% off sitewide deal but stock is always very limited.

      Btw, you will get a 5% coupon, so about $59 that you can use towards buying accessories like a power bank if you're inclined. I did this last time buying their 65Wh power bank that charges at 65W at full price, but a few days later it went on sale. I claimed the price protection from Dell as well as the price protection from my credit card (double price protection), and after the Dell Advantage Coupon and cashback ended up scoring it for pretty cheap.


        Thanks for the suggestion. The Kogan one looks decent. All I need to figure out is if the laptop will actually charge through its USB port.

        Also I don’t fully understand how volts/amps work with differing devices. Looks like the Kogan power bank can do 45W at 15V-3A and 60W at 20V-3A, among other lesser combinations. On page 18 of the laptop’s user guide it says the power supply outputs either 45W at 19.5V-2.31A, or 65W at 19.5V-3.34A. Which seems really random to me. Do the volts and amps of a power bank have to line up exactly with the device it is charging? If not, I’m guessing the Kogan power bank would deliver max 45W charging?

        I don't expect you to answer that btw, haha


          I don't know, but fwiw, XPS 15 charges at 60W with the Kogan charger. I don't see why another laptop wouldn't. I presume one of them adjusts the V and A accordingly.

          A charger will typically support multiple voltages and amps, so it doesn't have to rigidly adhere to one particular set.


        Do you happen to know if the ~$59 Dell Advantage coupon is automatically credited to my account, or was it something I was supposed to register for before purchase? From what I read before purchasing, my understanding is that it was something automatically sent to you (by email?) after a purchase.

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          It will be sent to your email as a coupon code 20 days after delivery. It has a 2 month expiry and it requires you to spend double the amount of the voucher. So if it's $59, you would need to spend $118 in order to be able to use it.

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      Received mine today, it charges via the USB C PD port. I am using a hub to charge it and it gives me a message it must be 65 watts, then it gave me another one saying it must be 27watts. I don't know what the USB hub it putting out but it's current at 38%. Update soon with % progress.
      5 minutes later it is 43% with 1 hour 15 mins to full charge


        Ooo, thanks for the heads up! I'm guessing the output it receives isn't too important given you're not trying to charge it through a power bank/hub whilst pushing the laptop to its limits, e.g. gaming at max settings.


          Yep just idle pretty much. he he. It basically just warns you if you do use it for more performance it will drain teh battery because it's not being powered enough. Logical I guess


        What's the specs of your hub? If it's 60W, you're only off by 5W. It should be no problem.

        You can disable that charging notification in the BIOS.

        My XPS 15 tells me I'm using a 60W charger when the laptop recommends 130W, and that charging will be slow but it doesn't say that it is below the minimum requirement.

        It charges quite fast while I'm on it for light use. If yours only requires 65W, it should be even faster. My battery is 97Wh which is significantly bigger than yours.


    The laptop build seems pretty good but there are some noticeable gaps between the case (around the bottom of the laptop) and the aluminium frame around the keyboard and trackpad. Very strange. I've asked teh question to Dell


      My brother bought one also and received it today. I took a look for what you saw and his unit didn't have any such gap. Definitely speak to Dell on that one. They are good with these things.


        Thanks for the confirmation!

        I also bought another 8gb stick of ram for $85 so I'll plug that in and it should go ok.

        Concern around battery life though, a full charge only showed me 3 hours battery life but I will update thepower plan to the Windows one (currently on the Dell setting) to see if this changes it


          It's 42Wh which is smaller than XPS 13. I believe the battery is small because it leaves room for a SATA drive. I'd rather have a bigger battery. But since you don't have one, may as well put that space to use and throw in a HDD.

          The screen is quite nice and bright.


        Hey, are you able to get some photos from your brother? Dell are giving me a hard time to replace it!

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