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Breville BES-920 Dual Boiler Coffee Espresso Machine $714.60 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Original PRIZE 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

Great machine, saw that TGG have this on-sale for $794 and when combined with the Sitewide 10% ebay discount it comes out at $714.60

Specs for the machine…

Height (mm): 377
Additional Features: PID Control, Pre-infusion, Integrated and Removable 58mm Tamper, Programmable Cup Sizes, Hot Water Option, Adjustable Temperature Control, Clock, Auto Start Option
Colour/Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel
Width (mm): 405
Depth (mm): 373
Milk Frother: Steam Wand
Type: Manual Coffee Machine
Pump Pressure: 15 Bar Pump
Water Tank Capacity: 2.5L
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years
Automatic Power Off: After 20 Minutes
What's In The Box: Coffee Machine (with Integrated Tamper), Stainless Steel Frothing Jug, Single wall filter baskets (1 & 2 cup), Dual wall filter baskets (1 & 2 cup), Water hardness test strip, Allen key, Cleaning disc, Y. Cleaning, Razor precision dosing tool
Includes Grinder: No
Heating System: Dual Boiler

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  • Good price, got it about a month ago for a similar price. Great machine!

  • This or the Barista Express?

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      This plus the smart grinder if your budget allows it.

    • Don't have any experience with the Express, but I've had the BES920 for about two years and am very happy with it. Does the Express have dual boilers? The dual boilers are great when you're trying to make more than one or two coffee's at once.

      • No it doesn't have dual boilers but it does have a built in grinder which would save some space in the kitchen.

        • Stay away from the express, it fails rather sooner than later, there is a valve I site which fails so you end up with shitty coffee due to under pressure. I had 3 of them and bought the 920 2 years ago. Happy days since than.

    • this is a far better machine

  • $640 in 2017!

    • Yeah - not the cheapest it's ever been, but a decent price and the cheapest price right now.

      • I waited long and hard but missed the recent sale in Nov that brought it down to $680ish. I don't think the planets are going to align anytime soon for the price to go down to $640. You need TGG to "sale" it at $800 AND 20% off ebay.

        I couldn't wait and bought it for $714.

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    We've had ours for 2 years was $1070 with the Breville grinder, great machine highly recommend. Been getting a work out this week with all the visitors.

    • How long does it take to steam the milk? I've got a BES870 and it takes a few minutes - I'm considering one that's quicker

      • Count to 30 perhaps. I will have to time it to be precise.

        • Agreed. Depends on how much milk. I usually use a 900ml pitcher and do two cups at once, about a minute.

          For one cup about half that.

          If you're really keen I can time it. Just let me know.

      • yeah i'd agree with 30ish, it's definitely not long - the frother on this thing goes like a rocket

      • Never timed it but my estimate would be between 30 and 60 seconds depending on how hot you want to make the milk.

      • I typically steam enough milk for about an 8 ounce coffee.
        There is a digital timer counting down the coffee extraction.

        I usually stop frothing the milk between 18-22 seconds, depending how hot I want my coffee. Extraction (for me) is set to 30 seconds.

      • I timed it today and 34 seconds it took for flat white textured milk cold from fridge, one cup of coffee worth.

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    Great machine and great price.

  • Yep, picked up this exact deal on boxing day. $714 seems reasonable looking at prices over the last few years. Was waiting for the price to be $799 with a 20% off Good Guys eBay, but alas, the price goes back up to 999

  • Nice machine.
    But if you don't need the dual boiler (not frothing lots of milk),
    its little brother the BES810 is currently $224 at BigW.
    Has most of the same features.

    • Not even in the same league… distant cousin at best

      • Megahowler,
        on the chance that you know precisely what you are talking about, why?

        What is the difference, other than what I mentioned?
        Seems to be the same core components, less bling.
        Same pump, same visual style, portafilter, same thermocoil PID heater. (PID temp control, pre-infusion, purge, …)

        The second boiler is the big substantial difference, and presumably people buying this machine want the feature.
        But was posting "FYI" for others.

        Also a third heater element in the head - not sure if useful or gimmicky.

        • Not the same components at all.

          Its a thermoblock to start with.. so less precise temp and pressure control.

          The one you have linked is a really entry level machine..

          Portafilter will be a 52-54mm at best.
          And possibly double wall

          The only things they have in common is they are both made my breville.. and they are silver

          • @Megahowler: Thanks for replying.
            The BES810 is described by Breville as a "Thermocoil" - is that the same as a "thermoblock"?
            The BES920 docs show a coil, but i see now it is not the same.
            But they do claim the same PID-controlled temperature accuracy. Isn't that what it is about?
            (I know the boiler is good for steaming).

            What is the importance of 54 vs 58mm portafilter?
            It came with single and double-wall baskets. Says the double wall are for pre-ground coffee, so I tossed those away :)

            You say "pressure control.". Sure? I see no sign of pressure regulation, same as every other electric espresso machine.
            Pressure is determined by the resistance of the grounds - tamping and grind size. No?
            The BES920 has a gauge which would assist in that.
            But if you are that serious about your coffee, get a proper manual press, not electric :-)

            What do you think of the new BES500?
            Has "ThermoJet heating system". Same pre-infusion and temp control. But has programmable dose control.
            Does have the 54mm basket you hate.
            I just want something to get consistent extraction.

            • +2 votes

              @manic: The BES920 is a double boiler. One for extraction, one for steam. Uses a 58mm portafilter - besides holding the right amount of grind this common size also allows you to change to after market tampers.

              The BES870 would be the model one step down. No boilers but uses a thermoblock. You can't pull a shot and steam milk at the same time. Steam is not instant, you have to wait while it builds up before using.

              I would suggest getting the BES920 + the smart grinder and be done with it. If you're on a tighter budget then get the BES870, it's still a good machine.

            • @manic: The BES500 doesn't even come with non pressurised baskets..
              and Thermojet? sounds like breville inventing new words to describe the same basic design.

              The Dual boiler has exactly that.. BOILERS.. as in a mass of heated water..

              All the Thermo "block" "coil" etc are a heat on demand system

              I've had most breville machines at one time or another.. during my coffee making journey

              The Dual boiler is what I'd consider the minimum requirement for consistent excellent coffee.. However it is still an appliance.. mostly plastic parts inside which are prone to failure and sometimes hard to replace.
              I had the BES900 (the former model to the BES920) many years ago.. and it was a great machine for me at the time..

              I decided to finally commit to a proper machine this year.. One I will most likely never need to replace.. also a machine that can basically be rebuilt from the ground up.
              ECM Synchronika with matching ECM grinder