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Blinkist for $62.99 USD | $99.37 AUD for 1yr 30% off RRP


So was hunting for a Blinkist deal and landed on an expired url but they were kind enough to redirect to another offer for 30% (talk about user expeirence and customer retention techniques).

I haven't set my mind yet to buy, but maybe helps someone who are fond of it!

Also any reviews on using the application would be great.

Wish you score more deals in New Year!

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  • i hear all the top CEOs use this.

    • Yeah I have heard that too, but recently read this and now keen to be on a membership where I would be able to read 2-3 books a day!

    • You learnt that in marketing?

      I doubt many CEOs use this given it seems to be pointless. Meaning you read a summary which is a bad way to learn anything.

      • I learnt it from their relentless marketing on my instagram feed.

      • App lets you listen to book summaries from their non-fiction library, usually around 15-20 mins each. Can be somewhat entertaining and informative, however the trade-off here being that you are unlikely to truly absorb those ideas of each book in a short audio summary.

        In November, I signed up to the 7 day trial, listened to a bunch then cancelled trial before the end. A month or so later during Black Friday they e-mailed me with a targeted offer of $39.95USD for one year (just over $55AUD at the time) and I took it up, paid via Paypal.

        Still doubtful that I'd pay full yearly price, but at 30 or 50% off it's OK to give a go.

  • Takes the "heart and soul" out of every book.

    I thought it may be because the books I listened to on this were just not interesting to me, but when I listened to the Blinkist excerpts for my favourite books they also seemed boring.

  • +1 for today's free read: Atomic Habits by James Clear – awesome guy!

    I've read the book; the Blinkist version captures <20%. As intended, Blinkist serves as an introduction or summary for the time-poor

    I am indeed a CEO, the CEO of my home