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Free $16 Canadian Club & Dry 4-Pack Voucher. Like Us @ Facebook


If you’re over beer, join the Canadian Clubhouse and refresh your drink on us. All you have to do is ‘like’ Canadian Clubhouse, Just like our facebook page, fill in a few quick details and you’re in. We’ll mail you a $16 Canadian Club & Dry 4-pack voucher free.

Join the Canadian Clubhouse! Open to all Australian residents over 18 years of age. You must be the legal drinking age in your country to view this page.

Offer valid for the first 5000 likes only.

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  • What is Canadian Clubhouse? Manufacturer of beer?

  • Nice one. I was No 2,056.

    I guess this is an 'alcopop': whisky & dry (ginger ale).

    They moved from Detroit to Canada to cope with Prohibition! :)

    • Can't work out how you know what number you were?

      I just signed up for a friend - not sure if the 2nd one will come through or not?

  • I can click like, enter my details, receive confirmation then unlike and repeat. Wonder if I will receive multiple (if any) vouchers? The total number of likes won't change by this method therefore nobody is disadvantaged (except for the promoter).

    • go for it - actually I don't think you need to unlike and like again … if you fill in for a different member of the household each time they tell you another coupon is on the way.

    • What do you mean "Receive confirmation"? Did you get an email (I didn't)?

      I didn't even bother "Un-Liking" - I just filled in the form a second time (use back button on the browser)

      • Sorry, no email for me either. This is what I see after clicking submit:

        Congratulations, you are now a member of Canadian Clubhouse!

        Your $16 Canadian Club & Dry voucher is On the House and in the post. You’ll also be among the first to hear about new Clubhouse competitions and giveaways.

      • you're right, the page appears to allow me (i didn't try) to re-enter my info without having to unlike the page and re-like it.

        although i did read one per person in the t&c's

        "receive confirmation" prob means on-screen confirmation. - whoops as above, beaten to it.

  • Where do you enter your details?

    • click the "on the house" tab, to the left of the page

    • HEY! I tried to help, but duplicated someone else's answer so blanked it to avoid wasting people's reading time … and someone negg'd my blank!!!

      The neggers should come out of hiding & account for themselves!!


      • They negged your comment about negging the blank. If you blank this one, will they neg it again?

        I just +'d you to balance ;-)

  • The only time I have ever wished I had a facebook =P

  • Purt thanks for the replies. Also the total number of facebook fans just reduced by 300 .. wtf?

  • i use fake facebook account to do this :) thanks alot i love this drink.

    wonder if i should try again with different name using same account.. or maybe not, dont want to ruin chance of receiving it.

    • I also used a fake FB account but of course couldn't use a fake address ROFL

      I signed up twice with different names and addresses - it doesn't seem to matter what your FB info is.

  • Im liking the fact that it is an EFTPOS type voucher, not some crappy paper one that the teller never knows how to use

  • i entered my dad using the same facebook profile so will see if we both get a voucher. hope so!

    btw how do you know what number you were??

    • I was only going on the number of likes … so not a good guide. But I think if you get that confirmation that they are sending you the coupon, you will be in their first 5,000.

  • I'm surprised by the amount of people on here that don't know what CC and Dry is

    1. PRIVACY. Unless entrants opt-out in accordance with the Promoter’s privacy policy and
      processes, their details and personal information in their entry will be entered into a database
      and the Promoter may use the entrants’ names, address, e-mail addresses, State/Territory and
      postcodes for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes (including sending the
      entrant electronic messages) and may disclose such information to third parties, including, but
      not limited to, agents, contractors, service providers, prize suppliers, affiliates, and as required
      regulatory authorities. A request to access, update or correct any personal information should
      be directed to the Promoter at its address set out below.
    • Pretty standard really.. Why do you think companies offer free shit? I'll give you a hint: its not because they're cool.

  • Thanks dude <3.

  • Sweet! Free booze! That I really like anyway! :D:D:D

  • Brilliant.

  • Thank you! Both Mum and I got in on time, here's hoping the vouchers get sent out safe and sound :o)

  • CC is a nice drink, for free it's going to be like bear grylls and piss

  • Brilliant. Got my freebie in the mail.

    It's upto 2300 something. Should be good for another 1-2hrs.

  • Thank you :)

  • thanks, it's up to 2,752

  • Yay snagged one, good post bro.

  • great post, even better that I love CC & Dry

  • NICE FIND!!!

  • thanx it's up to 3,200 get in quick people

  • From the T&C…

    "redeemable at selected retail outlets as a contribution to the purchase of Canadian Club from such retail outlet."
    So… what does that mean and where are the outlets?!

  • There's a catch.
    If you use any kind of 'funny' name for your Facebook account you won't get sent the voucher.
    Part of processing is they ensure the name you entered in the Join The Club form is in the active list of fans for the Canadian Club page on Facebook.

    So for those who are going like/unlike/etc trying to scam extras, you're out of luck.
    Doesn't stop those with 5,000 dummy accounts for playing Farmville/etc though.

    • Thanks very much for the tip - I'll have to risk my 11 year old opening the envelope before me then!

      (Only kidding neggas - no child has been harmed in my pursuit of a bargain.)

  • Thanks!

    Guessing at least some of the main retail stores will take the voucher…

  • I dont think the number of people that like the page are an accurate indicator of people signing up fot the voucher. ALOT of people seem to join, fill in the details, then unlike.

  • so what are you guys planning to get with the voucher, it can be used for any CC product.

    I will be going for the 4 pack of CC and Dry but was considering getting a 700ml bottle of CC if it was any good straight up..

  • So it's some type of eftpos card/voucher that you take into your local bottle shop?

  • So has anyone got the voucher today? I signed up a 4-5 hours ago but haven't got anything yet. Do they send you a confirmation email or anything?

  • Awesome, nice post!

    So I guess it depends on the price the bottleshop is charging? I mean, it won't be free if they're selling the 4-pack for more than $16. So essentially it's a gift voucher up to the value of $16. Can't complain =]

  • When I got a similar thing for Carlton Dry, they sent a prepaid eftpos card, and yes it worked anywhere for anything. I bought the beer for 14.90ish, and spend the rest of the balance on candy at safeway.

  • canadian club, what a top man… you rule

  • hope my voucher comes tomorrow so I can get some for the wweekend

  • damnit… the name I entered does not match my facebook name, do you think that they cross check it? (I read somewhere above that they do)

  • They've updated the Facebook saying those who got in early will be sent their vouchers over the next couple of days and hope to send them all within the next two weeks.

    • they said close to 5000 so some left -they have 4778 likes so looks like they will check if you are on the list

  • It will be annoying if myself at say, 'like' #4500 misses out on the freebie, because they processed the first #5000 'claims' (undermultiple emails but same fb account) which includes greedy ozbargain'ers.
    Making some large assumptions on the method there.

    • Yeah I don't agree with liking and unliking it. I used two legit FB accounts (mine and someone else's) to claim the freebies and I left the page liked.

      No joining and bolting for me!

  • Didn't work, something about the bar is closed?

    Oh well, easy enough to unlike them.

  • Bought a $60 24 can slab of Canadian Club and Dry cans tonight from Liquorland, Newcastle NSW. Shopkeep said this price ($10 off) would last until Wednesday. Hope my voucher arrives before then for a $44 slab.

  • anyone got the voucher yet?? taking a bloody long time

  • Apparently all the vouchers have been sent out last monday? Yet it seems like only a few people out of the 5000 have got theirs =\ hopefully will arrive monday. Lots of people questioning on their FB page.

  • sounds like a scam too me. if they were really sent last monday would definately have arrived by now…

  • according to facebook alot of people got theirs today. anyone from here?

    hoping that because i used my real name instead of my facebook name that i still get the voucher..

  • I just got my voucher in the mail today :)

  • still nothing here.. really hope that different facebook name didnt screw me up.

  • still waiting…very thirsty

  • i have been so eager to get this i love CC and Dry but never buy it because of the price. free 4 pack will go down nicely after i finish my essays for uni and can finally get back to relaxing.

  • Got two today. Me and my brother. yay. I wonder if I can use it for other things mwahahah.

  • did you sign up for the two from the same facebook and using different names??

    i signed up for two on the same facebook one using my real name and the other with the fake facebook name.

  • well that would be nice but it was because someone on here said they will check to make sure it is the same facebook name. originally I used my real name but then decided to submit again using the facebook name to make sure I would get the voucher.

  • Gots mine in the mail today… finally!
    Its an EFTPOS card that you have to activate online and then take to any liqour shop. Only valid with CC & Dry

    • EFTPOS card that you have to activate online and then take to any liqour shop

      that's awesome!

      • We don't know if it only for CC & Dry. I remember someone commenting about cards like these being valid for other purposes. That being said I am genuinely curious about Canadian Dry so I will just use the change for something else.

        • it can be used on any CC product. if you want you can get 700ml bottle or put it towards a case. if the cases are on special for $60 like last time I will buy a case. otherwise 4 pack for $15 sounds good, totally free that way.

    • Those "fake" printed conditions on the card (only valid for a purchase of CC Dry 4 pack blah blah) that don't actually mean anything in practise. It's just a disposable EFTPOS card with $16 on it that you can use anywhere.

      • Just out of curiosity, I tried it at Big W and Coles but it was declined by the machine. It could just be that they don't take strange EFTPOS cards.