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CHIQ U58E7 58" UHD LED TV $499 + Delivery Costs or Free Instore Pickup @ Bing Lee


Awesome price for UHD Smart TV with HDR capabilities. Comes with 3 year warranty + a bonus 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. Brand is not well known but any company willing to give 5 years warranty has something to prove!

RRP is $799, been meaning to buy this tv a for while now but luckily waited for a sale!

First time posting so any errors please let me know :)

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  • Anyone seen these in person? Is the picture any good?

    • yeah i havn't seen them in person yet as I live in Adelaide, no Bing Lee stores here so taking a risk with this one.

  • $400 is market price in China for a China brand 58" 4K LED TV

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    Used to be Changhong here in Australia

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    Sooo. https://www.productreview.com.au/p/chiq-u55g6.html

    2 reviews

    One is from Angela who gave it 5 stars and mentions that it has a premium build and the thin bezels makes viewing the tv amazing. She also drives an Audi. Why oh why would you bother with a no name brand if you drive an Audi.

    The other is from Andrew who says that the sounds awesome

    Based on those, you can't really go wrong :/

    • An audi A1 is cheap as f$/^

    • I'd trust their verified honest opinions.

    • +1

      that's the review for a different model dude

    • Why did she mention driving an Audi when reviewing a TV?

      • Maybe she meant she drives to Aldi.

        • I’d rather admit to that than driving a 4 ringed gas chamber hitler mobile.

      • She reviewed other products she has purchased, including an Audi

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    I actually used this as a commercial store display for a retail shop recently. It was facing a bright street and performed pretty well considering. It's hard to find a 58 inch TV nowadays if that's the specific size you're after.
    FWIW, it was running 24/7 for 3 months repeatedly playing a 2 minute video and it didn't die. It's a very 'dumb' TV and interface and remote feels cheap (no criticism, especially for the price), but a chromecast or HTPC fixes that.
    Stand is very robust made entirely of metal.
    That's all I got…

    • Just curious, did you hang it on a wall mount? I'd assume this would fit any normal universal wall mount but then again.. I've been known to assume too much ^_^.

      • It was inside a custom display but it has mounting options

        • Great thanks

    • I’m not a TV expert but I’ve never seen 58” inch before.

      Wouldn’t an odd size mean more cost for them ? Surely it would be easier/cheaper for them to get 55” panels ?

      • i think hisense had a 58 inch model out 2-3 years ago

      • Mounting holes are generally vesa so they are standard.
        For display these are WAY cheaper compare to display screens which cost around 5k for 55inch.

    • What's the refresh rate?

      • says 50hz on the binglee site, but can't find the rate on the official Chiq website. Hoping its higher than that lol

        • Yeah I like the smooth motion that > 100Hz provides.

          • @CVonC: For tv yes but for display screens 50hz is sufficient.

            • @Enjj0y: Yes and I would be using this as a TV not a display screen.

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    Link to register for the extra 2 years warranty

  • is there any manual for this? I'd like to see in-depth specs for refresh rate and HDR colour-bit 8/10 etc

    • err…you don't sound like the target demographic for this type of brand/item… it's damn cheap for what it is, if u want high spec and quality build and everything work perfect…theres Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic…

      • +1

        True, however I'd still like to know this information so I know exactly what it's capable of.
        Given the price it probably doesn't support 4k 60hz or 10bit colour however I still think Chiq should have this information available in the manual under specs on their website.

        They do not :(

        It's def great price though (And the warranty!)

    • Can't see it on their site, but I'm guessing the specs will be similar to the other UHD models. You can see those manuals here:

  • Which is better chiq or Aiwa https://www.target.com.au/p/aiwa-4k-uhd-tv-5-smart-televisio... .. Any reviews for Aiwa !?

    • They are quite different…

      Chiq vs Aiwa
      58” vs 50”
      50hz vs 120hz
      3 HDMI vs 2 HDMI
      Smart Apps vs Android 6.0
      Both claim HDR
      5yr warranty vs 12 months?

      On that spec list, the only thing that looks better to me is the 120hz refresh rate on the Aiwa. Hard to say how good the smart apps are on the Chiq and how well Android runs on the Aiwa.

      I’d go with the Chiq from Bing Lee.

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    Well… Pulled the trigger on this one. I'm not liking the closest store to Melbourne is in Wodonga (4hours away), but with delivery and the hope I'll never have to drop it back off, it should be fine… Right? :)

    • Fingers crossed mate. Would love to hear your thoughts once you get it. It seems impossible to find any real info on this TV. Personally I'd be interested to hear how well the built in apps work

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        Well delivery will be on the 14th so I'll post a review here after that.

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          I see another review was left below but now that I've had mine for about a week I'll put my 2 cents in.

          Noting that at the moment i've got no internet (new house, NBN, horrors, pain, hour in phone queue, etc.) so can really only comment on the FTA bit and the movies that I download on Netflix at work and play via HDMI..

          The FTA works fine, though the quality is fairly average. EPG isn't very quick to update the list so often it'll say "no information available" until you switch to the channel.. Sound is .. okay. It's bit flat but I normally use my Sony HT-XT1 which produces far better sound. When I hook my laptop up to the TV it works well and the quality is pretty good. I'd like to try to download a proper 4K movie to see what that looks like but haven't done that yet.

          All up it's a pretty sweet deal for the size but I guess that's mostly what you pay for. I haven't been able to explore the apps in the tv but once internet is going i'll hook up my XBOX as that'll be better most likely.

          My one real negative comment about the tv is about the remote. I find that it's not very responsive and find myself pressing a button 2/3 times sometimes before it actually takes it. Once I have everything set up I'll see if my Harmony universal remote can pick it up and replace it with that one.

          All up: great value for a fairly big screen. But do yourself a favour and get a separate sound system if you don't already have one.

  • I got this deal a day before it expired, Will drive just over an hour to pick it up. It's a Changhong tv, they re-branded(or created a new product line) there name. The delivery costs is pretty sad at $174 haha $499 + delivery and you are basically paying the normal price. Pickup is a pretty good deal. Add a Xiaomi box or an Apple TV to the mix and it's a pretty good setup.

    • theyve seem to bump up the delivery for this sale a little after it started, im getting mine delivered for only $52

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    Those who bought into this deal care to give a quick review.

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      I bought one, and for my use case, its good value for money.

      My setup:
      1. Xiaomi MiBox
      2. Pioneer 523vsx-k AVR + Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers
      3. Chiq U58E7

      I view all of my media through the MiBox (netflix, youtube, torrents). I never view FTA, so never use the inbuilt tuner, nor the TV's own apps (which seem to work fine, but boy are they slow). I also don't have a console, so don't care about gaming/input response time.

      I have the MiBox plugged directly into a HDMI port on the TV, and I have the output from the MiBox set to 4k2k60 (i.e. 4k, 60Hz). Sound is routed from the TV back to my AVR via optical SPDIF - the AVR is old, and only supports max 4k30, so its just used as an amp.

      * For the price, 4k HDR looks pretty good. Supports both 4k50 and 4k60, panel seems to be 4:2:0. I've only spent a few hours watching it, but I can't fault it visually, so far.
      * Sound from inbuilt speakers was … adequate. Not great, but it'd get you by until you get a soundbar.

      * FTA looks like ass. HD is watchable (but still not great), but SD channels look like a heavily compressed xvid from the early 2000s.
      * Inbuilt apps are painfully slow. Was still able to play 4k60 HDR material from youtube though.
      * Haven't tried any form of gaming, so not sure what response time is like.
      * No motion-blur reduction technology.
      * Nothing else fancy - interface is pretty bare bones.
      * Stand seems flimsy AF - 4 tiny screws support the entire thing.

      Summary: If you want a dumb panel for an existing AV setup, its not bad. If you want an stand-alone all-rounder (FTA, gaming, media), probably look elsewhere.

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