DWI Digital Cameras Closed for Business

I've bought HEAPS of stuff from these guys in the past.
Always had good service and good prices.
Although I'd been keeping an eye out for a new phone lately and noticed that their pricing was all over the place.


From memory eGlobal Central was their sister site and appears to be up and running.


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  • Where have you seen this? both their website and ebay store are up and running.

    • On their website? Great big message instead of the store.

      • I can assure you when I replied, the site worked correctly and I could add stock to the cart. That's why I wrote the reply. I do get the banner now.

  • Dear customers,

    We regret to inform you that after 17 years in business, DWI has closed its doors on December 31st, 2018.

  • Oh yeah, wern't they closing it down because of the added tax now have to pay?

  • eGlobal closed because of GST, they are the same company as DWI. I wouldn't be surprised if DWI goes next.

  • No complaints here. They had bad warranty policies.

    • And Australia has poor regulation that fails to make them accountable.

    • I'd beg to disagree. I've had positive experiences with DWI re warranty claims and their reviews at product review etc would suggest that they're one of the best grey stock shops around.

      Re eglobalcentral being affiliated - is there some evidence of this (keep on hearing that :)) . Even if they are, imho DWI has a much better warranty policy so would rather purchase from them.

  • Pour one out for DWI.

  • i guess people prefer to shop via ebay or amazon nowadays, compare to go directly to their own hosted website. people think they are shady, afraid the CC will got leaks, etc.

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  • Just received a message from DWI's ebay account saying their eBay shop is back in business. Not all is lost I guess