$50 Cashback on $36 Vaya 15GB Mobile Plan via Shopback


Similar to the Amysim deal. You get 5GB less, but you end with $4 extra in cash back and 30 days as oppose to 28 from Amysim.

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    Amaysim is prepaid.
    Vaya is a plan (credit check etc).
    Not really a fair comparison


    use coupon CUPON10VAYA for an extra 10% off on month to month plan

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      Hi hazard,

      We don't recommend this as this will likely void your eligibility for cashback.

      To ensure cashback is successful

      • Clickthrough ShopBack again if there's any error
      • Read Other Terms and Conditions below
      • Use only promo codes from ShopBack
      • You must order a new SIM (not a replacement SIM)
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    Vaya? No thanks.

    • +3 votes

      agreed, i'm still slightly bitter for the BS they pulled when they first got popular… kinda showed a bit of their true intentions.


      sticking with Jeenee and Aldi for my services

      • +1 vote

        Been with aldi and no issues with their customer service or billing. Now vaya on the other hand…Will never go back to them


        Current girlfriend is with Jeenee. They seem great.

        My experience with Vaya was a total wreck.
        They got me with a really cheap plan, then when they changed that plan (from $14 to $18) they let me stay on the $14 plan (seemed nice) but after 2 months they started charging me a $12p/m 'legacy plan' fee, which went unnoticed by me for to direct debit habit. Leaving them was even more headache.

        Treat Vaya like dodo

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    Just a reminder to avoid using an Adblocker for cashback services. Bought an Amaysim deal similar to this and couldn't get the cashback because it wasn't tracked.

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    FFS not another "deal" again. These guys - VAYA - are fn imposters and lying scumbags. Incompetent bunch of morons with no customer service ethos nor acumen. Don't even know where to start about the shirt I had to put up with these dimwits.
    Never fn EVER again.


    Just a warning they are post pay that mean you could get charge more if you use over. Also their billing cycle start on 1st every month that means if you start your plan when you got the sim your credit will get deduct proportionally then when you reach 1st of month you will have insufficient fund for next month then they will deduce what ever needed to cover full month

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    Amaysim owns Vaya and uses them to do the dirty work with the shoddy practices. This way they get to make money another way without taunting the Amaysim brand name.

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    My personal experience with ShopBack hasn't been great. (To be entirely fair, my experience seems to be isolated which is great news for the community)

    I've used CashRewards for years without drama, when the service is used correctly I always got my cash back. My problem with ShopBack was during their 20% Amazon deal recently. I spent up big, in some cases spending more than local prices to get the 20% cashback. I did everything right, cleared AdBlocker, cleared cart etc. Only 1 of my 3 purchases tracked correctly and unlike some who got paid in days (correct me if that statement is false) mine is finally updated to be coming on 07-February, months later. The delay doesn't bother me in fairness, it's not getting cashback on the other 2 purchases which has cost me $80 in cashbacks and a little more on prices I could have gotten less locally.

    We live and learn though. The highest % cashback won't lure me in future.

    STORE REP: One of your reps on 07/12/2018 requested Amazon order confirmation emails, I forwarded everything and have not heard anything since. It's the holiday season, I get that, perhaps some communication might have been helpful but it's all good. Have written off any hope of getting those remaining cash backs and taken it on the chin. No hard feelings from me and I hope I'm the only one who had this problem.


      I don't think any cashback gets paid in days. They probably got tracked in days.


      Hi Click_It,

      Understand your experience might not have come up to your expectations, but we'll do another follow up on your query for the Amazon offer - not going to let this one slip.

      As for getting cashback paid in days, this isn't true for most stores. The stores for cashback to turn confirmed the quickest would be for Uber and Ola. It often takes months for other stores because they wait it out till their returns/cancellations/exchange periods have passed to then pay on the commissions to us. It doesn't make sense for a store to pay commission on an order that's been cancelled for example.

      Otherwise if they pay us in a few days before these periods lapsed, the system could easily be taken advantage of with people buying and cancelling orders to milk as much cashback as they can.


        Makes sense re cash back times. When people said they got theirs back within days they must be meant "pending" stage. The 1 of my 3 also went to pending pretty quickly. I'm used to waiting months, iHerb comes to mind, I think they can take 6-9 months. The way I use my cash backs is Christmas each year so up to 12 months doesn't phase me, I just like to know it's coming.

        And I appreciate you looking into it again. Happy to supply any information to assist. The email reply on 07/12/2018 was to an Amelia. Email header "2 refunds missing from Amazon Flash Sale 23/11"

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    Nothing involving Vaya is a deal.

  • +3 votes

    Have had multiple horrible experiences with Vaya. If the deal seems good, is not worth it please believe me

    • +1 vote

      Totally agree,more hassle than the value you can gain.

    • -5 votes

      Just because you have means that others have as well!

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        Please jump onto this deal and report back

      • +3 votes

        Not just me, everyone I know who have used Vaya have had issues, primarily when trying to end their service. All 5 of us were continuously billed after disconnection, and it took months for my ex to get refunded.


        There are two type of people - 1) smart and wise ones who learn from others' experience and avoid repeating a mistake, and 2) the idiots who take no regard of this and regret after making the same mistake others did.
        Go right ahead mate but don't say you weren't warned…


    Is it possible to cancel this after 1 month like with the pre-paid deals?

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    "Cashback is only valid on new services (SIM) which is activated within 30 days."

    Does this mean it is fine to add a new SIM to an existing account, with an active Vaya service, and not have to create a new account with a new email?

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