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[PC] Steam - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - $1.42 AUD (if buying from US site via VPN - otherwise $1.55 AUD) - Fanatical


Deal lasts as long as they have keys or until the time runs out. For Windows and Mac.
Not sure how popular this game will be but given that it is Star Wars keys might run out before the time is over so I suggest that if you want a key to buy it asap and not wait until the end.


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  • Link is for MAC

    • Pretty sure once you add the steam key to your library you can download the Win version.

  • +4

    Easily the best star wars action game. One of a very few handful of games I've bothered to play more than once. Think I've completed it about 4 times. Still got an itch to load it up again. I only came across it because a friend had a backup copy of it that he handed to me to try out. I loved it so much a few months later I went out and bought it and finished it again. The control feels a little over sensitive, but once you get used to it and after a dozen, what seem to be introductory missions, you start to really get into the meat of things. Easily the best lightsaber combat of any star wars game. I cant recommend it enough.

    • +1

      I remember playing this online years ago - was so fun! Also definitely recommend it for the lightsaber combat. If you can get friends to play as well, can do duels etc.

      • +1

        I remember trying PvP for the first time online, was so amused at how people would bow at you, then turn on their lightsaber before a duel.

        • +1

          It was a civilised time. ;)

    • +1

      Honestly, if you're playing for the story, Jedi Outcast's is better. But on the terms of saber combat and multiplayer, Academy is easily the best in the series.

  • Thanks OP I haven't played this in years and have a mac. Great deal.

  • +2

    There's a setting in the .ini file that lets you de-limb opponents with lightsaber strikes.

  • I already have it but have an upvote for a great game!

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