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[NSW] $59/$79 Steelcase Leap Office Chairs (Secondhand) Plus Other Office Furniture @ Ken's Office Furniture Lansvale


Went looking for and bought a quality office chair after my cheap Officeworks chair started giving my back some grief over the break. Ken's Office Furniture in Lansvale (near Liverpool) has a large number of second-hand Steelcase Leap V2 office chairs in stock and marked down ready to walk out the door.

These chairs are used, and are in various states of wear and tear - they are from office shutdowns where they have bought the chairs either at auction or other clearance. Mostly this will show as some scuff marks on the base, and the fabric may have some pilling or other imperfections. All functions work, but none of the current batch have the lumbar adjustment. The chairs are pretty good and you generally will not need it.

There are two versions, Black with grey check back for $59, and the all-black for $79. There are very limited numbers with armrests for $290 but there were only 2 left when I was there today. The Leap V2 sell for in excess of $900 retail normally. There is another secondhand dealer in Sydney selling these at $195 today and they regularly sell out of them.

Ken also has a heap of other secondhand office furniture at very competitive prices, loads of other types of chairs, some desks and filing cabinets. He also has a number of the white metal mobile desk pedestals for $79 also - a really sharp price where these go for $239+ online. Very handy to be added to your home office. I will be going back for one of these once my desk arrives.

You are very much encouraged to go and view the stock before purchasing. It is a fair way out of the CBD but not insanely bad.

18 Cutler Road, Lansvale
Driveway to the left immediately after the speed hump. Go down the side driveway and park near middle of warehouse near roller doors. Walk through factory within the yellow OHS lines.
0433626708 / 0425351837
Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm

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    OP, good deal. You probably should post it under classified session.

    • Why?

      Classifieds is a place for members to sell, give away, swap personal items or indicate interest in obtaining items.

      Monsta-AU is not selling their personal items

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      Power user is a plastic police badge now?

  • Why would Kens office furniture at Lansdale want to post it in the classifieds?

  • I am not Ken - if he wanted to post it himself then he would. He now knows about the site, he only has used FB and Gumtree previously.
    EDIT: Has to use his FB listing as we cannot post Gumtree ads.

  • There are two versions, Black with grey check back for $59, and the all-black for $79.

    Approximately how many did they have?

    • More of the grey backs than the all-black versions. I think there was about 3dozen of the grey-backed ones on the floor, and about a dozen of the black. I think there was more out the back.

      Certainly worth the money to buy one and try it out before going for a bigger-money version of them. I will likely get a Gesture with headrest next financial year.

      • If you're looking for a Gesture chair, I'm selling mine. I can't PM you so feel free to PM me. Cheers.

  • Have a feeling these will sell out. I need to upgrade from my crappy $15 Kmart chair :(

    • He has marked them down to clear - and for about the third of the price of a crappy Officeworks chair these are an amazing upgrade for you.

      It fit in the boot of my FG XR6 no issue.

  • Excellent post OP. From someone that fortunately stumbled across this bargain to knowing the full social history and business management of Kens in no time at all.You don't need to be sherlock to figure this one out!

  • Ken sells

  • Ken only takes cash BTW

  • If only this was in Melbourne

  • Awesome price for an awesome chair. If you spend more than an hour a day sitting in an office chair then do your back a favour.

    Not in NSW but picked up a few Steelcase Leaps for $80-$100 from a defunct business which was still an amazing deal. Gave them a good blast with detergent in a pressure washer and they've been perfect since. IMO beats the often recommended HM Aeron for comfort and won't sag due to not being mesh backed.

    If it helps anyone, I just managed to fit one in the back of a Mazda 3 sedan and it fit in a Mazda 2 hatch comfortably.

  • Anyone ever found (or heard of) office chairs that tilt back (seat) a LONG way.
    I have a terrible habit of slipping forward and ending up in a slouched position… the chair I have is of good quality BUT if it only the seat tilted back a couple more inches.
    I have wondered if such an option would be difficult for manufacturers to make in a 'robust' and lasting way and may over stress the structure too much.
    I've tried using different types of pillows to sort of 'block' forward slipping but so far no luck.
    Maybe I should put down a piece of that rubber stuff that stops stuff from slipping off of tables and see how that goes!
    Has anyone suffering the same had good results after using foot rest/stops…. other? My chairs is (preference) 'wheeled' so could remove and replace with non-rolling types…
    But I do like the option of being able to roll if to reach something, or just to push back the chair and rest my legs on the desk once in a while.
    I did wonder if the chairs shown herein might tilt so much, very hard to tell unless physically testing unfortunately.

  • The seat cushion on these is very hard, needs extra padding. Also they are made in Malaysia now. A good chair, but would benefit from a headrest if it is possible to add it on. You can get fully loaded V2 for about $200 if you keep an eye out. They seen ti be popular with offices. I like HM Aeron the best, but they are too expensive.

  • The "no lumbar support" is a deal killer for me. Sorry.

  • Got these from a different guy in the inner city at the start of last year on gumtree. Pretty good. It was 70 per chair with armrests

  • they are good, sturdy chairs,
    but the lack of an arm-rest is a deal-breaker…and the arm-rests are more expensive than the chair sometimes!

  • The chair in the picture looks as though it has a broken Wheel .

  • How does this stack up to a $1300 office chair?

  • I paid 750 for my leap and would happily do it again. Great chair, if you can get one of these they are a bargain.

  • Definitely checking this out tomorrow. It can't be any worse than my shitty Aldi chair which is destroying my lower back.

    • Just updating when I went today there were only 3 chairs remaining, I grabbed one and I believe there were only two left.

      They're a bit scuffed and dirty so don't expect perfection.

      Quite happy with it, comfortable to use as far as I can tell.

      • I picked one up about 1pm today. There were a handful of chairs in one area and a whole heap near the storage shelves. But I do agree with your statement about the condition of the chairs.

  • I was going by the photo on Facebook of the chair with a busted up castor wheel. If you need to replace the castor wheels then just go to Bunnings since they have replacement office chair castor wheels. That's just a bit of a tip.


    • I did not see one broken chair while I was there. I would say that any busted wheels were replaced, or that unit was used as a parts chair (ie use that one's seat pad to replace another that might have been a bit ratty).

  • Anyone from Melbourne getting one of these? Maybe we can combine shipping/postage?

  • I've bought 2 from ken in the past. Nice guy! Just a few things though, the cheaper ones have the seat backing from another chair that he pulls off and puts on. (He'll tell you this so not trying to hide it). Condition on them vary alot so you'll also need to look a bit for a decent one (make sure the gas functions work well and also the difference in firmness in the cushions will determine the wear). He had aeron's while i was there too but prefered the leap.
    PS if anyone knows if you can buy armrests separate that would be real nice. Regret not getting them.

  • Anybody gone in today? Is there any quality left?

  • grabbed an all black one for $55 thanks op!

  • There are still a few dozen left. Grey $55, black $79, some with broken armrests but easily fixed.

    • Got a black one for 79 with cracked arm rests, overall still in good shape. There were less than 10 left when i bought mine with majority of the grey variant. "Ken" mentioned he has some at the back. Better to call and inquire before you decide to head down.

      • Yup! There were around 10 left at the front. Those were the ones that had been steam cleaned. The rest are out the back (plenty left) but you can just clean it when you purchase it.

  • 4 left when I checked. Medium to poor condition.