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Lenovo Air TWS Bluetooth Earphones US $36.99/AU $52.40, Netac N500S 480GB SSD US $53.99/AU $76.50 Shipped + More @ Gearvita


1. Lenovo Air TWS Bluetooth Earphones - US36.99/ AU$52.41, Free Shipping

Coupon Code: AirTWSAU


2. Netac N500S 480GB Solid State Drive - US$53.99/AU$76.5, Free Shipping

Coupon Code: N500SDAU


3. Q50 Kids GPS Smartwatch - US$16.09/ AU$22.79, Free Shipping

Coupon Code: KidWatchAU


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  • "To let go to muscle"

    What exactly is this supposed to mean, in the context of a Kids GPS Watch?
    Good price though, for what it is. But it says "3G - No". Is this for 2G only? Because that has been switched off by now.

    And spelling "Smart" as "Samrt" does not instil confidence :)

  • gps watch will be useless in Australia as its 2G only

  • Anyone able to comment on the headphones?

    How reputable is Gearvita?

  • Not sure the free shipping is working with the Lenovo Air TWS earbuds code. Still getting charged shipping at checkout.

    edit: Nevermind, user error. It is working as expected.

  • these look like rebranded OEM earbuds you can get from gearbest and aliexpress