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Scoot - Athens Return from Perth/Gold Coast/Melbourne/Sydney from $597/$617/$637/$637, or Berlin Return from $684/$638/$678/$678


Scoot has some great prices here. Seriously, they're a budget airline and adding in bags and food will hurt you, but if you're prepared, pack light and don't mind the long haul, you can't beat this price to Europe.

Airline: Scoot

To: Athens
From: Perth/Gold Coast/Melbourne/Sydney from $597/ $617/ $637/ $637


To: Berlin
From: Perth/Gold Coast/Melbourne/Sydney to Berlin from $684/638/ $678/ $678

Dates: various from Feb to May.

Found on Flightscout initially (eg https://flightscout.co/au/cheap-flights/anywhere-to-athens-g...), but upon going to Scoot's website could get a bit cheaper on some dates, especially if the coupon code is applied.

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      Exactly right, my flight was fine but paying extra baggage was insane. Learnt that one pretty quick, as long as you add on extra baggage 48hrs+ they are fine.

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    Be cautious with budget airlines with connections. They post up the deals with super cheap prices and reasonable transit times, but always change the layover at the last minute. It's a (profanity) nightmare. Really suggest booking each leg separately with a 2 days stop in singapore either side. Singapore is amazing anyway and it breaks up the journey so you aren't flying and in airports for 3 days.


      Wonder why budget airlines would do that


        Otherwise take c omprehensive travel insurance and make the insurance lawyers fck the back out of Scoot if they continue doing it as Insurance lawyers are pretty nasty in Australia and they threaten the airlines so bad !!


    Trying to find flights MEL to Athens return 19 June to 7 July but getting $470 flights each way. Is this deal not on anymore?


    SIN->SYD 1.45am departure was fine when I was young.