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Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker $205 Delivered @ Marshall Headphones


Hi All,

Came across the Marshall Stockwell speaker without the flipcase for $205 delivered. If you really want to buy the flipcase from Marshall Headphones it is an additional $42.99 making it to a total of $247.99.

link to flipcase - https://www.marshallheadphones.com/mh_au_en/stockwell-flip-c...

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  • Its not vacuum tube one :/

  • I'm guessing these aren't waterproof like the UE Boom and JBL Flip?

    • I don’t think it is.
      It is bigger than those so I wouldn’t want to leave it around water

  • So very tempted to get one, looks very cool. But this review nixed any desire to buy it.


    Good price tho, for those still keen on getting it. Its $399 at JB (but includes the flipcase)

  • I was looking at these at the good guys the other day. They look pretty awesome but I wondered if the sound was more geared towards being loud for guitar use vs sound quality. After looking up reviews it seems they're only copying the guitar amp in looks and are quite decent sounding. I'd want the bigger kilburn model but they're nearly double the price…

  • The review mentions that the front grill is pretty bad, which I wld have tolerated, but the deal breaker is the reported poor sound. I mean, if the sound sucks, there's really no point. Such a shame.

  • I ordered these and chose to return. Sound isn't impressive for house music, perfect for rock though. Killburn is much more powerful with deep base, costco is selling it for $260 i think. Both look excellent though, i was tempted to keep it because of the looks ;-)

  • How is this speaker's bass compared to a JBL flip or UE boom?

  • It would be good if you could actually plug a guitar into this thing.

  • Is it an all tube with teslas?