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BULLET Electric Skateboard 250W Longboard $199.20 Delivered @ Mytopia eBay


Can’t find any stock for Kmart Razor X longboard deal in Sydney and found this 20%off ebay deal.

Use coupon code: P2019

BULLET® Arco - Redefine your Commute.

Mini Longboard design for ultimate carving sessions
7 Ply Maple deck
Powerful 250W brushless motor to reach up to 18km/h
Dual speed modes
Wireless remote controller which is chargeable via USB
Smooth acceleration and braking
24V 2.2Ah battery with a range of up to 10km
Battery charge Indication
Multifunctional Skate Tool included
Australian approved charger included

Brand: Bullet
Model: Arco
Motor: 250W brushless
Deck Material: 7-ply Maple wood
Wheel Type: PU
Wheel Size: 90x50mm
Max. User Weight: 90kg
Max Speed: 18km/h (weight and surface dependent)
Brake System: EBS (Electric Brake System)
Max. Range: 10km
Battery: 24v 2.2Ah
Recharge Time: 1-2 hours

Original P2019 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • +1

    The smaller Bullet Sacramento goes for $172 with the same code :) I wouldn't have found it if not for your post. Thanks OP


    UPDATE: The Bullet Sacramento is now out of stock … now that didn't take long

    • Damn, I would have bought this rather than the longboard.

      • Having a kicktail is so convenient for inner city navigation.

  • +4

    This is more in a shape of a longboard than an actual longboard. It's 81cm long. Which is about the same length as my Globe G3 skateboard.

    Edit. Much better than the Razor.

  • Are they any good? or better to get the Boosted and pay more for something reliable and better?

    • +1

      Depends on your usage. It's a great first electric skateboard. Good for use on flat plains. Terrible for hilly areas. Good for short trips to school, the corner store.

      Boosted is better but it's also extremely expensive.

      I'd go for a Ownboard, Meepo, Wowgo, or Backfire but they start from $550.

      • i did research. This is only 250W Im thinking of getting one that is 1600w. I prefer to spend a bit more on something a lot better. Also gets regenerative braking while this one deosnt.

  • -1

    I know for sure spending money on e-skateboard at this price is just going to be a waste. It won't be strong enough for going even slightest uphill, the brake will either be too jerky or non-existent, and the battery probably last for 1-2 km during the last 3 months then die. If you're interested on esk8, i'd recommend spending at least $400 on chinese brand.

    • +2

      I have a cheapo eBay e-board. For the speed you get up to the brakes are pretty good. I wouldn't bomb a hill on them.

      Edit. Also, if you have any interest in skating you need to learn footbraking. I would be never solely rely on e-brakes.

  • -1

    Just a heads up, any unregistered motor vehicles are TECHNICALLY illegal (in NSW and flat out banned in public areas of VIC) , because theyre not a bike (belong on a bike lane) and theyre not a basic skateboard (belong on the sidewalk). I have a boosted and generally its not a problem, as long as youre being safe around pedestrians and bikes in bike lanes. I wouldn't go on the road unless youre very confident both on the board and around the cops.

  • +2

    "Max user weight 90kg" Bugger…

    • I know man
      The razor one has a max weight of 100kg, but less powerful motor

  • +1

    Got one thanks. Hopefully it's ok for our flat areas.