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[VIC] Greyhound Adoption from GAP Victoria - $75 Adoption Fee Waived 18 - 20 Jan


I understand this not a typical deal, so mods please remove if inappropriate.

Greyhounds are great dogs, I've adopted a greyhound who fits in my lifestyle perfectly. Doesn't bark, happy with a 20 minute jog everyday and sleeps most of the time.

From their Facebook post;


Stop press! To help connect our lovely greyhounds with special homes, for the first time ever adoption fees will be waived at our upcoming three day adoption weekend on 18th, 19th and 20th January at our Seymour kennels! Help us get as many greyhounds as possible out into permanent, loving homes ❤. Never fear, all our usual adoption procedures will remain in place and potential adoptees must have an approved adoption application prior to the event, undergo our matching process at the event itself to achieve our aim of the right dog in the right home, and also understand that they will be subjected to at least three post adoption phone calls from our very own Leah".

For reference our Grey goes through about 5 cups of food per day and occasionally we give raw food a couple times per week, so a 20kg bag last about 6-7 weeks ($100). Vaccines about $100 p.a. and worming tablets about $200 p.a. We also have elected for pet insurance which is about $50 p/m.

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    • My boy was from a racing family but never raced because of his calm demeanor. They gave me his pedigree though which was interesting!

  • Hell yeah! This is great!

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      Not much of a catch really. If you can't find time to do this, then you're not the right applicant. Next will be, 'the catch is you have to feed and walk it." Please don't apply Putnum. These dogs deserve more than you are obviously willing to give.

      • I have one already and he's pretty happy. Do you?

        • No, I don't. We just lost our King Charles after 13 years. I never once considered the money spent on vets, medication, travel etc on him as a catch though. He was a family member and got what he needed and when he needed it with out consideration or looking at it as a burden. 'Hopefully' your GH is treated the same.

          • @Maloo: We've had him for a year and a half and got his teeth scaled which set us back $350 because of how bad they were from the slop they fed him at the tracks.

            All I'm trying to do is inform people that might not be able to afford a pet to consider that this deal is not actually free, and as you've suggested if you can't afford the $75 adoption fee which includes a collar, lead, coat, (maybe still a muzzle? the laws changed on that the other day), then you can't afford the deal.

          • @Maloo: The financial cost (burden to some) and the time to look and care for a dog is definitely what a lot would call a "catch". Significant time and money is required to look after a dog properly!

            You would be naive to think or suggest otherwise.

  • As others have said, lifetime costs really need to be considered when adopting a pet (and thanks OP for considering this in his/her post).

    Our two cats are RSPCA rescues and food/vet/cat hotel costs while we were back in Adelaide over Christmas have already more than blitzed any money we might have saved had we got them on a "free adoption" day. Plus I saw the adoption fee as a donation to the RSPCA :)

    (The adoption fee for the GAP doesn't really fall into the same category as GRV is a Victorian government entity and the Vic gov makes a lot of money from greyhound gambling revenue, and so for that reason I will upvote this deal!)

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      Applicable to kids too, yet many pop them out without thinking twice…

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    FWIW I had an adopted Greyhound growing up. Best (and laziest) dog ever

    • How lazy they are? Are they not supportive dogs?

      • How lazy they are? Are they not supportive dogs?

        Mine is very supportive of, and accompanies me whenever I sit on the couch and binge watch netflix.


        How do you mean supportive? They're heaps lazy, happy to lie about on the couch all day.

        • The keyboard auto correct me. I meant are they supposed to be sportif kind of dog?


            @Sonca: Not really. I looked after one for a week or so. They'll happily come on a walk every day and have one crazy moment at home where they run around a bit, but most of the time they just lie around.

          • @Sonca: I learnt a new word. Cheers

    • Mine is anything but lazy, needs two walks a day but one of the best decisions I ever made. Such loving dogs and once they're walked they will crash for some time roaching.

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    Upvote for the goofy greyhound thumbnail photo. These are wonderful dogs. Some friends have adopted them in the past and I was surprised at just how good a pet they actually are. I hope they all find their forever homes :)

  • The most wonderful lazy cuddly animals. Chilled as f.

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    Just had to put down our old boy today. Best dog I reckon I'll ever own. Quiet, lazy and so friendly. Heartbroken now but no doubt I'll find another one to break it again in future.

    • I'm sorry to hear that drprox. it's a very hard time losing a family member. Can I ask how old he/she was and what was the issue? I would love to know as I'm keen to adopt one, and give it a better life.

      • No worries Maloo. He would have been 10 later this month and was a picture of health until Wednesday night. I got home from work to find him hopping around on 3 legs. Took him straight to vet to confirm he had broken one which had been caused by bone weakening due to cancer. Whilst we didn't do bloods to confirm what type of cancer (was very clear on x-rays) it was likely osteosarcoma which is common in greyhounds (and some other large breeds). Our option then was to amputate and chemo or put down. Ultimately putting a 10 yr old through major surgery and chemo was taken off the table. He just hates going to the vet too much to force him through minimum half a dozen appointments and it really only buys them 12 months usually because the cancer is aggressive and gets them almost always anyway.
        The upshot is he was very strong and healthy until the break which forced our hand given doing nothing was then off the table.

        • Sorry to hear that drprox. Thanks for sharing. THere will no doubt be a hole in the family for a long time to come. All the best.

        • My sister's german shpherd got the same thing, luckily she had pet insurance and milked it for all it was worth. He had his leg amputated and chemo, got him about 18 months more.

  • Love my greyhound! Best dogs period!

  • For anyone in SE QLD - RSPCA Have a pop up adoption day Saturday 12th January at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

  • I have the GAP calendar for 2019 just for the pictures!! It's so good. Such peaceful animals

  • Owner of 2. Awesome dogs.
    They DO require attention to their teeth though as they don't like chewing as a breed. They are more prone to dental disease.

    Daily brushing is recommended otherwise dental treats are good as well.

  • Can you easily train ex racing Greyhounds to fetch a ball or have the years of chasing and killing rabbits affected them a bit too much for that?

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      You can train most to fetch a toy or ball and drop it in your general vicinity.

      However unless they are extremely obedient you can't take them off leash outside of a confined area.
      They run at 60-70km/h and love new people & smells, you will not catch them.

      Due to their kennel training, they don't really learn obedience, only chasing.
      They can learn later in life but due to the age of adoption, it's a lot harder than with a puppy.

      They have a beautiful disposition and most are very friendly to people and other dogs.
      Due to the size of cats, they needed to be tested before sharing an environment incase the chase instinct is too strong.

      • Thanks for the info. Not sure why whoever down-voted me as I was asking a genuine question and everyone knows that live rabbits are used in the industry.

  • Awesome dogs. Byproduct is that it opens up your social life as owners are lovely and always up for a chat. Other dog owners often look on adoringly too.

  • They're going fast

  • wait so a dog for free?

  • I'd call mine Satan's little helper 👹

  • people who need a deal on a dog lol, i duno man, sounds like an impulse buy to me

  • now you have a reason to convince girls come home with you

  • Adopting a greyhound was one of the best decisions of my life. I will never adopt another breed. Loads of character, cuddly, don’t demand a lot of exercise. Look up Richard Skipworth for some true but funny greyhound cartoons!

  • Dogs are the best people

  • My dad adopted one from this program last year. Absolutely loves the dog! She's low maintenance, doesn't require a lot of food, and once she's had a walk and some zoomies in the backyard she's generally pretty chill and lazy. Dogs that graduate the GAP program don't have to wear a muzzle in public, and are already housetrained etc.

  • Although I don’t have a dog (have cats), I strongly encourage people with the time and money to get a dog from a background such as this. As much as some may disagree, animals do remember how they were treated in the past and are so much appreciative when you give them some genuine love.

    They will make a better person along the way. I grew up with a dog and would encourage any family to have one. The kids will be thankful :)

  • A question for those in the know: Do greyhound pups ever come up for adoption, or only the older ones who have raced and retired or were tried and didn't do well?

    • Not quite puppies, but the young greyhounds who don't make the cut for racing are usually put up for adoption.

      They're usually adopted quickly though, if you want one it helps to contact a few charities and let them know you're looking.

    • Just a quick point on this. Greyhound puppies tend to be a bit unique and totally mental :) just a warning!

  • Adopting a dog can be so rewarding.. i adopted an 8yr old Border Collie three yrs ago.. he is a lovely intelligent dog. My advice is to do your research, know your breed and know what you're getting yourself into. I walk my dog for 90 mins everyday.. and i mean everyday. Border collies are highly intelligent and they require a high level of physical and mental stimuli.

  • We’ve got two and they are amazing. Calm, lazy, easy to care for.
    They’ve got some nuances but once you understand their needs (for example, you can’t let them off the lead unless you’re in an enclosed space) it’s no problems!

  • If I get a black one is it still a greyhound?

    • if you genuinely want one, lease get a black - they are often the ones that are overlooked as they are too common. I have a rescued black and she is the sweetest thing. Everyone that meets her wants to take her home.

  • Can i also just add greyhounds are arguably the greatest dogs you can adopt! Even ignoring their history as being royal dogs and bread to perfection (one of few dogs not often inbred throughout history), they are one of the best apartment dogs and one of the healthiest large dogs you can find. They are the only large dog that doesn't suffer from hip displaysia and they don't even eat that much food (as they will sleep 12+ hours a day if left unattended). Additionally, programs like NSW's greenhound (unfortunately not avaliable in Vic) ensures that greyhounds are the consistently best trained pets in the country. Very few downsides (if any) to giving one of the world's sweetest good boys n girls a home.

  • It's interesting to know they are actually great dogs to own. To be honest I thought they were mainly used for virtue signalling.

  • So glad word is getting around about how great they are as pets, they really are beautifully natured and need a lot less exercise than many people think.