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[XB1, PS4, Switch] Buy One Selected Pre-Owned Game, Get One Free @ EB Games


There's a buy one get one free "summer" sale at EB Games at the moment on selected pre-owned game t itles. Couldn't find the start or end dates but would assume that it lasts til the end of summer. Prices are not too crash hot compared to some of the new games in the same store and sometimes compared to say JB HI FI but some deals to be had nonetheless.

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    pretty lame deal if one preowned is worth a lot more than what you thought was a bargain for 2

    • some deals to be had nonetheless O.o

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      scooby-doo voice I don't get it

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    Only select games are part of this deal. E.g. for Switch you won't find any AAA games on there because they're already on another, separate Preowned sale.

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    Bad deal, prices are around double the value of new games in many cases.

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    LOL @ the price of black ops

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    This is EB’s “sale” in lieu of a sale. Sales around this time are starting to quiet down anyways.

    • poor marketing. "sale" is a sale - with double quotes or without

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      Isn’t EB always having a sale?

      • That's the idea.

        Their "sale" is a normal day. It's as if the discounts are not special, but have the appearance of one anyways.

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    Onrush new $19, preowned $88… Hmm

    • +7

      how tf are they still in business?????

      • Pretty easy to figure out how….

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      Was included in PS+ last month

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    Not sure if bargain or feeble attempt to move shelf stock…

    • But let's upvote the deal nonetheless

  • Funny to see Battlefront II for $48 when I got it on the $10 amazon prime deal mentioned on here just recently.

  • Star Wars BF at EB $48 preowned.

    $15.95 from the PS Store.


    • +3

      It was $15 before the sale!

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    I almost never buy from EB Games at their prices. I'll only price match.

  • Lol @ Switch selection of games…

    Has been heros, $19 new or $38 used. Lololololol

  • Is it wise to buy pre-owned games from EB online and not seeing the condition of the item?

    • wiser than ordering brand new games from them just to know it was pre-owned crap after all when you arrive to collect it in store or when it gets delivered

  • Yakuza 0 for $18 is absolute value!
    Throw it in with Torment: Tides of Numenera

    You got yourself a deal going.

  • Picked up Black Ops 3 for $19 and got Prey for free as it was $15. Pretty happy with that purchase.

    • On what console? They are $48 and $28-$34 on PS4 & XB1.

      • It was for PS4 on Thursday. Had to go online to see the reduced price as the cases did not display the reduced price.

        • +1

          You did well. You got their "real" prices ($19 & $15) and combined them with their "buy 1 get 1 free" offer before they lifted their prices ($48 & $34) for their bogus sale.

  • Picked up 2x Pre-owned PS4 Move controllers for $48.

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