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Speak Chinese like a native speaker in no time Level 1
4.3 (125 ratings) 9,878 students enrolled

What you'll learn

  • This course follows the natural process and most effective way of learning a language, just like how we learnt our mother toungue
  • Students will be able to cope with over 58% of daily chinese conversations after finishing this course, communicate freely with native chinese speakers and have a genuine chinese accent

Japanese in Context - Elementary Japanese Course
4.6 (266 ratings) 22,836 students enrolled

What you'll learn

*61 lectures with over 5 hours of content!
49 video demonstrations of how to write Japanese characters with over 2 hours of content by a native speaker!
* 58 activities with vocabulary and grammar to test your writing and reading skills
* 55 audio tracks recorded by a native speaker!
* Understand how to study Japanese in order to become fluent in your own desired way
* Learn to speak,read and write modern Japanese!

Thanks koalafied

Japanese Course for Absolute Beginners.

This is a new course so doesn't have a rating yet. I'll have to brush up on my Japanese for my next trip!

What you'll learn

  • Master Japanese characters: Hiragana and Katakana system
  • Totally understand Japanese writing system
  • Acquire a strong foundation to start elementary Japanese
  • Master the pronunciation and intonation system in Japanese
  • Master the most commonly used phrases for greetings in daily life
  • Acquire a broad knowledge of Japan through information on Japanese culture and daily life

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