This was posted 2 years 9 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Dining at over 450 Australian Restaurants from 10 January – 10 February 2019 @ (Previously Dimmi)


Dimmi has rebranded as 'thefork'. As a part of this, received an offer email for up to 50% off dining on more than 450 restaurants across australia from 10/1 to 10/2

reservation for the eligible restaurants should be made from this website to avail the offer.

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  • Anyway to know what the participating restaurants are? Or is it across the board.

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      I keep finding "34 seats available at 50% off", but when I try multiple dates/times it says "offer is sold out".

      Tried incognito as well - no mas.

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    The Gold Coast area has a grand total of 1 restaurant offering 50% off. If this is the big rebranding deal then they can fork off.

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      From the past experience with Dimmi, more restaurants will eventually show up over the next few days

    • For the GC try Wonders Grill Ephraim Island and Delizioso Coolangatta, both on Groupon. The latter at about $28 for a quality two course Italian meal with a glass of decent wine for 2 is an unbelievable deal .. been there a dozen times in the last year, I don't know how they do it .. :-) . !!

    • Update: roughly 15 restaurants now participating on the GC! :)

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    website has been ozbargained.

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    what the fork

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    Cant find anything 50% off … a few 20 and 30% off only in Sydney. (even on weekdays)

    • what date are you searching? the reservation should be post 10/1 and before 10/2

      • Yep i've searched for the first week of February

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          probably still updating their website. With my past experience with Dimmi, the complete list will eventually show up over next few days

      • Okay found 2-3 50% off for Dinners (I was only searching lunch) for mid Jan.
        Not so many on offer .. hopefully more will come on board in the coming days.

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      It says UPTO which is an evil like FROM!

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        Thank you.
        Im glad they've got a filter that shows 50% off only!

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    it does say from the 10th of January maybe they will release the 50% off restaurants then?

  • I remember this time last year they did a 50% off at Kobe Jones Sydney. Hopefully that will happen again.

    • Never been but see its always on Groupon. Wonder if this is cheaper?

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      Kobe Jones isn't really worth visiting even at 50% off - they always have discounts/promotions as they can never fill the restaurant.

      • Really? The food always seems great on their instagram so I thought 50% off was a great bargain. What's the food really like??

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          I like their food!
          It's just expensive, so never pay full price.

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          How do you taste food on instagram?

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            @Bullion78: Close eyes. Lick the screen. Use Imagination.

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        Agreed. Kobe Jones is absolute rubbish. Seafood extender in a $100 per head meal. Only the seriously impaired or inexperienced could recommend Kobe.

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    fork this

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      I don't give a fork.

  • The site is so slow that I can't find anything… :(

  • how do these discounts work in the past? The restaurant just knows you booked via dimmi etc and applies it?

    • That is correct. If they don't, just tell them and they will apply the discount

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        Yep. I booked using the 50% off deal last time. The restaurant marked down the bill automatically. I didn't need to say a thing. It was great.

        But it would be a good idea to save the email booking confirmation (stating the 50% off deal, just in case).

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          Did you get a slightly inferior service or smaller portion of food? I've had some pretty bad experience with Groupon/ Entertainment book deals when the restaurant knows beforehand that you are eating with a discount. Wondering if that would be the same with Fork?

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            @oztite: In some restaurants they have a dedicated sitting area for "coupon" bookings where there is minimal table service because the wait person will hardly come by so it depends on the restaurant.

          • @oztite: I went to the Bavarian for 50% off food using this and it was the biggest plate of food i'd ever seen.. granted what I ordered was normally large but it was half price so I thought why not. I ate as much as I could and only got through half, they let me take it home thankfully so I got 2 giant meals out of it :D

            I've also used a 20% off voucher a few times at a local Indian place, the servings were the same size as they had always been before I knew the discount existed.

            I imagine it's something that would vary from restaurant to restaurant though.

          • @oztite: Entertainment book, you aren't supposed to tell them till after the meal. So confused why you said that?

            • @FredAstair: Well, I thought you meant to tell them at the time of booking. Some restaurants got pissed off at me for not mentioning it at the start. I've had 1 restaurant outright refusing to give me the deal because I didn't mention it at the start…

      • The ALH group seem to be part of this when I looked recently. But honestly they don't look the type (at least our local) to be willing to give a 50% discount just because we booked through the site instead of just walking up like we normally do. Being semi-regulars I'm not sure I want to make a point of it honestly.
        Too bad it wasn't automatic like say pay by AMEX …

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    Hope the rewards I accumulated with Dimmi is still valid! Apparently, they seem to have been bought over by TripAdvisor.

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      Trip bought Dimmi 3+years ago

    • Yep my points are still there

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    where does it say about the discount?

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    Tried a few dates for dinner during the promo period and couldn't see anything obvious in the search for any type of discount on Newcastle restaurants.

  • Doesn't even have any restaurant coming up in the search list for Melbourne. wth?

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    Out of 130 restaurants in Brisbane 4 places had 20% off 😂

  • I thought the email meant this offer will start 10/01 so the restaurants participating will come up then.

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    I don't give a fork.

  • Be aware of the search function, I think it's a bit off.

    I searched for Perth WA and it keeps limiting the search to Perth City.

    • Searched for Western Australia and came up with 15 restaurants. Not much 50% off though :/

    • There's a right-hand-side margin, listing about 12 regions, totalling ~1000 restaurants in WA.
      But, yes, only about 15 discounted ones, one one in Armadale at 50%.

      • +1

        one in Armadale at 50%.

        Not worth risking life and property for 50% off.

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    This is great. Finally the fork is here in Australia. Hope it'll properly compete with zomato! The fork are pretty big in europe Hate zomato ever since they took over UrbanSpoom which was much better.

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    Should have rebranded themselves as FratelliFresh considering that's 50% of their deals.

    • +3

      This! I'm so sick of seeing 5 Fratelli deals - one for each Sydney location. Surely there's a way to hide things I'm not interested in?

  • Lol. Welcome to Tassie TheFork….. no offers for you it will be.

  • +1

    might have to wait till 10/01 to see the participating restaurants.

  • cant see anything in Newcastle area

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    Does anyone find it curious that urbanspoon became zomato and now dimmi is thefork? Not really? Yeah me neither…

  • I tried to sign up and kept getting an 'Invalid email or password' error.

  • Nothing in gold coast or Brisbane. So where are these 450 restaurants?

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    prettty poor the std shit places on offer so far

  • -1

    what the fork…

  • On a side note, I used The Fork quite a few times while I was backpacking Europe and received some pretty good discounts on some delicious meals.

  • thought they would've updated their iOS app but still crappy…and really nothing much in Melbourne.
    Looking for a nice lunch place this week while still on leave.

  • What's gonna happen to my Dimmi's credits?

    • I just logged into the new site and my points are still there.

  • Heads up guys… even though it states that starting date is tomorrow, I have found over 12 restaurants in brisbane offering 50% off under "Half Pricing Dining" banner.

  • Seems to have launched some decent restaurants in Sydney.
    If anyone lives in Inner West highly recommend 'Nu Bambu' fantastic small and cheap enough. It is in a RSL however.

  • +3

    They have released a lot of restaurants with 50% off today.

  • Getting ready for the price jacked….oh wait…

  • Cool, decide to wait a bit and found my restaurant appearing in the 50% off list!

    Thanks OP

  • This thing waits until you get to the final "Book this" page after filling in your personal info, before letting you know it's sold out.

  • Does the 50% off apply to the whole table, even if I book for 12 ppl?

  • +1

    Pretty poor list for the half price promos. Even in sydney. Probably meat and wine Co best of the lot but only lunch set is half price.

  • When you book these offers through TheFork/Dimmi… who actually covers the 50% off?

    I had a great experience at a burger place (duscounted), i want to book it again during the 50% off deal. But is that being a cheapskate? Or doea TheFork cover this discount (restaurant pays $1 per seat?)

    • It's the restaurants loss. It's a promotion to bring in more business.

  • +7

    Melbourne - Who's been where and ate what, so far?

    We recommend…
    Lezzet - highly recommended! Get the platter, we went twice.
    The Coal Pit (Nunawading) - Middle eastern, also got the platter.
    Henry & The Fox- Australian cuisine, it was good, and safe.
    Massi - Fine dining Italian, small spaces.
    Kobe Jones - excellent! Fine dining Japanese.
    Bangpop - thai, love their pad thai. This one's by the water.
    Meat Market - also on the water, great for steak
    Queen St Rescue - Very casual, but we had a salad and it was amazing.

    Campari House - Food was fine, venue was nasty. It was like a bar…

    Considering Onda, but it's hard to get to as they only do off peak times::
    Please note this offer is only valid for bookings at the following times:
    Lunch bookings between 3:00pm - 4:00pm on Tuesday - Thursday
    Lunch bookings between 12:00pm - 4:00pm on Friday - Sunday
    Dinner bookings between 5:30pm - 6:30pm on Tuesday - Saturday
    Dinner bookings betweem 5:30pm - 10:00pm on Sunday"

    Bangpop - A la Carte menu not valid with this offer. The offer is only 50% off the Tuk Tuk Set Menu (normally valued at $53pp). I can't find the menu online… edit: I looked it up and it's the catering menu?

    • Thanks for the write up, was considering to try coal pit and Henry and the fox but wasn't sure if I could trust online reviews!

    • +1

      +1 Lezzet, Henry and the Fox would also add Thai Rani in Black Rock, went yesterday on TheFork and it was amazing, top notch thai food plus you leave an online review and you all get a free dessert of your choice worth $9.50…. so for two we paid $29 including corkage and a free dessert each.

      Also the degustation menu at Beef and Wine Co. (South Yarra) with the Wagyu steak, for $50 each, yum.

  • +2

    Been to Matthew Flinders Hotel (Chadstone) - pretty good for your standard pub style fare

    Prohibition food and wine - had a few tapas style dishes there - pretty expensive for the small portions offered, would not go again, good food quality though

    Going to try Monash Hotel for dinner tonight

    • Thank you for the report.