Issues with TV Purchases from Kogan

We've all had an issue with Kogan TV's so I want to see how many people out there are also having troubles or have had troubles.

It's my 3rd TV under kogan warranty and keep telling me I'm going to get a refund to my bank then a store credit appears on my Kogan account

They love ignoring people
They love lying
Then even tell people that they can't do refunds
The lies are never evnding

I really think Australia needs to step up to stop these dealings. As its a disgrace how many people are being ripped by this company due to the difficult nature of contacting them and them just sending out another piece of cardboard I gotta pay the postage for

They need to be stopped simple.

Sorry for the not great punctuation I wasnt asking for peoples advice on my punctuation, I wanted peoples opinions on Kogan!

2016 so the 1st TV got lines through it after about 9 months, wasn't the end of the world at that point. Took 45 days for any sort of result so I was annoyed but glad I was getting a new TV.

They gave me a 2nd 55" newer model after about a week it froze. I let it go thinking oh well then. When I changed from HDMI to TV or the other way, the screen would go green and fizzy with lines through it. I contacted Kogan about it and got it sent to a technician. He couldn't find what was causing the fault but recommended to Kogan they replace the hole inside of it.

I then contacted Kogan to ask them what was happening and they pushed the point of a store credit four and a half months after it was sent back. I took it.

So then I bought their new 55" smarter smart TV and the first day out of box it froze on the android screen and didn't move. I let it sit there for hours to see if it would load but it never did. I turned it off and it worked again. The next morning the same thing, completely frozen. Then once turned off and on at the wall it would turn on load from the start again and then nothing would display on the TV, no volume bar, no channel bar and no EPG or settings. So in about 9 months I had a TV for two weeks

Whether they are cheap or not I think they need to hold up to the warranty if it was just one TV I wouldn't care but it's three.

I keep seeing posts over Facebook about people having the same issues but yet nothing is ever done.

So again sorry for the punctuation and any other issue you bargainers got. I just want some feedback.


Mod Update: OP has resolved the issue with Kogan and has been refunded in full.

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    Video yourself confronting Ruslan? :p
    Mark Latham can give you pro advice on how to tackle this issue

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    What happened to the TV?

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    just wanna hear some feedback power of the people

    Post could really benefit from punctuation.
    Also, refrain from using words like “lies” and “scam”, instead outline your story/experience with facts.
    That way the average person can better advise you.
    Disclaimer: I have never used kogan before but almost all businesses screw up from time to time, it’s how they handle it that matters. This is where a cohesive story/experience helps instead of just the general “gather your pitchforks guys”.

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    If you don't buy from kogan, you won't have an issue. Research a company before you buy from them, the warnings/reviews where around before you purchased your TV.


    I have no idea what you're on about.

    Never bought a Kogan TV, but the other products I get from them are of good quality (Timberlands, random assortments on ozbargain).

    Do they have a FB? Try seeing if ppl have similar problems there.


      so many people are writing on fb to show the terrible quality of the tvs

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        So, wait, you bought a cheap TV from a cheap brand for a cheap price and shocked that it's cheap quality?

        they need to be stopped simple

        They'll only stop or change if you stopped buying from them and hit them in their revenue targets.



    I have a Kogan:

    • 55 inch curved TV
    • Washing machine
    • Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
    • Portable Heater
    • Iron
    • Lamp

    No problems with any of them and very happy.

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    Burnt once by Kogan, never again. Wouldn't touch their shares either.

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    got burned couple of times or more with kogan branded items.
    will NEVER BUY again - EVER. i repeat, kogan branded, not samsung buy from kogan thats different.
    be careful when looking at the product picture photo on the website they looks amazingly good.


      true that all i want is my money back and they keep dodging the bullet the item has had a major fault everytime and still they dodge the bullet

      they credited me for the last one after telling me i would get a refund to my bank and still havent even told me i was getting a store credit or any finalisation from them on the outcome, i seen it on my kogan acc today when i was going to ask them what was the outcome going to be

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    You get what you pay for.

    Kogan-branded gear is 100% cheap, white-labelled Chinese rubbish.

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    Mate chill for a minute. There's no need to type the title in Caps. Just explain the situation and see what we can bring to the table.


    What is the TV Reception like in Narooma?


    Have only had rather positive experiences with Kogan.

    I believe my first experience with them was when I bought an item or two which were Kogan ‘brand’ and they were fairly average, however okay for the price.

    More recently, I pre-ordered their Power Bank with USB PD charging. Sadly, it had some major issues so I contacted them and they sent out another less than 24 hours later. As it turned out, that one had issues so I had another sent out in less than 24 hours. The third one also had the same issues, which I couldn’t be bothered chasing up. They then came out with a revised version with USB PD charging, and I had the third faulty unit replaced by this revised version and have had no problems since.
    Each time I contacted them, I received a prompt response and I wasn’t hounded by them or treated like a liar (which I expected by the 2nd/3rd replacement). The end result is that I’m left with 4 power banks; 3 of them only charge properly over normal USB (not USB PD) so they still have a use.

    Apart from that, I’ve also purchased their Premium DC fan which has been exceptional, although I’ve only owned it for a little while so can’t comment on durability or ease of replacement/repair.

    I can’t really complain about the process of dealing with Kogan. Maybe I’ve just been lucky; who knows?


    in my opinion 1 good product doesnt make up for the 3 bad products and the stuffing around in contacting them due to having no phone number and waiting for a reply from help desk ive waited 9 days just for a simple question like will i be getting a refund to my bank

    and after 9 days they said yes

    then find a store credit sitting in my kogan acc again without telling me

    i appreciate the feedback though


    It's my 3rd TV

    Why do you keep going back? It sounds like you like the drama.


    Smart TV freezing on loading - reinstall Android.

    1)download OS from kogan using the model number to search.
    2) put OS in root directory of USB stick
    3) insert USB stick into USB slot #1
    4) turn on main power button on side of TV whilst holding "volume up" button of remote.
    5) wait for OS to install.

    This is what I did with my freezing up smart 2014 55" kogan TV just before Christmas. Now works perfectly.

  • OP has resolved the issue with Kogan and has been refunded in full. As this has been resolved comments are now closed.

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