[PS4] EA Family Bundle: Need for Speed, Unravel, Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 $17.95 ($15.55 PS Plus) @ PlayStation


Seems like great bundle value. Enjoy :)

Whether you want to enjoy the biggest, craziest battle in the universe with Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2, push your limits with Need for Speed™, or embark on a seemingly larger than life journey with Unravel, there is a game for everyone in the EA Family bundle!

Individual Prices on these games at Playstation store for reference $24.95 Need for Speed™ $29.95 Unravel
$24.95 Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2

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    It's showing as $15.55 for Plus now!

    These games are regularly on sale - Need for Speed gets down to $7.55, Plants v Zombies has been $10.45 and Unravel was previously $5.95.

    This is still a good price for all three but may be worth waiting if you're only interested in one or two. Also worth noting that Need for Speed is an online only game that is now over three years old - I'm not sure if there's a community still?


      Just FYI for Need for Speed in case people get confused - You need to be online in order to play it (wired/wifi connection) but only need PS+ if you want to race against other people/friends.

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    Family bundle…except Need for Speed is rated Teen+. Playstation doesn't seem to care about appropriate age games though, if you see their latest Red Dead Redemption TV advert which is an R18+ game but they use child actors for the advert.


    Good luck with plants vs zombies 2.. that game is broken AF.