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Target - [PS4/XB1] Stardew Valley Collector's Edition - $10, [XB1] Super Lucky's Tale - $10 (in-Store Only) + Other Games


Was just at my local Targets (Brookside and Strathpine QLD). Spotted some games on Clearance. Decent price for the titles.

Also spotted in the wild:
[PS VR] - Farpoint $10
[PS VR] - VR Worlds - $20
[PS VR] - Bravo Team - $20
[PS VR] - Drive Club VR - $10
[PS VR] - The Inpatient VR - $10

[PS4] - Metal Gear Survive - $20
[PS4] - Titanfall 2 - $15
[PS4] - Scribblenauts Showdown - $20
[PS4] - Tekken 7 - $30
[PS4] - EA Sports UFC 2 - $20
[PS4] - Pure Farming 2018 - $30
[PS4] - Gravity Rush 2 - $10 (thanks F4ncy2)
[PS4] - MX vs ATV Supercross Encore Edition - $5 (thanks F4ncy2)
[PS4] - Frantics - $10
[PS4] - Agents of Mayhem - $10

[XB1] - Titanfall 2 - $5
[XB1] - Lego City Undercover - $20
[XB1] - Halo Wars 2 - $10
[XB1] - Gravel - $20
[XB1] - FIFA 2016 - $10
[XB1] - Mass Effect Andromeda - $10 (thanks F4ncy2)
[XB1] - Yooka-Laylee - $20 (thanks F4ncy2)
[XB1] - Assassin's Creed Rouge Remastered - $10
[XB1/PS4] - Just Cause 3 - $10 (thanks Topdog)
[XB1/PS4] - The Elder Scrolls Summerset - $20
[XB1/PS4] - Monster Hunter World - $30

[3DS] - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - $30
[3DS] - Warioware Gold - $30
[3DS] - Mario Party Top 100 - $20
[3DS] - Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes - $30 (thanks JayManic)
[3DS] - Yokai Watch - $10 (thanks JayManic)
[3DS] - Yokai Watch 2 - $10 (thanks JayManic)

[Switch] - Street Fighter 30th Anniversary - $30 (thanks JayManic)
[Switch] - Scribblenauts - $20 (thanks JayManic)

There are others on clearance so check out your local store to see what's on offer.

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Target Australia

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  • +5

    I can’t say how amazing stardew valley is. It’s a must have!!! Controls on the controller and a bit finicky though.

    • Is it better on PC?

      • +1

        There’s pros and cons for both - but I think it’s personal preference.
        When I feel like relaxing on the couch and playing it on the TV, I’ll play on the console. When I’m finished playing competitively on the PC I’ll just play there. But I personally prefer the keyboard and mouse.

        • +1

          I thought it was a farming simulator kinda like Harvest Moon… There's a competitive mode?

          • +2

            @tebbybabes: No, I think they just mean once they're done with competitive games and want a wind down, they'll open up Stardew.

      • +1

        I would say it's flat out better on PC due to the Mod community and PC gets updates much sooner than consoles. I imagine KB+M is better for it though I haven't tried controller. But if you don't Mod and aren't in a hurry for updates this is an awesome price.

        • The mouse definitely makes it easier to use, but I'm pretty sure PS4 supports keyboard and mouse anyway.

      • I like it on the PC but I enjoy the mobile (iPhone) version better as you don't need to switch between tools when doing menial tasks.

    • +1

      My kid loves it on PC. He bought two copies on Xbox from Target yesterday so he could play it multiplayer with his little brother on our two Xboxs. But sadly, the MP update for PS4 and Xbox has been delayed (to sometime in 2019).

      Needless to say, they have both been enjoying it SP on Xbox. No issues with the transition to controllers.

    • +2

      Stardew Valley is a great game that you should play if you love anything like Harvest Moon. It's a game best spent not doing too much research and just playing it and having a good time, avoiding min-maxing.

      This reviewer says it best


  • Just Cause 3 is also $10 on XBOX only, still $30 on ps4 for some reason.

    • +1

      It's $10 too for ps4 version. Just been to target broadway nsw.

      • oh sweet, just docket has not been updated at my local target :)

    • +2

      It also just got added to Gamepass today.

  • Metal Gear Survive is it any good?, still has players?

    • +6

      Don’t touch it. It was a blatant money grab by Konami after sacking Hideo Kojima using MGSV assets. It was hand down going to win worst game of 2018 until Fallout 76 arrived.

      • Cheers, will keep that in mind…..

  • I wonder if stardew valley ps4 is $10 too

    • It is. Confirmed

      • Sweet, got it on hold for me at target broadway nsw, thanks

  • +2

    Hey op found more games on clearance at my local target (Southland, VIC) including stardew valley both ps4 & xb1

  • +2

    Come on Amazon!!

  • +4

    Hi @festivalmayhem,

    I know they’re not PS4/XB1 but incase you wanted to add it to you’re post.

    Target Fountain Gate as of 1:32pm
    5x controller extensions $2
    [Switch] 1x Scribblenauts (Switch) $20
    [3DS] 1x Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes (3DS) $30

    Target Casey Central as of 3:09pm
    [Switch] 1x Street Fighter 30th Anniversary $30
    [Switch] 3x Scribblenauts $20
    [3DS] 3x Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes $30
    [3DS] 5x Yokai Watch $10
    [3DS] 2x Yokai Watch 2 $10

  • +1

    Anybody tried playing farpoint on vr without the aim controller thing?

    • +2

      Yep, I rate it :) and enjoyed it

      • +1

        Did you use move controllers or DS4?

    • i was forced to use the controller as the vr gun needed a charge. I actually found it very difficult but that may be because I already enjoyed using the gun.

  • +2

    What does the collectors edition of Stardew Valley give you?

    • +4

      A map and a second disc with the soundtrack.

      • +2


        Play it for a week at the songs are ingrained in your head already!

      • Sorry to bother you, is it actually a second disc? I just bought it and theres only one disc :(

        • +1

          Definitely a second disc came with mine.

          • +1

            @festivalmayhem: Thanks! The target gave me one without the soundtrack and when I went back to get it, they didn't even know about it! Managed to get the only one they could find.

  • +1

    Target Melbourne CBD has some clearance stuff left including stardew on xb1 and ps4 (at 530pm Thurs 10th)

    • I got the last PS4 stardew. Just Cause on PS4 was all gone

    • I was there around 5:30 pm and I couldn't find stardew on xb1. I did find the stardew for ps4 in the xbox lane and I returned it to the ps4 lane.

  • I hope Amazon matches Stardew Valley… My local has jack shit as always, reginal stores are Neva stocked 😒

  • Tempted to get Stardew on PS4, but I already own it on PC…decisions, decisions.

    • Stardew is best played on the go. Get it on the Switch or iOS

  • Any deals on God of war and Spiderman? missed out on those during black friday and christmas.

    • Pretty common to find these on gumtree/facebook for $30-$50 these days.

  • +1

    I picked up Dishonored 2 for XB1 at Target Waverley Gardens for $5 earlier tonight. Had a few copies.

    • +1

      Good pickup and great game.

    • Damn that's nice price for great game

    • Target in Burwood NSW has one copy on Ps4 @ 13 Jan

  • +2

    Have multiple copies of stardew in Chatswood target. Raid world war 2 is 10 dollars as well.

    • what else is there? Was actually planning to go there tonight but got lazy

  • Chadstone has 3x XB1 and 4x PS4 of Stardew left.

  • Heaps of Scribblenauts for all consoles and Just Cause 3 at Target Airport West. I got the last Titanfall 2 for Xbox.

    Switch completely gone. Not sure if Scribblenauts is worth $20. Maybe $10 at best.

  • Has anyone seen Bravo team in Sydney stores?

    • I got the last copy off the shelf at Burwood, NSW.

  • Anyone seen any copies of Gravity Rush 2 in Melbourne I tried calling southland said no stock?

  • Can someone post a pic of far point vr with the tag at the bottom clearly saying it so I can try and price match in WA, thanks

    • +4

      My Target didn't have it as a label but it had a "Clearance" label and it scanned as $10. Here is a pic of the game and receipt if that helps. Worthy of a "+"?


      • +1


      • +1

        I'll update whether it works or not but thanks and yea you deserve the +

      • +1

        Jb hifi price matched to $10 thanks!

  • Hi,
    Does anyone have a picture of the switch street fighter from target so I can get a price match at ebgames.

    Thanks heaps :)

  • Thank you, got EB to price match both of those

  • Gutted, really wanted Stardew Valley and none left at Waverley Gardens.

    • Price match it somewhere with the pic mate

  • One left of PS4 and XB1 Stardew Valley at Perth City Target.

  • Anyone able to please pass on a link for Inpatient PS4 being only $10?

    My local Target is scanning the game at $20 dagnabbit..

  • +1

    Got the LEGO Dimensions Mission Impossible pack for $5. I presume this applies to all level packs too.

  • Anyone have a pic for mx vs atv for $5 as well please?

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