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Gooloo 1500A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter Quick Charge 3.0, Power Delivery 15W USB Type-C $99.27 (Was $135.99) @ Amazon AU


Many of us were looking for the deal on 1500A for past couple of months so here it is now. Enjoy :)
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Update 21/01: Coupon Code still valid. Credits to n0mad

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  • Is this actually any good?

  • Comrades if anyone has this one or the model below it pls give your reviews.

  • I got this, Used it a few times and I would say awesome.
    They have a 2000G model that I wanted to buy but couldnt find where to buy. think it is only just off kickstarter or similar. That price is bargain.
    Ill do a review soon at ReviewAndGiveawayChannel.com at a later date

  • Oh man, should have held out!
    I got the last one, think it's the 800A version? Highly recommend it. Very powerful for it's size, no problem starting my V8 from dead flat (I'm talking like 8-9V at the battery). Haven't worked out how many jumps you could get from a single charge but it would be a few. Only concern would be how long it lasts, ie will it be useless in a year or two? Comes in a nice little carry case with AU mains plug so no adaptor or anything required.

    • Lifetime: ~ 1,000 cycles

      • I know they state that in their specs but nobody knows how true it is as they haven't had one for years. I don't have much faith in them lasting more than a couple of years if they're stored in a hot car constantly but for the price, it's still a decent deal. Much better than the big bulk jump packs you usually see.

  • Whats the life span of this charger…never owned one

    • 1000+ cycles according to the description. No idea how true that is.

    • Not clear until these devices have been around longer. Portable devices discharged regularly (i.e. cellphones) generally only get around 2-3 years from their batteries but I would expect this device to last considerably longer as it is only used very occasionally.

    • Kept in a car in Australian summer conditions - not very long. Lithium batteries subject to high heat cycles degrade very quickly.


      • That's what I'm concerned about. I don't keep mine in the car all the time but that should be what it's designed for…to get you (or others) out of trouble. Would get to 60 degrees inside a car on a summer's day on a regular basis and according to that link it will only get to 60% charge after 3 months which conveniently is only one summer.

        • so where is best to store this device in the car itself? i would think that storing it in the car is the most useful as it's what this device ultimately is going to be used for!

          is storing it in the glove box OK to protect this device from overheating and thus shortening its lifespan?

  • Considering we struggle to get a few amps across the 22AWG wire in our phone charger cables, I should think the tiny wires in this thing are inherently unsafe if 1500A is travelling across them.

    • The cables on my 800A version are similar gauge to normal jumper leads. Given their length is only around 10cm or so, it's not a concern. Most cars wouldn't draw 1500A to crank over either, how many cars have a battery capable of supplying 1500CCA?

    • Should they make a product recall then?

  • Does anyone know how this would go as a power bank for camping? Is it cheaper or dearer than a specific one?

    • More expensive and larger than an equivalent powerbank with 20,000 mAh capacity and without USB-PD. This has PD, but only 15W, which is not much.

    • This is all about high current but low aH (it can supply a lot of power briefly, but can't supply power for a long time). You should aim for something with a bigger battery (amp hours).

  • Done, thanks.

  • Could be good for me. Would only really want it when I go to the snow where they charge you $110 for a jump start and likelihood of having a flat battery due to the cold is high enough to justify.

  • I've been hanging out for the 1500A one of these to go on sale. Just picked one up. Thanks OP.

  • does anyone know if this would be ok for powering a 12V LED light that draws less than 10W for a few hours? Very keen on buying this if it won't break my lights!

    • Device has 73Wh of power. You would be able to run those LED lights fine, although it's not the idea behind this product.

  • Those 7 100% (5 star) reviews are a bit sus looking.

    • One of them is from me, im quite happy with the product for the price (<$100)

      You can probably get 2-3 starts in a row, but then it takes some time for the cemistry to recover. Went down to 1 bar on me, but forgot to charge, next day it was up to 3 bars again.

      • Thanks for your feedback. I ended up buying on through this deal but haven't had a chance to open it up. The box was much larger than i thought this thing would be.

  • Properly awesome, thanks. Nearly bought one from Repco/Supercheap prior to Christmas, but this is a miles better product and deal.

  • Would I be correct in assuming this can be used safely on a motorbike too?

    • It's about all it would be good for 6 B&S cable is rated at 103-105amps and the wiring is about 4x thicker than those leads, at 1500A surely it would be dangerously hot.

      • I've jumped mine off the 800A version a few times and it doesn't get hot at all. Not many cars would draw 1500A to crank over even for a split second.

      • I use it to start my 19 yo Falcon with a dead battery (<10v - just won't hold a charge) quite regularly.
        Leads dont seem to be a problem. Don't know why everyone so worried about the leads on this 🙂

  • does this work for relatively new car battery? i have 2016 car with Stop-Start feature, which i heard that using a different kind of battery than normal one.

    • I have the same question. I do know the battery for car that features engine auto stop/start is different from normal one, but I've no idea when it comes to jump starter.

    • It'll work fine on a stop-start battery. So long as your starter motor is wired for 12v this should work.

      • Agree. My Golf has stop/start, battery died and I was using a jump start battery from Target every morning and night to start the car and drive to work and home until I got a new battery.

  • All the more reason to drive a manual

  • Awesome… decided to wait for this one to go on offer instead of getting the other 800A one that went of offer last month.

  • Expired, back to $136 :(

  • I must have had a copy paste failure with the code on my first attempt ☺️

    Just purchased for $99

    Thank you Op!

  • It says do not use the product while it's charging. But I wish I could connect my dash cam to it, so that the cam will keep recording when the car is off. If I can also connect the cigarette power to it, I don't have to worry about changing it. But will it be unsafe?

  • Does anyone know how this would go charging the newer MacBook Pro’s with USB C?

  • Can jump start an old Nissan Patrol 4x4 while running fridges, etc at least 3 times. Have been using mine all week.

  • Has anyone found the 1500 plus is Aus? With 60w USB C output?
    Seems to be only available on Amazon in the US and they won’t post to Aus..

  • Does amazon work on cashrewards app?

    Never have a computer with me 😭

  • Code still works. Got home and bought it

  • Yep code still works just bought one. Thanks OP

  • I'm getting an Invalid code error: expired?

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