All Set Rattan Style Plastic Storage Container with Lid 55L - $5 @ Bunnings


All Set Rattan Style Storage Container 55L $5 at Bunnings. Usually $13 according to Price Hipster.

The All Set Rattan Style Storage Containers look great in any home. They are ideal for a variety of different storage needs and come complete with carry handles and a lid. What’s more, this model comes in 4 popular colours blue, beige, brown and coral and various sizes.

Rattan style plastic
Carry handles
Ideal for home or office

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    We have one of these and they are good quality. The lid sits on top (doesn't clip on). Good medium size tub that looks good.

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    Why are companies into making things traditionally made out of wood to be plastic? I know its cheap but that stuff has gotta hurt the environment.

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      The global economy is skewed, with the true external costs of pollution and energy use unaccounted for. So it’s much cheaper to drill for oil, refine it into plastic using energy-intensive processes, injection-mould that plastic into fake rattan, and ship it all across the world, than it is to just get some rattan and weave it into a basket.

      But the economy is so dependent on cheap energy, cheap oil, and virtually free disposal of waste, that addressing the imbalance, accounting for the true costs and externalities, would collapse the whole system.


        how could you address the imbalance?

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          The uncosted externalities are waste (disposed of at orders of magnitude lower cost than the real impact it creates) and pollution, including carbon.

          Pricing on these should be massively higher, but that would collapse the economy of any country that tried to do it, without achieving anything.

          Any real solution requires international consensus. Not happening.

          So let’s just keep wasting energy and using plastics, and let out grandkids sort it out.


            @ajmlr: why isn't their more money in recycling waste? is it because of the energy required?

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              @bargain huntress: Machinery to do it is expensive, it takes effort, energy, and new materials are ridiculously cheap anyway. So it’s cost-negative.

              In fact, most of the plastics (other than bottles and some containers) in recycle bins have traditionally gone overseas, because nobody wants to deal with it here. It’s too expensive. Waste recovery services just pay to ship it out and make it someone else’s problem.

              China has been the usual destination, but only some of the material actually ends up being recycled. The rest is disposed of otherwise (incinerated or dumped). But people can be guilt-free that it’s been “sent for recycling”.

              However, China has stopped receiving many materials recently, so much of the content of recycle bins is going into domestic landfill now.

              Paper and glass are more easily recycled, so that’s happening, and may be cost-positive. But plastics have always been a different story, with only certain classes of easily-recycled plastics being truly dealt with.


    Is it BPA free?

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    My wife got a bunch of these yesterday. I didn't know the price at the time but apparently $5 is the new normal price. Not saying it's not a bargain, just saying you probably don't have to rush off to get them today.

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      Did she maybe get the 39L which are the same price?

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        Oh bugger, she did get the 39L. She'll probably like that size for her crap, I mean stuff, I mean important things but a few 55L might be in order too. Thanks for the heads up, never would have realised!

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    Are these stackable?


      yes, flat tops with raised edges.

      No white at Myaree WA store. Pastel Pink and Blue…


    Just picked up two, seems to be a good storage container - thanks OP!

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    I have two of the 39L ones I got from Bunnings a while ago. I stack them on top of each other and use one for recyclable rubbish and the other to store containers for the refund scheme. Looks nice out in the open, lids are easy to open, and makes it easy for me to transport bottles etc to the self-serve refund place.


    i wish bunnings did online orders.

    i've also seen these at kmart and spotlight.