What Do You Have for Breakfast?

If you pick up any health magazine, the discussions regarding Breakfast are extreme - from people criticizing cereals as being extremely unhealthy to people having a zero carb breakfast.

Sooo..what do you have for breakfast and why?

Let me start:

I have two Weetbix biscuits along with Milk, nuts (Pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, Almonds sliced, Goji Berries), Blueberries, bit of honey, youghurt and a seasonal fruit cut into pieces.

I have been told that Weetbix are full of Carbs and nuts are fat blah blah but I don't care.

Reason: For my metabolism, it seems to keep me almost full till lunch or I might have a protein snack in between if I have an early Breakfast.

Plus it's easy I don't have to cook anything.


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    2 pieces of white toast with butter and raspberry jam. 1 flat white either on my home nespresso pod machine or the fancy coffee machine at work.

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      Eat a proper breakfast.

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        Sounds pretty reasonable.

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        What is a proper breakfast?

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          Not white toast… You're pretty much putting toppings on something that's got the same nutritional value (and taste and texture) of toilet paper.


          Just start by eating things that are less processed, closer to their original form. Obviously not going to work in every case but if you actually have to ask this question then start there.

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            @TenaciousTom: I have a mouthful of unprocessed milk directly from the tit of a cow… followed by a large mango with the skin intact and including the seed for extra nutrition. On occasion I also bake my own whole wheat bread out of wheat I picked myself, only I eat the bread in its unprocessed original form. So I skip the baking and just eat the wheat.

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              @alienurbanite: Less processing does not mean avoid any processing at all. Definitely avoid bread and milk, they are not going to help you until you get better knowledge. But with the Mango you've taken the less processing too far and completely missed the point. I know you're joking, but your joke has actually revealed some gaps in your knowledge.

              Just run your own nutrition experiments, eat the same shit for a month and change things up a little at a time.


                @TenaciousTom: Nothing wrong with eating bread or drinking milk. White bread is certainly a bad choice, but a good wholegrain bread is fine.


                  @skeggman: Well that's great that you believe that, I stick to reliable scientific literature and form my own conclusions. In saying that, "nothing wrong" and "fine" are as good as saying nothing at all so we might not even disagree, who knows?


                    @TenaciousTom: "reliable scientific literature " such as?

                    Humans have been eating wheat based products such as bread and drinking animal milk for many thousands of years. I don't see any warning labels on these products to say they are detrimental to our health.


                      @skeggman: You can't go a single comment without creating a strawman. I never once said anything about being detrimental to our health, never said there was anything "wrong" with eating bread and milk. I'm not some ignorant internet commenter who's going to start an argument with you over nothing, read my comments as I've written them and don't willfully misinterpret them and I might give you another reply.


                        @TenaciousTom: I said "Nothing wrong with eating bread or drinking milk" and you responded "Well that's great that you believe that, I stick to reliable scientific literature and form my own conclusions". So I asked for the scientific evidence to disprove (as you seem to claim) that eating bread and milk is bad for me.

                        Not a strawman at all (people use that term too loosely these days without actually understanding what it means), but a genuine question asking for the "reliable scientific literature" that you "stick" to.


                          @skeggman: I don't use it loosely at all.

                          My comment is implying that you didn't form your opinion of "Nothing wrong with eating bread or drinking milk" from scientific literature.

                          Then when you use doing it for "…for many thousands of years" and no warning labels as evidence, well it's pretty clear you're not as interested in nutrition as I am. Why pretend you give a shit?

                          If you actually do care, here is a start: https://scholar.google.com.au/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=n...


                            @TenaciousTom: If I could be bothered I could link many scientific articles that show bread and milk are of nutritional value. The links you provided don't specifically say bread and milk are bad for us. So don't really see the point of your post? I think that qualifies as a strawman.

                            Anyways, I am not on here to argue. I'm very interested in nutrition, live a (mostly) healthy lifestyle and encourage others around to eat a bit healthier.

                            And in keeping with this topic, breakfast for me during the week is bowl of oats, low fat milk with banana and honey. Weekends is usually some gluten free toast, butter and vegemite with a cup of tea. Every now and then have a full fry up with bacon, sausage, egg, mushrooms and tomato.


                              @skeggman: Again, I literally said nothing about "nutritional value". The link I sent is a Google search for "nutrition", I don't really see how you could be interested in scientific literature and not recognise a Google Scholar search. Live your life how you want, but don't lie to yourself and then pretend to others that you genuinely do your own research.

                              Look dude, I'm sure you're not an idiot. You just have to accept that you don't know everything and there are people out there who read more than you. Go be one of those people instead of pretending.


                @TenaciousTom: you must be fun in the party


                  @Bargain80: At least I don't regurgitate useless rhetoric without understanding it. Half this shit is pretending to have knowledge after reading a few internet articles. Sorry if my interpretation of scientific literature flies in the face of your "fun".


            @TenaciousTom: So.. raw meat and uncooked veggies then? Uncooked rice too maybe?


              @lostn: Less Processing != Uncooked.

              I know you're joking but that isn't even close.


                @TenaciousTom: When you cook a food, are you not also 'processing' it?


                What Is Processed Food?

                "Processed food" includes food that has been cooked, canned, frozen, packaged or changed in nutritional composition with fortifying, preserving or preparing in different ways. Any time we cook, bake or prepare food, we're processing food.

                Everything I eat is processed in some way except fresh fruit or raw nuts (but even that's arguable since deshelling it is processing it).

                When I cook, I am not just heating it up. I'm adding flavoring, spice, and other ingredients to it to make it smell and taste better. That's definitely heavy processing. A packaged food versus self cookied food is a matter of did someone else prepare this for me or did I do it myself?

                What does a non-processed diet actually look like?

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        Eat a proper breakfast. NOT always needed…"eat when your hungry"

        Fasting until lunch is fine and healthy so long as you drink lots of water or drinks with ZERO calories.

        When you sleep.. you FAST.. breakfast is the end of your fast. the more calories you consume the more you age.

        Slow down your metabolism, consume less, eat healthy and live healthier.

        "When you break a fast you must always eat "allot" for your first meal to make sure your body doesn't think it needs to start storing fat due to lack of calories" The food pyramid is always changing and scientists are still unsure about what we should be eating.. my thoughts are .. more berries, fruit, vegies and more leafy green veggies like Purslane (yes the red and green octopus weed that grows in your backyard) and healthy fats.. reduce foods high in lectins that cause leaky gut :) "try not to stress" and cheating with bad food once a while is fine..

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      Might as well have a full bag of jelly beans, there is absolutely ZERO nutritional value in white bread and jam.

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        I don't give a toss about nutritional value, it is what I eat for breakfast which is what the OP asked. I eat healthy large lunches and healthy lean dinners. And at least it isn't full of fat and cholesterol like the rest of you. You'll probably be long dead of heart attacks while I'm living thirty more years. Take your judgements elsewhere.

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          So much judgement - didn't realise we had so many healthy minded folk here looking out for each other (or is it just so you can feel better about yourself in some miniscule way).. How about just noting your own breakfast choices and get on with it without those judgements.

          Glad your one got so many comments… I only have 4 pieces of white bread smothered with butter with a cup of black tea. Yummy for my tummy - and obviously not for others.

          Ps. In advance, yes I can imagine some of you having palpitations about that so just to reiterate… I couldn't care less.

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            @khomeini: I'm not really seeing any judgement - it's breakfast, how much do you feel your breakfast choices reflect on your character in a way that someone criticizing it is somehow an attack?

            I'll be upfront - I have terrible breakfasts. Sugary cereals with milk, lots of junk food at times, sometimes I skip breakfast, and other times I'll pig out on eggs and bacon and butter, etc. And if people tell me that that's a shitty breakfast I'll be the first to agree.

            Criticism is not judgement. Don't invest so much of your self image (apparently) in what you have for breakfast.

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          I eat healthy large lunches and healthy lean dinners. And at least it isn't full of fat and cholesterol like the rest of you. You'll probably be long dead of heart attacks while I'm living thirty more years. Take your judgements elsewhere.

          HAHAHAHAH holy crap Quantum do you have an insecurity / defensiveness problem.

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            @HighAndDry: Yeah, it's about as bad as your defective personality problem. You should seek a refund for it, it's pretty repulsive.

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              @Quantumcat: Eh, I think it's really way past the warranty period, and even any ACL consumer guarantee period.

              But seriously, in reply to:

              there is absolutely ZERO nutritional value in white bread and jam.

              You went on a spiel that included:

              1. Defending what you eat for other meals (okay, fairly relevant)
              2. Speculating on what others eat being full of fat and cholesterol (uh, a little bit of a tangent), and then
              3. Saying others will be DEAD and that you'll live 30 years more (wtf way off the rails).

              So yeah, take a step back and maaaaybe see that you went a bit overboard haha.

              Also, did you just call yourself repulsive? Aww, I don't think it's that bad Quantum, I was mostly messin' is all.


          Might want to review the science on what causes heart disease. Hint: It's not saturated fat - it's inflammation. Probably from eating carbohydrates.

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        Hyperbole much ?

        With hi-fibre white bread (woolies brand) there is more than 2.5 times the fibre than sugar (5.2g fibre vs 1.9g sugar in 2 slices/74grams), so its not all terrible, and i may be wrong but there should be some other vitamins in there as well. Granted the jam is 80% sugar, but then you don't need much.


          2.5 times the fibre than sugar

          You really can't compare fibre and sugar like that. You need far more fibre in your diet than you need sugar.


          Crabs are sugar :) just a slower hit that your body takes time to convert making you feel fuller for longer. Carbs are good so long as they also come with nutrients and vitamins like OATS. Buckwheat and Quinoa-(not a fan of Quinoa) lol Bananas and Beetroots are also high in carbs but very good for you.

          If you eat bread.. make sure to stack it with nutrient dense foods and eat less bread more filling. Leb bread is good due to the filling to bread ratio


        There's iron in the needles.


        I don't know where you're getting your info from, but jellybeans consist primarily of sugar, which is a carbohydrate, which has nutritional value.. The only consumable which doesn't have nutritional value is alcohol.

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      I eat the same thing

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    4 eggs sunny side up topped with olives, jalapeno and sun dried tomatoes. 1 slice of bacon. slice of toast with baked beans.

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      sounds good its just that I am too lazy to cook eggs in the morning

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        Your breakfast sounds good for you— meaning you like it & it works for you. You may find that over time, it's not as satisfying— but you can alter it then.

        RE: too lazy in the morning, I understand. When I "wake up", I am fully awake. My son, however, is a zombie for about 30 mins. He also didn't like to have to cook. So, I told him to buy a new, small silverstone pan> whip up a couple of eggs & whatever he wanted in it (some shredded cheese, some veg, etc)> cover & put the pan in the fridge.

        Get up in the morning, stumble to kitchen & put covered pan on stove, on low. Check every so often. It'll be done in a few minutes while you get dressed/ready to go.


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        I make scrambled eggs in the microwave every morning at work for breakfast. Takes 5 minutes once you get it down pat

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          And all you need to wash is a bowl and a fork.

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          I need to see this in youtube-video form


          did you know that the orange egg yolk fat cooks at a hotter temp in the microwave and damages the white part. making it less healthy to eat then boiled whole egg.. try poaching it with water in the microwave instead. Or boil the eggs at home the night before.

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        Eggs are great.. free range or nothing. :)

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      sounds amazing. but 4 whole eggs (if eaten daily) is way too much cholesterol no? My understanding is that 2 whole eggs is about the limit. (which is why bodybuilders eat eggs whites mostly)

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        Absolutely incorrect - your body produces far more cholesterol every day naturally than 4 eggs could ever give you. In fact you need cholesterol for energy, testosterone production and a kit of health benefits.

        Secondly, they eat egg whites because there is more protein in the egg white for less calories (yolk has the fat).

        I suggest you google the issue.

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          And dietary consumption of cholesterol doesn't necessarily increase cholesterol deposition. The same applies to dietary fat.

          Cholesterol is the precursor to all the sex steroids (progestagens, androgens, estrogens, etc).

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        As DaneD has said, the amount of cholesterol you eat daily is minuscule compared to the amount you liver produces every day. A healthy liver can regulate production. Don't trust those people trying to brainwash you that you should avoid taking in cholesterol. But again, you don't really need it because your liver produces enough for your body to function, but that doesn't mean you should avoid it.

        If you are going out of your way to avoid it, you're just finding trouble for yourself, you're also staying away from other nutrients that come with the cholesterol, not worth it.


      4 eggs. That is a big breakfast.

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    A yogurt and an up & go.

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    Kinda doing a diet based on keto. Breakfast when at work is a home made chicken mince patty, bacon, mushrooms and Spinach.

    When at home its 3 eggs, 3 short cut bacon rashes and a big handful of Spinach.

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      My breakfast for years was 100 g of oats with 50 g of skim milk powder and sometimes a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. I was aiming to gain weight but the oats made me so bloated that I was uncomfortable and had no appetite until dinner time.

      Now I have leftover meat from the day(s) before or bacon/chorizo and eggs, am much more comfortable and can eat a lot more in a day.

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    Varies, but usually all bran/grain cereal with a bit of muesli with full cream milk, avacado on toast (or peanut butter), banana, coffee, and an apple when i get to work.

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    Coffee and 2 darts

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    Rolled oats with milk, berries and a bit of honey. There is nothing wrong with carbs or fat, they are important macronutrients we all need. As with everything they come in good and bad forms.

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      There is literally no requirement for exogenous carbohydrate. There are however, essential fats and amino acids that we require through diet.

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        But that doesn't mean that all carbs are evil and that people should be avoiding them.

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          Not all, but most. I think most people would do better without them. Especially sedentary people and diabetics (which are not advised to restrict carbs.. wtf). Diabetes is basically an intolerance to carbohydrates, but thanks to corporate interests and corruption, they get a free pass with the current dietary guidelines. If you're an active person who lifts heavy weights often, you might be able to get away with eating some of them to replenish muscle glycogen, but even athletes can develop insulin resistance. Burning carbs also places a lot more oxidative stress on the body as opposed to burning fat.

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    Generally porridge. Toast and eggs as a treat on the w/e

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