Melbourne/Sydney to Vancouver, Canada on Qantas Airways from $968/$960 Return @ Skyscanner/FlightScout (Jan to October)


Airline: Qantas
Alliance: OneWorld
When: winter and summer! Get in some late snowboarding at Whistler, or be in 'paradise on earth' (Vancouver in summer - note: I used to live there and summers are epic).
SYD: Direct to Vancouver
MEL: One stop in Sydney

Steps: Go to the flightscout links to see available dates. Select which you like, and click through to the skyscanner results. Often varies a few dollars (eg the ones I've described are slightly higher on the cached prices on flightscout, but cheaper when you click through).

Sydney flights:

Melbourne flights:

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    Can always go through Thailand and seek asylum


    Perhaps beware of the Saudi death squad that’s likely to be despatched to Canada now that they’ve given asylum to that girl 😟


    OP, how late in autumn can you go and still see some snow up as far as Whistler?


      Went in July/aug 2015. So much snow and the perfect time of year imo. You get all of the benefits of massive amount of snow up the top of blackholm and whistler (like, skiing amount of snow and big walls) but down in the lower parts you get the lovely fresh summery regrowth and sunshine. Amazing time of year.